Alan Tam Denies Preying on Female Fan

Above right: Photos of a man resembling Alan Tam getting dressed in a hotel room surfaced.

Hong Kong music legend, 71-year-old Alan Tam (譚詠麟), is embroiled in a scandal after being accused of sleeping with a Chinese female fan five decades younger. Photos of a man’s backside taken inside a hotel room bear close resemblance to Alan.

Consistent Cheating

A Chinese male netizen suspected that a very famous Hong Kong male singer had sex with his 23-year-old girlfriend, who was also his fan. His girlfriend always liked chasing stars, and he had supported her. Out of respect and trust, he never checked his girlfriend’s cell phone. On November 11, he noticed that there were men’s cologne and dress shirts in her online shopping cart. He decided to check her cell phone, and found many photos of her and this star in a hidden album. He then realized that she had gone to Shanghai for two days behind his back and stayed with this star.

The netizen repressed his emotions after learning of this. A few days later, his girlfriend told him that she was going to Shanghai to go shopping with a friend. Realizing that this star was also in Shanghai for work, he then exposed that the star was Alan by tagging him and Hunan Television. It was later discovered that Alan was filming Time Concert <時光音樂會> for the station.

The netizen criticized the star for his moral less behavior. He angrily stated that Alan has alreadyy two wives, and should not be having relations with his female fans.

Alan’s Agency Issues Statement

As the gossip became more heated, Alan’s record label Universal Music Group issued a statement that they strongly condemn and deny the fake news that this netizen was spreading. “Alan has been passionately working for the last few decades, and has always tried his best to support his juniors. He is also very respectful of his fans, and will not stand for anything that defames his image. He will pursue legal action, and put a stop to those that are manipulating the media in an attempt to hurt him.”

Photos of Hotel Room Emerge

The netizen then retaliated, and shared photos of a man pulling up his pants in a hotel room on social media. The man is suspected to be Alan, due to his familiar backside and the same pair of gray sneakers worn in the photos.

The netizen also shared a screencap showing audio messages. He directed his message to his girlfriend, “I nearly believed you, when you lied to me telling me that this was a fellow fan’s WeChat ID and when you deleted the chat history only leaving the audio messages. Alan Tam’s team, come see if this is the WeChat ID of your artiste? Also, these screencaps are from last year December and not this year. Your best fan took these screencaps and put them in a hidden album on her phone. You two have been engaging in disgusting, obscene acts behind my back every day! I’m telling you, don’t make me angry or come at me with money. This is a society of law and not the Hong Kong from decades ago. If you issue another statement, I will come at you again.”

Despite the threat, the netizen was found to have deleted all the photos subsequently, leaving many to wonder what had happened.


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  1. IF this isn’t a half-truth … WHY is this stranger even risking himself a lawsuit?

    1) it would just be in keeping with Alan Tam’s 渣男 aka low life douchebag (I don’t even know why he’s deemed 谭校长 Principal Tam). Since he’s such an ingrate to first wife Shirley who sacrificed her entire life for him and ended up in the nunnery for all her efforts to make his career a success, and did so much investments on his behalf 2) It would be tit for tat familial situation for his mistress Wendy – who inherited everything Shirley gave up, once she gave up on entered the nunnery. Wendy was 19 and a fan when she got involved with Alan Tam. Wendy’s already took over what was Shirley’s, has a son who graduated from Oxford … – she deserves it if Alan did cheat. It would just be history repeating itself with a 70 yr old Alan. 3) The crowd he hangs out with – Eric Tsang would not be unfamiliar to such situations, neither would Samo Hung. Out of the Trio (Ah Lek, Eric and Alan) that I bumped into twice while up on ski slopes – Ah Lek is like the only one who seems faithful.

    1. Regardless of Alan Tam’s infidelity history, this netizen’s gf is a legal adult and she wasn’t raped. She voluntarily jumped into bed with a man old enough to be her grandfather. The netizen wasn’t married to her so yes, he got cuckolded but shouldn’t he be happy that she is not wife? If she can let an old man f**k her, who is to say she won’t hop into bed with other men in future? He should just break up with her and let it go.

