Amigo Chui Dates Model, Kelly Chan, After Splitting from Natalie Tong

TVB artiste Amigo Chui (崔建邦) and model Kelly Chan (陳嘉莉) were spotted on multiple dates together recently. As Amigo’s new romance came to light, he admitted that his relationship with former flame, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), is over.

Amigo and Natalie’s on-again-off-again relationship was turbulent and ridden with scandal. In 2009, Amigo was arrested for hitting ex-girlfriend, Elizabete Kwong (鄺敏慧), which resulted in his career and public image nosediving. Although Natalie knew Amigo had cheated in their relationship, she supported him as his career hit rock-bottom. The pair reconciled and in 2011, Natalie was photographed spending the night at Amigo’s apartment. 

Amigo and Natalie once again drifted apart, as the 35-year-old star was found to be dating 18-year-old Kelly Chan, a model under Super Mii Management. Amigo was first spotted with Kelly last month, when the paparazzi snapped photos of the couple leaving a nightclub together. Amigo admitted that he and Kelly’s relationship were in the “budding stages”.

Yesterday, Amigo and Kelly were seen looking through shops in Mong Kok. Amigo wore a face mask and did not want to attract attention. They did not interact much while walking together. Bystanders recognized Amigo after he stopped to purchase a magazine. Afterwards, he took Kelly to shopping mall with less people and held her hand.

It seemed like a cozy date. Amigo and Kelly stopped by mobile phone stores and toy stores, but did not buy anything. When they discovered the paparazzi, Amigo immediately released Kelly’s hand and ran to the second floor. Believing that they had dodged the paparazzi, Amigo and Kelly stood closer together on the escalator, with Amigo’s chest pressing on Kelly’s back. When the paparazzi approached them, Amigo released Kelly once again. Both appeared embarrassed.

Asked if they were on a date, Amigo only replied with a smile.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for

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  1. Though I don’t find Aimgo handsome or attractive, he seems to have so many girls fall for him.

    1. I think so too. Maybe it’s his charisma that helps him to shine rather than his looks.

      1. charisma? guys who beats girls dont have any charisma,great that the relationship with natalie is over now,she is too good for him.

      2. Having a good charm doesn’t always mean having the best attitude. At least that’s what girls sees in him. He can has great charisma when wooing the girl, but it doesn’t guaranteed he won’t hit her.

      3. “charisma? guys who beats girls dont have any charisma,great that the relationship with natalie is over now,she is too good for him”

        Agreed! Beater and cheater, these people don’t change overnight. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. He’s good at talking. So, girls find him interesting and not boring.

  2. I must be old fashioned but I find this relationship sickening… Imagine this, he’s already 17-18 when she’s just a baby… Is Hong Kong really that small to find someone your own age or close to it? Pretty sure she’s only doing this to get free publicity because I can’t imagine her falling for this uncle…

  3. natalie tong is a great girl as he never look down on amigo during his scandal and also hit rock bottom in career….now he dated model…..Natalie tong is indeed great girlfriend if ever anyone dating her.. its hard to find someone that stand by you even in your most downtime

    1. kelly chan is split image mirroring angelica li (wife of oxide pang)

  4. Am I missing something or are chinese male celebrities dating younger and younger girls who are “models” or are models in Asia that young?

    1. Models generally start young. Kate Moss started when she was 14.

  5. I am so happy for Natalie Tong. Finally she can forget Amigo whole-heartedly.

  6. bah, it’s not going to last. after 2 years, she’ll look at him and realise he’s hardly a good catch and she’s too young to settle down at that age. then amigo will move onto the next 18 year old until he’s 70.

    natalie is too good for him. she has a clean, wholesome image and he only brings her down. hope she finds someone special soon (if not already).

  7. She just turn into an adult geez and dating someone older. LF trend?

      1. What do you know. Today I learned that giving consent to sexual activities equals to being an adult. I guess Hong Kong should change their laws and require citizens to obtain their adult id cards when they hit 16 instead of 18.

