“Armed Reaction 2020”: Him Law and Jessica Hsuan Give Filming Updates

Currently in its last phase of filming, Armed Reaction 2020 <陀槍師姐2020> stars Him Law (羅仲謙), Jessica Hsuan (萱萱), and Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) can be seen working hard on the film set. The press caught up with the stars, who shared interesting stories on set and what they will do after the project wraps up.

Him Balances Filming with Family

Having just celebrated Father’s Day, Him shares that his daughter motivates him to work harder as he wants to provide more for the family. Taking only a few days off to accompany his wife Tavia Yeung (楊怡) during labor, Him immediately returned to work after their daughter was born. Fortunately, Tavia’s mother has been helping around the house, so Him can focus on filming.

As he has a lot of action scenes due to his role as a triad member in Armed Reaction 2020, Him did sustain some minor injuries. Nevertheless, he praised the choreography team as he was able to handle the arranged action scenes. Him also thanked the production crew for accommodating him and shortening his shooting time so he can go home early to see his family.

After he finishes Armed Reaction 2020, Him will take a short break before filming for his next project, Children’s Hospital <兒童醫院>.

Gloria is Grateful for Filming Opportunity

Working with an experienced cast has been a good opportunity for Gloria Tang to improve her skills. Filming with Him for the second time, Gloria recalls that she had worked with Him in the 2015 drama Young Charioteers <衝線>. Despite not having any lines in her debut drama,  Gloria’s opportunities have increased significantly in just five years.

Jessica Worries about Passing Illness to Co-stars

Seen with bruised makeup for a hospital scene yesterday, Jessica Hsuan shared that filming has been fun, but she did feel stressed to work during the pandemic.  In order to limit the spread of viruses, Jessica was mindful of pandemic precautions. Hoping to limit contact with other people, she would wake up at 4 a.m. to put on her own makeup and set her hair. In addition to avoiding seeing her family and friends, Jessica would also pick up groceries on her way home from filming so her domestic helper does not need to go out and take the bus.

When Jessica developed a cough and a fever earlier, she was worried about spreading the virus to others. Thankfully she took a test and the result was negative. Though local COVID-19 statistics are decreasing and less people are wearing masks in public, Jessica urged everyone not to relax too much as the outbreak could have a third or fourth wave.

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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