Artists Donate Money to Victims in Sichuan Ya’an Earthquake

Sichuan Ya’an Lushan County was struck with an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 in the morning of April 20, 2013. The death toll has reached 179 people, with more than 6,700 people injured. With their homes destroyed by the minute-long earthquake, many spent the night in makeshift shelters. Artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan expressed their prayers for the victims on their Weibo profiles and donated money to disaster relief organizations.

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), who has many fans in Sichuan province wrote, “Very worried after learning the news of the Ya’an earthquake early this morning. I have a lot of friends in Sichuan. Are you all well? If you are all safe, do tell us, so that we are all assured. I remember after the earthquake on May 12, 2008, I went to Ya’an and adopted a pair of twin pandas. I named them Ping Ping and An An. Putting a thousand words into one sentence, I hope everyone is safe.”

Updating his Weibo frequently, Huang Xiaoming later said that he will donate funds towards the disaster relief efforts. “Right now, the earthquake region is most in need of help. I will donate 200,000 RMB! If there is a requirement for more later, I will add money. Which charitable relief organization can tell me how to turn this amount of money into relief supplies and have them sent to those in need in the quickest manner? Urgent!!!” At 4 PM in the afternoon, Huang Xiaoming once again updated his Weibo and announced that he will further donate 100,000 RMB.

Li Bingbing (李冰冰) joined in the disaster relief donations and offered to donate 200,000 RMB. She said, “Looking at the photos of the earthquake scene made me feel sad and anxious! I will first donate 200,000 RMB, and hopefully through [Jet Li’s 李連杰] One Foundation, it can help the victims in Ya’an. God bless Ya’an. Praying for those in the disaster! I hope we can do more!”

Other artists were also quick to donating money in hopes of helping the victims. Vicki Zhao (趙薇) donated 500,000 RMB, Sally Jing (景甜) donated 300,000 RMB, Enlight Media Group donated 1 million RMB, and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) along with two friends donated 300,000 RMB altogether.

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  1. I know they’re generous but any need to weibo the amount?

    1. There is no point for these celebrities in doing charity if no one knows >_> as much as anything, they are doing it to market themselves rather than really feel sorry and wanting to help for the victims

      1. Many mainland do donate to different cause along the year such as Zhou Xun on green issue, Wen Zhang for autism children, Han Hong for children n Chen Kun for children in remote villages, youth, old soldiers and lung patients. The have donate millions every year. Thus, they do not only donate during earthquakes. At the end of last year Chen Kun spent RMB500,000 just to buy medical insurance for 2000 children in poor remote villages. Huang Xiao Ming sponsor two pandas. Hehe..

      2. 黃曉明, donate more without being asked! If those have enough to spare do without hesitation and nonesense.
        Its the duty of the Authorities to help those affected: food, housing, allowances for resettlement, medical attention for the sick and those need more, why did state hospitals seeked payment before bring ppl back to health?

  2. That part of the region needs to be abandoned. Waste of money to settle with periodic deadly earthquakes.

    I hope those people that have been injured in the earthquake needs really good quality health care in the short term

    1. Nonesense remark, its never a waste of funds when its spend on good causes

  3. It is so kind of them but why have to tell how much they donated?

      1. Well, think about it. Why would they announced how much they donated? And seriously cannot find his people to find out where the money, which organization to donate to?

      2. Donate what they could afford not less, better than those who have lot who never donate, ppl don’t need to say what they donate, better not say and just donate.
        Means alot Xiaoming donated his hard earn cash as he love cash so much and for he to donate even a cent is big cause, big talk, big actor for donating to Sichuan

    1. You people are never satisfied. Don’t tell the amount people will guess that they only donate RMB10,000 which are peanuts compared to what they have. When the amount is mentioned which the media will ask them you people say they want publicity. So long as they donate which will benefit the victims the amount is secondary.

      1. Very true. Whether the celebrities donated with good intention or not is not as important as the fact that the money is still being used to help the victims of this earthquake.

      2. Just donate, knowing you did is good, even if you did’nt, pray

  4. I also want to add that people are so quick to help out their own kind, but seem to careless about others that are suffering out there.

  5. A lot of artists donate to Jet Li’s One Foundation but did not disclose amount such as Li Na(tennis), Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Mavis Fan, Yao Chen etc. Jet Li thanks them at Weibo and he wanted to disclose the amount but due to respecting their choice of privacy, he respect their wish.