      2. Are we talking about a love relationship? What does the ID card do with it? It should the age when they have sex without being imprisoned.

      3. Please. Your reply is obviously trying to make a point that Kelly is an adult at 16 because she is able to give consent at that age. Which is exactly why you were saying she is an adult for 2 years at age 16.

        What I am saying is, just because you are able to give consent does not mean you are an adult. If you looked at the link you provided, there are no age restrictions for lesbians to be in a sexual relationship (in HK). So going with your so-called logic then lesbians being in a sexual relationship at age 10 or 12 can be considered an adult.

      4. All up to you. I dont have any plan to change your opinion. It doesnt change the fact that Kelly can start a relationship with sex life for two years. Her adult ID card gives her more rights at 18 but for her sexual activities, she doesnt need to wait until obtaining such adult ID card.

        I think you are smart enough to understand why the lesbians are not mentioned. Here is a hint for you: Hongkong uses common law. You can try to let lesbians of 10 or 12 have sex and you will see the consequences.

      5. This isn’t a matter of opinion when I am clearly stating your mistake in defining the term “adult”. There’s a huge difference between being an adult at 18 and your so-called definition of being an adult at 16 because she’s allowed to have sex.

        I am well aware of why I brought up the lesbians point, but you aren’t. You used a wiki page to define Kelly being an adult at 16 because she is legally able to give consent in engaging in sexual activities. Like I said, giving consent to having sexual activities does not mean she is an adult. Nobody is an adult at 16 years old. In majority of the cases, a 16 year old breaking the law would not be facing charges like an 18 year old adult would. That’s the point I am making. Is it really that hard to understand facts from opinions?

      6. You don’t need to give me any hints because tbh I wouldn’t take any legal advice from someone like you. Especially when you define a 16 year old as an adult.

      7. I don’t follow HK law since I don’t live there. And I did not read the wiki link provided because wiki is hardly 100% reliable source. However from your comment @Alluka, you alluded to that if one can legally* consent, then he/she is an adult. So by your logic, 16 is an adult.

        *I figure you’re talking about legality of consenting to sex, or else a kid at 13 can consent and then become an adult instantly lol.

        Regardless, request more confirmation (besides a wiki page that anyone can edit and day whatever) that a 16 can consent with an adult (30+ years old) is okay/legal in HK.

      8. Look like you had a hard day. You are being mean to every other commentators around you. I think it is pointless to discuss with you especially when you think you are google.

      9. I don’t know where you even come up with these weird statements. What does Google have anything to do with this? As usual, it’s much easier to just name call others and walk off saying others are at fault when you are clearly spitting out nonsense. 16 years old is by no means an adult no matter how you define it in legal terms.

      10. “Dont act like you know everything unless your name is google.”

        What kind of arguement is that? Is this like one of those thing, “if it’s on the internet, it must be true!”? So if I name my kid Google, then he/she’ll be Mr/Ms Know-It-All? Lol. Oh random fact, did you know that “google” spawn from their creators’ mispell word of “googol”?

        …and what lawyer uses wiki at face value and as a reference for fact? O_o?

      11. I never claimed to be Google although I wouldn’t mind owning more of their stocks.

        But hey, if you know something the rest of us don’t (ie. HK considers 16-yo to be an adult) then feel free to post a link or two and teach us a lesson.

      12. @jj: In case you dont understand, it was merely a sarcasm. And look like you dont understand it. In this forum, is it that hard to give out a sarcasm?

        Well, I give the link of wiki because it has the simplest and direct answer for some people here to understand. I tried to give out more academic responses and many kids cannot read.

        @Wild Berries: I did explain my opinion to you twice here and I have no idea why you do not understand. This is all about a love relationship and since the age of consent in Hongkong is 16, Kelly can do sexual activities 2 years before dating Amigo. Of course, we all understand that other activities with different age of consent cannot be done until she reaches to such age of consent.

