Artists Win Big at 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) were not the only winners at this year’s TVB Anniversary Gala , several lucky artists also took home some of the most amazing prizes in TVB history.

TVB has traditionally been keen to invest a lot of money and effort into their annual celebration, aiming to achieve a ratings boost before the year’s end. Troubled by the recent television license controversy and the lukewarm reception of its drama series, the company has even more reasons to win back a skeptical public.

On November 19, TVB City played host to the biggest party in town as over 400 artists gathered for a night of pure entertainment. In addition to elaborate dance routines and music collaborations, many top artists volunteered their comedic talent to create a lighthearted mood for the evening.

2013 TVB Anniversary Gala Wong Cho LamThe cast of this year’s popular comedy Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> once again generated a lot of laughs. Bob Lam (林盛斌) and May Chan (陳嘉佳) entertained the crowd with their imitation of American songstress Madonna, complete with her iconic cone bra. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and Ivana Wong (王菀之) walked down the aisle during a mock wedding. When Cho Lam’s real life girlfriend Leanne Li (李亞男) stood up to object their union, Cho Lam bluntly replied, “Who is this ugly person? Women should keep quiet when men speak!”

Aside from its fun programming, one of the highlights of this year’s Anniversary Gala was its many raffle prizes. Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) became a double winner last night. He was first awarded 1,000 shares of TVB stocks valued at $50,000 HKD, and later claimed one of ten brand new mobile phones. Although he had already picked up $50,000 HKD during last year’s drawing, Raymond Lam’s (林峯) good luck once again won him a name-brand watch worth $310,000 HKD.

Many lesser-known artists also took home big prizes. Dickson Wong (黃得生) is now the proud owner of a $333,000 HKD European luxury car, while The Voice <超級巨聲> alum Chan Hong Kin (陳康健) won one ton of gasoline worth $20,000 HKD. Helen Ng (吳香倫) was visibly surprised as she received a $480,000 HKD platinum diamond necklace, and singer Barry Cox was presented with the grand prize – a Mainland residence worth over $810,000 HKD.

Source: Oriental Daily; Oriental Daily

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  1. Very glad that most of the prizes went to the less famous TVB artistes as they need them more than the popular ones. Raymond Lam is a super lucky guy. He won a decent prize of HK$50,000 last year and another big one, HK$310,000, this year. Some people just have that kind of luck.

    1. Happy for Raymond Lam…of course…I am his super fans…winning not only because of the prize…but happy that the “Lucky” is still with him….I was worry about him for awhile because I am not sure what he is going to focus on in 2014…knowing he may not sign TVB and not under any music company! What is he going to do???? make me worry?!

    2. Me too I agree, I laughed when Louis Cheung was dancing in those sweats and shorts and Whe Louis Yuen Was is the fake boxing thing, where people tapped his flab

  2. Raymond was born with tons of lucks. Wealthy family, talent boy, good voice, and handsome 🙂 He is duplicate of Leon Lai but Leon got more lucks to be 4 heavenly kings and top siudang TVB when he was pretty young

    1. i agree with your first sentence and partially the second sentence up to the “wealthy family” part…… for the rest…….hmmmmmmmm? Especially the talent and handsome part lmao.

      1. I was speechless at the talent part. I cringed at the good voice part…

        Handsome is rather subjective…to each his/her own. ME? i am not going to comment on it….

      2. No matter how, I also think Raymond Lam is a lucky guy. How many persons can have them all ………… good look, careers in both acting and singing, popularity, wealthy parents, and prizes in lucky draws?

      3. Handsomeness is subjective, so does talent.

        The thing this guy lacks, in my opinion, is health. He has to do operation few days before the Gala, how unlucky. He works too much in his 20s time, lead to his bad health.

      4. @Joanna that was roflmao funny. Maybe we should ask Kenny if he meant handsome as in pre or post surgery though i think he still looks hmmmmmmmm either way.

      5. I hope Raymond Lam will take care of his health. He is too young to have health issues. You are right. He’s just recovered from his operation a few days ago and he had to do so much dancing. I admire him for his professionalism. He is NOT a management artiste any more and he surely knows that TVB will not promote him much in the near future. He still showed up to perform. He surely is very professional no matter people like him or not for his acting or singing.

      6. Yes, he is such a professional artist. He has the right to deny the performance as he doesn’t get any payment, but he still did it without any complaint. After being punched by Txb last year, he has never said anything bad about Txb or anyone in Txb. I really admire him for that.

      7. Among all the artistes in TVB, I think Charmaine Sheh (for female) and Raymond Lam (for male) are ones of the best in speaking to media. They never complained and always spoke very professionally at any interviews.