    1. Foundation or not, donation is donation, foundation or personal bank account, or cash in charity boxes

  6. Huang Xiao Ming keep om disclosing the amount donated, is it necessary?

    1. maybe he wants other ppl to donate the same amount ??? lol
      or he is just looking for attention? o_o

  7. Jet Li has dispatched his team to the disaster area fronts. HXM donated a total of 300,000 RMB. Han Hong donated 500,000 RMB. Zhang Xin Yi donated 200,000 RMB. Many popular stars including Power Station, Jiro Wang, Bosco Wong, Liu Shi Shi, Nicky Wu, Sun Yi Chau, Jakie Chan, Li Bing Bing, Shu Qi and many more have urged blessings and support to the victim vocally on camera or in weibo.

    风行娱乐频道: 李连杰团队的工作人员已第一时间赶赴现场;黄晓明30万;韩红50万;张歆艺20万捐款;动力火车、汪东城、黄宗泽、刘诗诗、吴奇隆、孙艺洲、成龙、李冰冰、舒淇等明星都纷纷在镜头前或微博上为灾区人民加油!祈福!!

  8. >Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) along with two friends donated 300,000 RMB altogether.

    That’s all fine and well, but didn’t you tell your children about not being able to feed them if you didn’t have to work everyday…?

    1. so what’s your point?
      her job provides her with plenty of income. but if she doesn’t work – yeah she’s not gonna have any income. so she has extra income to spread to the Sichuan people….i don’t see the problem here.

    2. that’s a very petty comment. At least she’s teaching her kids about the importance of charity.

  9. I know it seems a little pathetic to tell people of the world how ‘generous’ they are (donating the same amount they may otherwise spend on a handbag); but frankly, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that the money in the end, will benefit those that need it the most.

    It doesn’t matter what they write on Weibo, just that those people in Sichuan end up with the supplies and aid they need.

    Our thoughts & prayers to those in need xxx

  10. Rather than gossiping, why don’t you people think of a way to help the poor people in Sichuan?

    1. mte. So they weibo’ed the amount, so they’re doing it for publicity – at least their money will help make a difference.

      And, if you get to the heart of it, there’s no such thing as pure altruism.

    2. I don’t think ppl is gossiping here. Just stating the fact.

  11. oh stop complaining. seriously. AT LEAST he’s donating unlike some of you who are sitting at home and pinpoiting how he’s disclosing the amount. Is that really that important? More important than helping out the injured, poor folks in the area?

    i could care less about his intention as long as another child is treated for their wounds.

    1. Not important at all as long some parties are receiving help and the one donating is receiving some attention. And how do you know for sure none of us at home are donating to various causes albeit in smaller sums? Oh right, because we don’t blog about it.

      1. Will give you thumb, if there is a button for it. heheheh.

      2. I’m gonna blog I’m donating $20 to the united way…maybe I can get attention. You think I will?

      3. Funn Lim, maybe you should get your eyes checked as well because I never said NONE of you don’t donate. I said “some”.

        And why the heck are we arguing about some good cause? Really? Whether you blog or not is not of my concern.

    2. I donate to the poor frequently but never blog abt it. Oh, maybe that’s why you are not aware of it.

    3. what’s wrong with being curious? and lots of people at home also donated to help various causes and as said above, people at home like is may just not blog or weibo about it and say hey i donated ‘this amount’!

      1. But you know blogging about how much you donated is good. Why? Permanent record. Not like those Zhang Ziyi debacle remember?

      2. now this announcement of donation value also can have cons too. what happened to yang mi today was she got bashed from different sides. bashed for donating ‘only’ 200K for a very popular idol star but also got bashed for announcing her donation = show off

  12. Sigh. I can’t believe people are bickering over something so petty when there’s people dying in China.

    1. Exactly. Who cares if he blogged about it? People blog about even more mundane and trivial shiz. At least he donated. Sigh.

  13. It is OK for putting the amount of money donated on Weibo but 500000RMB is too cheap for the celebrities.

  14. Just because ppl post on weibo how much they donated does not mean that they’re trying to show off. It’s also about spreading the word and in a way getting more ppl to donate as well!

    1. finally, a sensible post. in many cases, announcing donations to a certain cause is a way of drumming up PR for that cause so that other may get involve and help out.

    2. Sincere people don’t need to mention amounts, they can just spread the words and ask people to do help as much as they can. HXM, adding another post upping is donation was ridiculous…now that is showing off.

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