        Once again, I want to bold that we are discussing about a love relationship, therefore please dont twist the topic.

        It is not hard to see how you are spearding the mean comments to commentators, WildBerries. I know I stepped on the tails of some kids here and they are trying to do retaliation, however I hope you are more mature than that.


        Maybe I should try to be less polite in this forum.

      13. Alluka:
        Just be prepared that there are a lot of crazy and ignorant readers here. I have learned to ignore them over the years! Sometimes people still challenge you no matter how polite you are.

      14. People will say that you are fake when you try to be polite.

      15. I have said on two other occasions that just because you are able to give consent does not mean you are an adult. You have said on your initial comment that she is an adult at age 16 BECAUSE she is able to give consent. Sure, she’s legally about to give consent but that does not mean she is an adult. An adult is the age of majority on HK and it is at 18 years old. That’s the difference.

        If you have said she is legally able to give consent in engaging in sexually activities at age 16 I would not have challenged your comment. But the fact that you tried to twist your own pov and stated that she is an adult BECAUSE she can give consent is incorrect.

        I am truly unaware how you are considered polite in your responses because of your snarky sarcasm, name calling and personal attacks in every other comment.

      16. Sandcherry, if you think I was rude to you in the other comment you have not seen anything from me. I am merely reflecting my comments on exactly how you act on this forum. It’s pretty hypocritic of you to say one thing and do another (ie. ignore rude commentators yet still follow this thread). Shame, I expected more from an elder who claims to learn from their own mistakes. Oh wait, you didn’t say you learn from mistakes – it was me who said it.

      17. What mistake did I make …………. just to say how I felt about an artiste and his/her acting? Why should I learn from my mistake. I know you must be one of the readers here who keep changing your IDs.

        I thought this forum is open to fair comments. I was never rude to any readers or attacked an artiste. I can’t help if other readers don’t agree with me in my comments Everyone has the right to submit his/her comments politely.

        I think the best choice Jayne’s readers to do is to stay totally away from this website or forum.

      18. I actually planned to write something serious, but I reckon that to people like you (WildBerries and lol and MW and kiwi and some else I cant remmember because you guys are too similar), I should ignore you.

        Sandcherry, those guys are not worth to spend time. Ignore them and then they will be bored. Their personal attacks will come back to them sooner or later.

      19. @ alluka: ah, back pedal my dear! Always have an excuse at hand. What a true pseudo lawyer. Even if you can’t admit, I’m sure you used wiki because that’sthe first link came up when you consulted with Mr Know It All (aka Google). And no, I didn’t take it as sarcasm. I saw it as a baseless borderline-dumb retort.

      20. @jj: It isnt my fault that you cant understand some simple sarcasm. BTW, I still say this: If someone dare to go to my address, I will show that brave person my certificates. However I think all of you are only good at hiding behind the keyboard.

      21. BTW, Funn Lim was the one who posted such link in this forum long ago. I didnt need to google it.

      22. @ alluka: i didn’t day it’s your fault. Just tell you how i see your remark as. And oi, aren’t you the so called hide behind the keyboard person as well? If not, show who you are with pics and so forth. If you come back and say that’s a dangerous thing or you’re not gullible enough to broadcast yourself over the inaternet, then why would you welcome someone to come find you. Mind you, you’re the one who freely said to be a lawyer from UK to the internet world. How about you come find me and show me your certificate? Then we’ll both know we exist! Lol. You make such “bold” statement because you know none of us will waste our time to fish you out. You can claim whatever you want to be, i do not care; just like I can perceive your comment to however I want, and you probably shouldn’t care.

        Anyhoo, enjoy!

      23. Alluka, of course, it’s just much easier to do that and just walk off pretending to be the bigger person claiming others are being immature or whatever. I only use this id and email address on this platform you can ask Jayne if I have used any other email addresses or ids. Unlike you, I don’t feel the need to hide after making an ignorant comment.

