Alan Tam and Hacken Lee Open Fourth Noodle Shop

The Starz Kitchen, founded by Hong Kong singers Alan Tam (譚詠麟) and Hacken Lee (李克勤), opened its fourth shop in Macau. Yesterday, the duo superstars attended the grand opening for their eatery, which is located inside Macau’s The City of Dreams. Hacken, whose parents are both from Macau, said he is very happy to finally open his own shop in his hometown.

The Macau restaurant is the fourth shop in three years for the Starz Kithen. The congee and noodle chain first opened in Whampoa in 2012 and became very successful. The duo opened their second store in Causeway Bay in January of this year. The third branch was opened in Shanghai. Alan said he is very proud of the business so far, revealing, “People in Shanghai have been lining up for hours to get in!”

On their future plans for the restaurant, Alan and Hacken said their target is to open at least twenty other Star Kitchenz around the world and have their business become a listed company. Alan hopes to target Japan next and promote Hong Kong’s wonton noodle shop as the next biggest cuisine after ramen. Alan said, “Japan’s ramen is really popular all over Asia. Now it’s time to use wonton noodle shop to return the favor.”

Hacken added, “Many Japanese girls like to come our shop to eat wonton noodles. They love it!”

In regards to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement Occupy Central, Alan admitted that the protests have affected their restaurant’s business. “After that incident, business slowed down. Business was affected, but there’s nothing we can do about it. I hope everything will be resolved soon.”

Alan, who is a member of the legendary Cantopop group The Wynners, said he and his bandmates would always sing Hong Kong’s anthem “Beneath the Lion Rock” <獅子山下> at their concerts, in support for Hong Kong and its people. Alan hopes Hong Kong will find peace soon.

In related news, Alan and Hacken revealed that they have been diligently preparing for their upcoming concert, which will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum during the 2015 Lunar New Year.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Happy to hear that their biz is doing well. Alan Tam is one of the talented singers in HK that sings very well, he has good stamina.

  2. Both of them look great for their age and these guys can sing!

  3. [Alan said, “Japan’s ramen is really popular all over Asia. Now it’s time to use wonton noodle shop to return the favor.”]

    Japan’s ramen originated from Chinese lo-mein, but Japanese are getting all the credit because they have successfully marketed it as their own.

      1. Japanese Ramen is based on the Chinese ‘lamian’ (拉麺). It means noodles that are made from stretching (拉) & twisting dough. The Japanese, like Westerners, culturally appropriated a large portion of Chinese culture & science & then marketed these thefts as their very own to the gullible.

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