        More artistes should look up to them in their interviews.

        I am not a big fan of Raymond Lam (in terms of his acting and singing), but I think he is an excellent artiste.

      8. I’m not a big fan of Charmaine but I think she is a nice person. I agree with you and wanna add that both of them never say anything bad about their colleagues (or never hint something bad). They have good manners when replying reporters.

      9. Thankyou for both Sandcherry and Fox…knowing that you are not a big fans of Sheh or Raymond…but still provide good comments…haha. I am a big fans for both of them!

    2. AC-AKC
      I go by the facts, not by persons. You don’t have to thank me.

    3. @kenny. haha u dun made me laugh la ignorant. leon lai success no way near Raymond at all. Just Andy Lau is great. Jacky cheung only power singing.

      Chinese saying
      First is fate, Second is luck, 3rd feng sui, 4th education and 5th doing good deeds. So of course fate and luck are the most important. Example that cocky Eason Chen, since his last 2008, he can never get any publicity or any benefits from TVB anymore hahaha. Being cocky is uselss 1. Must nice nice like raymond leo ku and so on.

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Gala was boring, but good to see many old faces again. The segments sucked, lol So, Kate (Bernice former job) is now the one to lead the girls when it comes to dancing. She can dance. Should have put Grace Wong in there. She CAN also dance. Rebecca Zhu was stiff for someone with a ballet background.

    The siu sangs and fadans didn’t do much. Good to see the supporting and kelefes having a chance to participate though.

    Til the awards night for the fashion…

    1. Grace Chan, the newly crowned Misss HK, is anorexic-looking. If she’s that skinny onscreen, then she gotta be skeleton-looking in person since TV adds 10%. She gotta put on weight bc once she starts filming, she’s gonna be losing. Reminds me of Kenix in her old days.

      And why was King Kong a host? lol Can barely understand him.

    2. Yup…gala wasn’t that great, despite the ‘star power’ it supposedly garnered (though most people stood around doing nothing). True, this is probably the first Anniversary Gala in about 8 years or so that so many ‘well-known’ artists attended, but content wise, it was quite lackluster. TVB definitely doesn’t make the galas like they used to…..

  4. Wayne Lai seemed to be the other lucky artiste. I remembered that he won some big prize last year and he also won a decent prize this year.

    1. Yup…Wayne won the cell phone package this year. Everyone’s ok with him winning because he at least shares his wealth….last year, when he won the big prize at Anniversary Gala, he took the prize money and treated all of his colleagues at TVB to dinner (he especially invited all the behind the scenes people such as producers, scriptwriters, directors, etc as a means of gratitude for all the opportunities they gave him.). He only won once last year and had the heart to do such a great thing. Compare that to Liza Wang, who is way more rich and famous and also wins something at anniversary gala EVERY YEAR (she won something this year as well), yet it’s not like she does anything (and it’s pretty much a given that she wins something each time, no matter big or small). She should really let other artists have a chance….

      1. Yeah. I forgot about Liza Wang who is another lucky artiste. I think she did not win anything this year.

      2. @sandcherry: Yes she did — she was one of the 10 artists who won a cell phone and GoldTV subscription package thing worth about 130,000 HKD. It was the last prize of the night.

      3. Remember she was in the news about 12 months ago stating that her home was burglarized for the 3rd time…I guess it was God’s way of saying that it was time for her to share her material goods.

  5. The gala was boring except the performances from Inbound troubles cast are a bit funny.

    Most of the first line siu sangs and fa dans don’t do much and just sit around except little short games here and there. The performances mostly done by newbies and singers.

  6. I thought it was messy and noisy but more intimate and fun. I especially enjoyed the rapport and Inbound Troubles segment but Louis Yuen won the day with his funny routine and antics. I see a lot of artistes there but the camera never bothered to show them all.It is more like a company annual dinner giving away prizes.

    Ad yes Grace Chan was horrible to look at. Her posture was terrible. How can she ever be Miss HK when she stands like that?

    1. how did she stands then that make she looks so horrible? i think her hairstyle for that night didnt fit her face,she looks prettier with long hair.

      1. You can rewatch. If you tell me that’s the way to stand then I have nothing more to say.

  7. Oh the winner of the house is a singer? Never even seen him b4, thot he was one of the management staff..

    1. i’ve seen him in small roles in tvb dramas – i think he was the butler in Awfully lawful and the money launderer in Brother’s Keeper.

  8. Oh my goodness! Did anyone catch how Power Chan got stuck sitting with the green leafs and behind the senior/veteran artists?! At least it looked like it was him (like 85% sure). He’s a bigger, supporting actor than that and didn’t even get placed onstage with the main artists?! If it was him, it’s probably because he was out and speaking at one of the HKTV rallies in the crowds. Can’t believe how harsh they’d be to him….