      24. Sandcherry, you are just a rude, mean and offensive person. Your mistake is the way you comment. You are free to offer your rude comments, just like I am free to ask you questions on par to your comments. Like you said, this is an open forum. You CAN ignore me if you think I am rude – just like how you always tell others to skip your comments if they don’t like it. I am not the first person to call you out and I sure won’t be the last.

      25. Alluka:
        I believe that you are a lawyer without seeing your licence/certificates. One of my family members is also a lawyer in Canada …. a litigation lawyer.

        You are absolutely correct when you told people about the differences between a legal letter, law suit, litigation, mediation, discovery, arbitration, etc., etc. If they don’t believe it, they are just ignorant and dumb. Let them say whatever they wish. We cannot shut up their big mouths.

        There should be some kind of trust and respect between people on earth. I am sure a good and normal netizen will NOT declare himself/herself as a lawyer if he/she isn’t. There are so many idiots and ignorant people on this forum. I guess smart people will just take their posts as laughs and entertainments.

        We should not spend any more time on them.

      26. I even have a gravatar picture to confirm that my username is unique. Jayne has contacted with me and sent me gift. What do you have?

        Leave your address here and I will see if I want to go to see you. Dare you?

        @Sandcherry: Thank you for your back up. I always try to talk the talk, walk the walk. You are absolutely right, we cant shut them up but we can ignore them. They are actually pitiful because they are having hard days in life. We should forgive them.

      27. Seriously I am rather speechless with some folks on this forum. Wait, not some folks – just Fox and Sandcherry to be precise. I like to be direct and not have to hint or say things between the lines like Fox and Sandcherry.

        Throughout this whole exchange I have yet to receive a single (1) argument or even some type of bs to back up your initial statement; a 16 yo hk citizen is considered an adult because they are legally able to give consent. All you are doing is try to throw me off topic, gang up with Sandcherry and attempt to change the topic into somehow it’s my fault because in your own little imagination I am 50 other people.

        If you are truly a lawyer then I would love to hear how the law works in HK. Does that mean all 16/17yo in HK are adults because legally they are all free to be in a love relationship and they can give consent. Then why would HK consider an 18yo to be an adult and a 16yo to be a minor?

        Are you going to talk the talk? Or are you going to come back and attempt to change the topic without answering these simple questions?

      28. Readers:
        Be careful of some wild and crazy readers on this forum. Once they bite you, they will never let you go ……. 咬住不放 like a dxg!

        Just terrible! I think this forum is no longer good and open for personal comments even if you are polite and adequate to other readers.

        Either you have to keep changing IDs or stay away completely from Jayne’s website. No wonder less and less people show up here.

      29. HK uses common law system. The judgement will decide. It was the hint I given to you regarding lesbian relationship. If you were fully awared why you give lesbian relationship as example, please show me the case where stated that there are no age restrictions for lesbians to be in a sexual relationship.

        I told you two or three times that we are referring to a love relationship, which means Kelly will be judged for the age of consent for sexual activities. It happened to Vincy Yeung in Edison incident when he was accused to violate the laws by netizens. However, since Vincy Yeung is a Canadian where put age of consent for sexual activities of 14, Edison wasnt in trouble.

        You keep saying of the adult ID card. Do Kelly needs to show such adult ID card to show when she has sex with a man in the age of 16? Or does that man have any trouble to have sex with Kelly in the age of 16? Indeed not. It is the key point to the conversation.

        You keep twisting it to adult definition. Fine, Im fully awared that Adult ID card will be issued to HKers when they are 18 (without any mental problems). However in the particular case of a love relationship, such Adult ID card is not needed.

        If I remember right, HK give the age of consent for alcohol of 21. Let us assume it is correct. In such case, even if Kelly has the adult ID card, she cannot drink until she is 21. What will you say regarding that situation? Does it mean she isnt an adult even with the adult ID card?

        Seriously, you dont listen to anyone. I did explain many times until I feel so tired of your stubborness. And then you started some personal attacks. Is that your style of discussion? If it is, you just need to admit and then I will never discuss with you.

