Apple Daily’s “Worst Television Awards”

In light of the TVB Anniversary Awards, popular Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Apple Daily, decided to host a small award ceremony of their own. Mimicking the TVB Anniversary Awards, Apple Daily’s winners are also determined entirely by the number votes cast by their readers.

The Apple Daily awards, dubbed as “The Worst Television Awards” by the tabloid magazine, was the fourth annual television award presented by Apple Daily. Check out the hilarious categories and winners below:

Worst Actor in a Leading Role – Wang Zheng (王征) for The Future of Hong Kong <關注香港未來>

Asia Television’s largest shareholder, Wang Zheng, won Apple Daily’s Worst Actor by a large margin, occupying 61% of the 13,828 votes. To convince the Hong Kong government to recede its decision on giving City Telecom a free broadcasting license, Wang Zheng mobilized his station’s entire staff to participate in a widely publicized protest on the streets of Hong Kong. The protest was aired live on ATV. Many viewers expressed their embarrassment for Wang Zheng and his artists. Their artists were forced to perform silly dances, and many of the Mr. Asia contestants were forced to be Wang Zheng’s bodyguards when he was surrounded by the paparazzi. “I can’t believe this news made it to the front page headline. It’s an insult,” an Apple Daily reader expressed.

Kenneth Ma from Three Kingdoms RPG comes second place, occupying 17% of votes. Third place is Kent Cheng from King Maker, with 8% of the votes.

Worst Actress in a Leading Role – Niki Chow (周麗淇) for Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>

Despite the popularity of the drama (and praise for Raymond Wong’s performance), a general consensus has been made regarding to Niki’s performance – she can’t act. She beat out her competitors by winning 28% of the votes.

Myolie Wu from Wish and Switch came second place with 25%, while Christine Kuo from Ghetto Justice 2 came in third with 20%. A total of 13,448 votes were cast.

Worst Stage – ATV Gala Presentation <亞視台慶:靈異掟包>

The last performance at ATV’s Gala Presentation shocked the audience, as the performers looked as if they were calling the spirits of the dead. Viewers claimed that the performance has now become a classic, and they are sure that if the stage ever gets a rebroadcast, the viewership ratings would go up to at least 2 points. ATV won with 30%.

There were 14,410 votes were cast. Second place was Kate Tsui’s one-second rape scene in Highs and Lows, with 22%. Third place was Tavia Yeung’s lip-biting scene in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, with 20%.

Worst Dance Performance – Wang Zheng

Wang Zheng, as well as the rest of the ATV artists, did their own rendition of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” during their protest. Not only were the dance moves horrible to watch, Wang Zheng also did not dance to the beat. Absolutely terrible to watch.

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Raymond Lam (林峯) for Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>

Raymond Lam’s fans were more than prepared to vote for their favorite best actor. The power of Raymond Lam’s fan base should not be neglected! Raymond Lam won the poll with 25%. Kenneth Ma of The Hippocratic Crush won second place, with 19%. Ex-TVB actor Bowie Lam of When Heaven Burns comes to a very close third, with 18%. 19,241 votes were casted.

Best Actress in a Leading Role – Kate Tsui (徐子珊) of Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>

Apple Daily reported that Charmaine Sheh of When Heaven Burns was initially leading the poll for many days, but in one night, all votes changed gears to favor Kate Tsui. The leading actress poll also had the most votes with 36,970, more than twice the amount of others. It is very possible that Kate’s fans had hacked into the poll!

Kate Tsui won the poll with a large margin of 37%. Charmaine Sheh came second with 34%, and Tavia Yeung of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles came third with 12%.

Best Drama – When Heaven Burns <天與地>

Almost half of all 17,772 votes chose When Heaven Burns as Best Drama. The Jonathan Chik drama, although under promoted by TVB and received a broadcast ban from mainland China, had always remained to be a popular favorite within Hong Kong netizens since it first aired last December. This win is deserving.

Lam Chi Wah’s Highs and Lows comes second with 13%. Poon Ka Tak’s The Hippocratic Crush comes third, also with 13%. Over 17,772 votes were casted.

Best Living Recorder – Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年)

It’s hard to forget Prince Ngo Ka Nin’s “Hui, hui, hui, hui…” from King Maker! Maybe working as a scriptwriter for TVB is not so hard after all!

Best Tragic Actress – Samantha Ko (高海寧)

With Samantha’s recent success in her acting career, rumors indicated that Samantha relied on TVB’s big boss, Charles Chan, to get to the position she is in today. In a press conference to denounce the rumors, Samantha cried her whole heart out. It was quite depressing to watch.