      1. Okay, this woman was not raped, and she is at the age of legal consent. However, sleeping with a dinosaur old enough to be grandpa T Rex does not make it right as there was a relationship with another man.
        The boyfriend was not married to her, but does that mean that there was no depth to their relationship? If you are in a relationship, that in itself is a form of commitment. She lied to her boyfriend, she hurt him and she obviously betrayed his trust. He is hurt and lashing out. I do agree he should kick her to the curb, but she has made it difficult for him to trust women again.
        As for Mr Geriatic, he is despicable and I hope if he brings a lawsuit, he is eaten alive if what this man says is true and he has proof. A clown celeb once told my buddy if he ever say so and so about him, he will sue him. I sent proof to his cellphone, cause I wasn’t going to let him destry my buddy for confronting him with the truth. These horribje celebs get away with too much, and hurt innocent people in their wake too often.

    1. I totally agree with you about the consenting part and it is all possible.
      However, like you said, if it is all possible, and Dinosaur gets his high profile lawyers to go after this man for telling the world the truth, that would be a travesty of justice. I hope he has proof, and it seems like he does.

      1. Unfortunately, Alan is very connected being buddies with Eric almost all his life.
        I am all for the the justice, IF there really is a case. Why is this dude even hailed like some role model Principal Tam? (ditto Big Brother Jacky Chan), given what an ingrate he has been to Shirley?

        Such a sad waste of all her efforts/entire life – only to end up disillusioned with the world, in a nunnery. I sure hope she isn’t chanting prayers to bless and ask for forgiveness for Alan.
        So much for Kindness begets Kindness!

        Let the masks rip – behind the ‘friendly facades’ – they’re so far from the role models they like worshippers to think they are.

        Everyone seems to think 71 is the age of watching dramas, catching up dinners with buddies who will all die off one by one, and basically being some benevolent Grandpa

        Hardly! There was this dude I knew (client’s limping neighbour) who was 72? 75? who went to China to try get hitched up with a 52 yr old stranger (she wanted the PR) he didn’t know.

  2. Well whether it is him or not, why are their photos or videos of them? I think this is either a stitch up by the woman anyway or both the boyfriend and girlfriend had planned this. As for criticism of Alan Tam, unfortunately like Jackie Chan, Derek Tsang they are all from a different era where they grew up in a society where two wives were legally okay and to continue further affairs, its not an excuse, but those such as Leslie Cheung grew up in a two wives family, this was legal in those days and it was accepted, in some families both wives live together harmoniously whilst others would fight to get attention of the husband, siblings would all live as one family. Either way, Alan Tam should never have got himself into such situations if its true, if its not which it seems that it isnt since he is looking to legal route to stop the rumours. This is just so odd and now the person who released the photos and posted the message has disappeared is even more odd.

    1. It is irrelevant to mention the two wives era. If this fossil has a wife, or two wives at home, then he should be with them, not meeting up with his grand daughter. He is a very powerful and ruthless man and threats and intimidation can go a long way. Maybe that is why the guy backed down. These powerhouse celebrities do it all the time.

      1. You will find its totally relevant to mention the two wives eras as he is from that era and he seems to continue his old life that way. As for intimidation and threats well the guy has said in his exposé that money will not change his exposure of Alan Tam so the disappearance is questionable. Either way its not an excuse and his actioned even if this is not genuine is and has been wrong. But if the women is his life put up with it, what is it for us to criticise him, as he believes its okay to do this to his wives. Also the powerhouse celebrity you mention is long gone, for example Nicholas Tse trying to cover up his crime and ended up being found out and sent to prison. Even the likes of Jackie Chan couldnt pay off Elaine Ng to go away.

    2. @Shorts, I am not talking about Nicholas Tse, or his family when I mention a powerhouse HK celebrity. I beg to differ about the past era. Yes, Old man Tam can have as many women in his house if they agree, their business. When he goes after someone young enough to be his grand daughter, even if she consents to an affair, that is sick and should not be condone.
      You have no clue how these rich, old and powerful celebs operate. They have their equally powerful friends, lawyers, evil societies and the the triads to back them up. When the people you love are reminded what could happen to them, you back down. The actions of these people are real. You obviously have a lot to learn about these kinds of things.
      @nomad822 will have a clue as to what I am talking about.
      Please refrain from deciding which powerful people I am referring to. It would be polite to ask.