        Why I have to lie about my job? Is a lawyer with some favourite artists anything unbelivable? If I want to lie, why I dont say that I know those artists personally to know that they actually sue or not? Think with your brain. I dare you to show your address and nothing come up. Who is faker?

        However I understand why you dont want to provide your address. Internet isnt safe. This was why I didnt want to post my lawyer card online because I dont want my personal information is leaked, especially to the internet trolls. Who know what they can do in retaliation although I think they are merely bashers.

        Are you 50 people? Only you can provide an answer. You accused me of being peusdo lawyer, I accused you of having more than one username in this forum. Can you feel the feeling of being accused wrongly? In my opinion, my job is nothing special that I have to lie about it. It is just a job. What is too wrong to be a lawyer?

        Btw, JJ, I remember you asked me some questions about litigation and arbitration procedure. You misunderstood arbitration to mediation. I explained the differences for you but I dont see any more comments from you regarding such suject. I just want to ensure that you have no more misunderstandings.

      30. “You keep saying of the adult ID card. Do Kelly needs to show such adult ID card to show when she has sex with a man in the age of 16? Or does that man have any trouble to have sex with Kelly in the age of 16? Indeed not. It is the key point to the conversation.”

        The onus is on the adult male/adult female, not the minor child or 16 year old girl.

        Yes usual age of consent is 16 but can’t marry without consent until 18 or drink alcohol or vote until 21. Weird world.

      31. Do you live in HK, Funn? If not, how can you say that the age to marry in HK is 18 or drink alcohol until 21? Did you even do any research beforehand? Or is that how things are done in malaysia?

        #1. You stated that in order to marry without consent is 18. But on HK’s website, it stated that the min. age to get married is 16.

        #2. You stated that in order to drink alcohol, one needs to be 21. This is completely wrong. You can be 18+ years and be able to drink. Where did the age 21 come from?

      32. Either you have to keep changing IDs or stay away completely from Jayne’s website. No wonder less and less people show up here.

        Duh. This site is a battlefield for drama and jayne only backs up her favourites, lol.

      33. I bet ten cents that Funn is simply making a blunt comment and going with whatever is mentioned by other users.

      34. “usual age of consent”


        Not specifically in HK.

      35. “Like I said, giving consent to having sexual activities does not mean she is an adult. Nobody is an adult at 16 years old.”

      36. “Yes usual age of consent is 16 but can’t marry without consent until 18 or drink alcohol or vote until 21. Weird world.”

        Weird world indeed!! Can’t believe that greater age-restriction is place on “alcohol consumption” than being sexually active. What a joke!!!

        I could care less what the legal age of consent is. Most people are not “truly” adults until well after 21-yo.

      37. This is YOUR quote:

        “In HK, the age of consent for sexual activity is 16 which means Kelly is an adult for 2 years.”

        You wrote this in your first response. The issue I have with this statement is, just because you are 16 and able to give consent does NOT mean you are an adult. You on the other hand tried to twist it into its a love relationship don’t need to show id card and whatever you said. As far as I know, nobody at 16 in HK is an adult whether they are in a love relationship or not. Yes, Amigo will not be sued if he dated a 16/17yo because of this law, but is the 16/17yo an adult? Yes or No? If no, then your initial comment is obviously wrong and flawed. Don’t try to pin this on me saying I am stubborn or whatever you can come up with. I have already stated previously if you have just brought up the fact that at 16yo in Hk you are legally able to be in a love relationship because in the eyes of the law there is nothing wrong, I wouldn’t have challenged you (read above if you forget). But the fact that you tried to twist it into she being an adult for 2 years is obviously wrong. She is legally an adult at 18.

        Just to clear the air, I seriously don’t give a damn what you are in real life. I am just a little taken aback when you boldly make a claim that a 1

      38. *16yo is an adult for 2 years.