Leaping TV City Award – Eileen Cha (查小欣)

A play on the words “most improved” and “leaping away” (飛躍) no other person deserves this award more than the talk show host, Eileen Cha. After leaving Commercial Radio earlier this year, Eileen joined TVB to host the Weekly Exposé <爆足一周>, a weekly gossip news television show. The talk show, meant to “expose breaking news to the Hong Kong public,” was criticized for being weeks late on their exposure, and in the end, TVB decided to not renew the show for a second season.

Best Action Choreography – Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>

Many viewers were impressed with the creative intimate scenes in the drama, with Damian Lau and Tavia Yeung’s makeout scene being the most shocking.

Best Photoopy Award – TV Funny <玩轉三周1/2 >

Whether it was the setup, the costumes, the lighting, the choreography, or the cinematography, TV Funny was very similar to the American show, MADtv, and the Japanese show, Shimura Theater. TVB has great creativity!

Best Time-Traveling Stage – The Confidant <大太監>

Maybe it is a fault by the marketing team, but The Confidant is actually a time-traveling drama. Remember the bus that appeared at the background in one of the scenes? It was completely intentional.

The Most Delusional Award – Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012 <2012香港小姐競選>

TVB tried to play it fair by implementing a wide voting system for the selection of the Miss Hong Kong winners, but we all know how that turned out.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Joel Chan (陳山聰)

Who said only veteran actors deserve this award? After meeting heiress Florinda Ho, 36-year-old Joel Chan is already living a life of retirement. This is a big achievement that all workers around the world dream to have.

Asia’s Professionalism Award – James Shing (盛品儒)

With the success that ATV has achieved in recent years, Asia Television’s executive director, James Shing, is definitely the most deserving winner for this award.


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  1. The Lifetime Achievement Award for Joel Chan is cracking me up. He beat Liza Wang to receive that award. lol…hahaha… so true in his situation unless he and Florinda already broke up.

      1. Yea, Joel winning the Lifetime achievement award is a bit funny but yet sad at the same time too… I think regardless if you are a man or a woman, it is always important to have your own career and make your own money… You never know what can happen in the future…

  2. AppleDaily might be gossip, but they are surely know how to joke. If you read the comment for the nominations, it’s even funnier.

  3. Wait, I missed this; best “action” choreography? They really gave it a new meaning there. And they must have misinterpreted the word “impressed”…

    1. I thought it was funny that the drama won best “action” coreography by it’s 6 scenes. LOLs “Action”, I was thinking more like HAL or police dramas not SSSS!

  4. “It’s hard to forget Prince Ngo Ka Nin’s “Hui, hui, hui, hui…” from King Maker! Maybe working as a scriptwriter for TVB is not so hard after all”

    This ‘hui hui hui’ is actually Ngo Ka Nin’s own creation. Uncle Choy said so. 😀

  5. Also disagree that WHB was under promoted by TVB. There were quite a lot of promotion. Live performances by the cast, various interviews, etc.

    1. Maybe they meant underpromoted as in warehoused for 2 yrs and then aired during bad timeslot.

    2. TVB only promoted WHB in the last week, and that is by giving T-shirt via TVB magazine allowing to rewatch the entire series online for a month after the finale.

      Technically, there was only 2 promo event for the series.

      As for mag interviews, there were many from non-mainstream. Usually to promote a series, the PR department will arrange some mainstream media and tabloid to feature the series.

      WHB promotion was credit to netizen who talked about the series in youtube and discussion forums.

      1. giving T-shirt via TVB magazine AND allowing to rewatch the entire series online for a month after the finale.

      2. But, they did arrange the 4 young guys to sing the themesong and subtheme in many events. There’s also TV interview I remember for the cast young and old.

  6. “It is very possible that Kate’s fans had hacked into the poll!”
    i’m sure no one has the ability to do that unless they work for Apple Daily

    1. Nah, I don’t know how or where the poll was hosted, but hacking polls is not that hard for technically savvy people. It’s far less surprising to me that someone was able to hack the poll, than it is that Kate fans suddenly gathered to vote at the exact same time and so overwhelmingly.

  7. Worst Actress in a Leading Role – Niki Chow (周麗淇) for Bottled Passion
    I think Niki Chow was awarded Best Actress Award in Jayne’s awards ceremony last year. What a big change in nominations and voting systems!!

    1. I can understand why her acting is little bad for her role in some scenes. She did a good job in the pace.

  8. LOL, can’t believe Niki and Myolie received more votes than Christine Kuo!

    1. Me, too. Though Niki did not act too well in “Bottled Passion” and Myolie Wu not well in “Wish and Switch”, I still think Christine Kuo should top the votes with her lousy acting and Cantonese.

  9. LMAO ROFLS. I cracked up laughing throughout readings this shiets. What a joke AppleDaily..

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