      1. Makes me wonder if any powerful Asian celebs, such as the just-arrested Alvin Chau – were friends of Jeffrey Epstein.

  3. I don’t like Alan, I have never liked Alan. But is there more conclusive evidence of this supposed affair apart from this back photo which may or may not be Alan Tam? At least we got videos or chat messages from the Kris Wu incident. And people think this is Alan because of shoes? I just want to at least get a photo of his face or a recording of his voice before I believe this rumour.

    I remember years ago Aaron met up with a female fan in a hotel room and she taped it and her bf put it up online and got taken down by the Queensland police. Sometimes celebrities can also be preyed upon.

    I don’t deny that there are predators out there but this case could just be two immoral cheaters getting together. It is not right but a 23 year old is an adult. She knows what she is doing. She slept with some guy and her bf should break up with her and move with his life.

    1. Yeah. This is far from Kris Wu who literally drugged underage girls. If this Alan Tam thing is true then it’s just immoral but not illegal, as long as it was consensual. The thing is he’s probably been doing this a lot given his track record about his marriage….. but no one said anything before.

  4. I hope the ppl I actually look up to – like Hacken Lee, Lawrence Cheng and Hins Cheung – will never get these slanderous posts written about them.

    1. When a fan liles or adores a celebrity, that fan will think their idol is perfect and is incapable of doing anything wrong. However, we should ajways be aware that these men and women are not saints, and can fall victims, or perpetrators to henious wrongdoings. We hope they don’t do certain things, but they are flesh and blood individuals like anyone else, and the flesh is weak.

      1. the flesh weakens further, especially in show business with more temptations when surrounded by attractive stars.

  5. this is the funniest new i’ve read … while Alan did this in Hollywood, California, many directors and producers would ask him to film the new Netflix series lol .. Alan would be a LEGEND in USA ..

  6. i don’t believe this by only judging with just two picture of alan’s back. the first thing that i notice is why this girl need to take picture’s from alan’s back while he is dressing? what is her motive to do this?
    second is if you look at the picture, alan is dressing himself with gymnatic outfit, that means he is going for some sport exercisement. then imaging if someone have made love and the first what he do is sport? i would have take a shower first. i heard from reports that the management of this hotel say that everyone is able to get inside this area where alan reside,so is think alan is not that stupid to make love with a girl where everyone can come in.
    what i think is that guy have taken this picture by himself and want blackmail alan for some money.

    1. Okay, whether this is true or not, why hasn’t Alan’s people and himself provide an alibi as to where he was. Have you not heard of groupies or celeb chasers making videos, taking photos, recording conversations etc they have with the celebrities? They are obsessed with these celebs so they do these things. That is how they were able to catch Kris Wu, Lucas Wong and others. A BL actor who is real life boys’ lover went for a theraputic outing with his two lovers. He is top to one and bottom to the other, apparently. You could only see a snippet of the two lovers for a second in the video. Just a bit of the shoulders and a crumb of the side of their faces. The video was focussed on the beautiful babe himself. However, anyone who knows the body shape of the two lovers will know it is them. The mannerisms and shape of someone’s body can be a dead giveaway. I did hear from my trusted informant that is was the three of them. If I hadn’t, I would still know it was the three of them. These three are part of the Taiwanese four I want exposed.
      Alan is legendary for his inability to keep his pants on.
      You said it isn’t true, then how could this guy take a photo of Alan in a room and try to blackmail Alan if ot isn’t true. How did he get access to the room. Wouldn’t the blinds be drawn shut? Then how did he take the photos that aren’t true? People do go jogging after lovemaking. My friends and I wear sweats and we are not exercising. They are comfotable and casual to wear. I see people wear them to go shopping, eating etc. We need more to go to bat for Alan on this one.

  7. @msxie0174, hmmmm, you never know, you could be onto something with the Jeffrey Epstein Alvin Chau connection. There is so much tgat goes on abd the fans don’t ha e a clue. Some of it is shoved onto our faces and yet most of us don’t see it, or don’t want to see it. A lot of these powerhouse men and women have some shady connections to each other. There is one man I want brought to his knees, but he is well protected by the trjads and the dark side organizations that people are afraid to touch him. Plus his ^wonderful^ stellar, angelic image that has become known around the world protects this evil monster. And millions of fans around the world will kill for him. I just want that truth be told and justice will prevail if thongs reach that point Too often, these guilty celebs have used their power, money and powerful connections and protection to strongarm innocent and truthful victims.

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