        A 16yo is a MINOR that has the legal right to be in a sexual/love relationship.

      39. So many of you guys jumping in I almost missed Sandcherry’s golden words.

        Sandcherry, looks like you can’t keep your word. Sad….

      40. So that’s it. You only keen on the word “adult” in the first post I made. You have been go around the world and finally hit the jackpot. Fine, I didnt say clearly in my first posts that Im pointing the age for a love relationship and your writing style made me confused. You said like it was very serious but in fact it is just a tiny matter.

        In the end of the day, it is still the love relationship I referred to. And it is also the topic we are talking about here. Amigo wont have a problem of dating Kelly who is already 18.

        Is it done?

      41. Awesome, even while you are admitting you are wrong you have to be damn snarky. What’s that idiom they used? “falling on the ground but still have to pick up some sand”? Something along that line, don’t hold me to it – Cantonese isn’t my first or second language.

        It’s not a tiny mistake when you boldly made a claim like that. There’s a lot of naive/ignorant readers that will believe anything they read on the internet without doing any research or using common sense.

        I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with my writing style when a few others clearly understands what I am saying and agrees with me. Seems like you are the one with the issues in portraying your pov?

        Yes, I am done with you.

      42. Funny argument especially the adult definition was entered around ‘adult’ ID card as argument. But adult technically is at age 20. Reason is because from 13 to 19 are teenage years … the key word is ‘teen’; thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. Get it?

  8. He was not on a date! He was simply taking this little girl candy and toy shopping. Whatever “mui mui jai” wants, “suk suk” will buy for her.

  9. Kelly Chan looks pretty in the above photo. No wonder Amigo Chui prefers her to Natalie Tong. Kelly is younger and prettier.

    1. Wow, what a nasty comment. Just curious, is your husband still married to you? Shouldn’t he leave for someone younger, prettier and nicer?

      1. I was only saying that for Amigo Chui. Amigo kept changing girlfriends and he seems like going for young and pretty girls. I did not mean to hurt Natalie Tong who is just too good for Amigo. In fact, I am very happy for Natalie Tong who deserves someone better than Amigo.

      2. Sure you are. Like you always go back and correct yourself after a user calls you out on your nasty remarks.

      3. @WildBerries
        Why are you so mean to other readers? We all make mistakes here or there as long as we don’t hurt someone physically or mentally.

        When I made the comment, I honestly thought Kelly Chan was younger and prettier than Natalie Tong. Prettiness is subjective and is in the eyes of the beholder. If you don’t think so, you can disagree. But you don’t have to attack me by saying “is your husband still married to you? Shouldn’t he leave for someone younger, prettier and nicer?”. You are very mean and rude to other readers.

      4. @WildBerries
        I hope you have also read my other message posted above on this Topic.

        “I am so happy for Natalie Tong. Finally she can forget Amigo whole-heartedly.”

      5. You have guts to call me mean when you are the one making offensive and nasty comments towards female actresses on Jaynestars for months.

        I am well aware that everyone makes mistakes, I do it all the time and I won’t be shy to admit it. As for you, you have been called out on numerous occasions for being rude, nasty, mean or offensive regarding your remarks and yet you are continuing on with the same attitude in commenting.

        As for my questions, its pretty much on par with your comments. It’s so convenient of you to leave out your nasty remarks about Amigo leaving Natalie because Kelly is prettier and younger. I’m curious, if you can make such remarks, why can’t I ask you a question? I’m just following your logic.

  10. Amigo must be taking example from Raymond Lam. Older men dating barely legal girls.

    1. Maybe it is a current trend for celebrities in Hong Kong ………. Raymond Lam and Karena Ng, Kenneth Ma and Jackie Xu, and now Amigo and Kelly Chan.

      1. There are some more examples in Chinese/Hongkong ent circle, such as Hawick and Yang Mi, Jay Chou and Hannah, William Feng and Nini, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi, Kenji Wu and Laurinda Ho, etc. In the past there are a lot of couples with huge age gap such as Roger and Cindy. Therefore I dont think it is the new trend at all.