    1. TVB is always like that ……… holding grudges against their artistes easily.

    2. I saw him too! And I saw Patrick Chan sitting with the kelefes, as in ppl with NO LINES AT ALL! tvb really doesn’t value their artists, even Priscilla stood in the front row!!!!!

    3. Power wasn’t the only one — Jerry Koo actually won the BSA award last year and he was sitting somewhere up there too…I only knew he attended because his name got called for that car thing. There were actually alot of artists who attended and just sat there…many of them I didn’t even know attended until I caught a glimpse of them when the camera happened to pan over to their area. When I was watching the gala, I couldn’t help thinking what a huge waste of time this was for those artists who had to attend because of TVB contract and pretty much just sat there — they could have spent that time doing something constructive like working or spending time with their families (or even resting at home for a change).

      And of course, the Media is now making a big deal out of the lack of ‘big name’ singer presence at the gala (biggest name there was Alan Tam — but then again, he attends practically all TVB functions now because of his closeness with Nat, Eric, and TVB’s new boss Charles Chan).

      I definitely miss the old galas when practically every artist who attended had something to do — otherwise, what’s the point of attending? TVB obviously knows this otherwise they wouldn’t have given the main siu sangs and fa dans who didn’t already have a performance lined up something to do something to do (i.e. that soccer ball catapulting into the net thing). Even the singers who attended would all get the chance to sing individually back in the days…

  9. I thought that there was a lot of entertaining segments, especially the skit with the Inbound Troubles cast. It was really funny with the Like A Virgin song and Louis & Corinna’s dancing was really on point. I liked the magic segment too.

    1. I thought Bob and May’s act was rather crass and distasteful. As bad as the segment with Moses “giving birth”. If that was supposed to be magic or illusion – it was really very badly done.

      1. I guess we just have different tastes because I thought Bob and May’s part was hilarious. I think Moses’s part is supposed to be more of a joke since he’s expecting a baby soon.

      2. The Inbound troubles cast are supposed to be comedy. Louis Yuen was also entertaining. I don’t find Bob and May that crass, they’re part of the comedy, and give May credit for molesting Bosco too.

      3. Yup definitely differing taste! I really see no class , humour nor entertainment value in an overweight woman and a cross-dressed man prancing in coned bras. And before anyone jumps on me, I have nothing against fat people. If they had done a more tasteful act I would have applauded. Like if Bob did a stand-up comedy act, that would have been good because that is where his talent lies. Or Bob as the emcee would have outshone King Kong ten times. Louis Yuen’s act was way better than the Bob-May-prance-around with coned bras.

      4. @Primrose: Though I didn’t mind Bob and May’s act all that much, I do agree that it was a bit crass (albeit funny). But I absolutely agree that they should have made Bob one of the emcees for the night instead of King Kong (omg, what the hell was TVB thinking? Still can’t understand a single word King Kong says). Bob definitely deserved to be emcee this year given his newfound popularity and his awesome hosting skills. I’m thinking King Kong probably got the job because of Eric Tsang…

      5. Yup definitely differing taste! I really see no class , humour nor entertainment value in an overweight woman and a cross-dressed man prancing in coned bras.
        I also found it NO Class, or at least LOW class. They could make things comedic in a more classy way.

  10. Why did TVB Actress and TVB Actor voted by their co-workers receive a pair of glassess?


    1. 視帝 and 視后 both have the Chinese character “視”. In Chinese, 視 means “see with eyes”. I guess TVB just took the sound of “視” and got them eyeglasses (to see). Or they might get eyeglasses companies to sponsor their awards for 視帝and 視后 (Best Actor and Best Actress).

      Correct me if I am wrong.

      1. To many viewers, the 視 means “see with eyes” should be replaced with the Chinese character with the same sound but means “****” due to their lousy acting but chosen by TVB execs because of their brown-nosing and shoe-licking skills.

  11. can someone tell me where to watch this gala online? couldn’t find link to watch online. many thanks

  12. Thank You Sandcherry and Funn Lim for the answer about the sunglasses!!

  13. I wonder if that Barry Cox’s $810K HKD home in mainland China is located in one of those overbuilt ghost towns? $810K HKD is petty down payment for those HK homes selling for 8 mil HKD and up.

  14. I enjoyed the performance by Elaine Gu; with the pipa, guitar and singing it showed a variety of talents rather than being so one dimensional. That was the highlight for me amongst a host of attention seeking, over-priveliged posers.

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