New Photo of Sammo Hung Shocks the Public

Filmmaker and martial artist Sammo Hung (洪金寶) is famous for his many contributions in Hong Kong action cinema. The Big Big Brother of kung fu actors made a name for being agile and quick despite his larger frame.

But in recent years, the 68-year-old has taken a quiet step back from the public space to focus on improving his health. In 2017, Sammo underwent knee surgery, which significantly impacted his mobility. He also suffers from diabetes. The media had reported on his troubling health, posting photographs of Sammo using a walking cane and a wheelchair to get around.

Sammo clarified that his doctor had recommended him to use the wheelchair whenever he felt pain in his knee. Otherwise, Sammo was encouraged to walk more in order to gain back his mobility.

“My doctor has told me that I’m really healthy,” Sammo said with a laugh during an interview last year. “It’s just that my knee is rather bad. Sometimes it can get really painful, and I’d have to use a wheelchair.”

Yesterday, singer Alan Tam (譚詠麟) shared that he recently had a meal outing with friends, which included Sammo. Netizens were shocked to see Sammo’s much skinnier frame, with some exclaiming that they couldn’t even recognize him.

According to Sammo’s daughter-in-law Janet Chow (周嘉蔚), Sammo grew very health conscious after he realized that he couldn’t hold his grandson for a long period of time. The repetitive strain injuries on his body due to the nature of his job had worn him out. From then on forward, Sammo started a diet to lose weight and improve his health.

When Sammo went to receive his lifetime achievement award at a Malaysian film awards ceremony, netizens already noted that Sammo had dropped a great deal of weight.

“I do have to watch what I eat,” said Sammo in a previous interview. “I’m still able to eat fat, but I have reduce the intake in carbs, such as rice and bread.”

Dieting was a struggle for Sammo. A lover for food, Sammo said that he used to be able to consume bowls after bowls of rice. “At my highest point I think I ate nine bowls of rice. I was 15 years old. My sihing Ng Ming (吳明) ate only eight. At the time, the stands at the Grandview Film Studio sold rice boxes for only $1.2 Hong Kong dollars, with unlimited refills. But I do remember them warning us to not return the next day.”

He also recalled eating 150 dumplings in one sitting, but those were all in the past. Now, Sammo would limit himself to eating one bowl of rice, or none at all.

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  1. all those years of stunts and impossible fighting scenes, i can imagine that it does nothing good to the knees. these megastars of the 80s and 90s sacrificed their health and well being for hk cinema, don’t think the new generation even comes close.

  2. Growing up, Sammo has always been my favourite martial artist as a kid. I just love his movies, and I still do. Hope he takes care of his health and continues to stay healthy!

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