      2. It may not be a new trend, but is getting more and more popular now.

      3. Inter-generational coupling indeed is not a new trend to the extend that it has deep roots in the Chinese social culture. In the olden days, it was quite common to see some 80-yr-old marrying an 16-yr-old as wife number whatever. Story has it that the American-educated Charlie Sung had gone berserk when his eldest daughter eloped with his friend and revolution comrade Dr Sun Yet-sun

        This whole inter-generational mating game died down somewhat only when the Judeo-Christian culture from the West became increasingly influential in the greater Chinese regions.

        Now it is making a comeback, much to the delights of the old goats. LOL!

      4. Sometimes it’s just coincidence. There’s no written rules anywhere that age has to be somewhere close. I often feel age gap is not really important. Most importantly is why the two persons being together? Is the chemistry okay, if they can click well then why not? Sometimes a guy few yrs older than us doesn’t mean we can click with them. It’s all about chemistry.

      5. “Now it is making a comeback, much to the delights of the old goats.”

        Old goats with gold to dig and coattails to ride.

        And, maybe because successful independent women are practically unattainable now (because it’s so nice to be “free” to do whatever she dreams)? 🙂

      6. I honestly don’t think age matters but what on earth do they see in the people younger than them??

      7. “Old goats with gold to dig and coattails to ride.”

        Totally Agree! Nothing occurs by chance. Have we seen any poor and unsuccessful old goats hooking up with these young stuffs? LMAO!!

        But seriously, I also agree that the change in women’s status in a society has an impact on this so-called trend.

      8. “what on earth do they see in the people younger than them?”

        Naiveté beyond belief, dependence/weak/needs help and sex-sex-sex. 🙂

      9. “Old goats with gold to dig and coattails to ride.”

        “But seriously, I also agree that the change in women’s status in a society has an impact on this so-called trend.”

        Agreed! 😀 🙁 LOL!

      10. Naiveté beyond belief, dependence/weak/needs help and sex-sex-sex.


  11. After Natalie Tong, he dated Elizabete. Hence it should be after Elizabete instead.

  12. Who is the girl in the pic above. I thought it was Karina (Raymond GF)

    1. Hi LeilaFan,
      I thought no one noticed that. At first I thought why on earth this Karena has to do with this guy. Hmm, she happens to be another girl resembling Karena.

  13. Always felt Natalie was too good for him.
    But an 18-year-old? Holy crap. Can you not find someone at least 21? Dude is 35….

  14. Natalie Tong looks great in Rear Mirror. Love her in up-dos. Soooooo sexy!!!

    Let Kelly Chan (or whoever) pass on the ugly genes. 🙂

    1. She’s always been good looking I think that’s why I can never understand why off and on w/a cheater and beater. Oh well…. n hes SHORT u know besides his talkative social mouth I don’t find this dude attractive at all. Now he gets an 18 years old. Just gotta hang it to him ahaha lol…

  15. the girl is not 18 …. from her website’s information…she is at least 21…

  16. Who is this Kelly C? well everyone will know her now…. Very clever indeed…
    She just using him to get notice & he just playing with her for awhile… it’s a fair game
    Anyway more & more I see amigo on telly(TVB) more I dislike this guy!!!!
    One very good news is that Natalie is no longer with him… Yeahhhhh!!!!!

  17. The sweet-talkers always gets the girls. Or, guys with money, of course.

  18. First of all, Natalie Tong is a damn good looking chick. Natalie > new younger amigo girl

    Every man wants a younger girl. It’s not in our nature to wake up and say to ourselves,hmmm, let me find a girl around my age to date. We always want new, younger, shinier, firmer…

  19. Natalie deserves better. She was with him when he was at the valley. Only a good man will cherish such great woman.

    Natalie, look forward and you will find the true happiness. Leave the past behind and never “turn your head and eat grass”.

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