Bad Ending for Saving and Cherry? “My Unfair Lady” Max Cheung Rises in Popularity

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Bad Ending for Saving and Cherry? “My Unfair Lady” Max Cheung Rises in Popularity

The following article contains spoilers for TVB’s My Unfair Lady, ending on May 28, 2017.

TVB’s My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人> has entered its final weekend, and things aren’t looking too great for our favorite couple—Saving (Vincent Wong 王浩信) and Cherry (Natalie Tong 唐詩詠) are finding themselves walking on different paths, with no choice but a breakup.

The romantic comedy drama, also starring Frankie Lam (林文龍), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Lai Lok-yi (黎諾懿), and Samantha Ko (高海寧), will be airing its final episode on Sunday, May 28. The drama, which has been on broadcast since May 1, is airing to much fanfare. Many of its stars—including Jessica and Vincent—are seeing a resurge in popularity, with Max Cheung (), who plays Oscar on the show, being reported as a rising star.

Cherry Leaves Saving for His Happiness

To fulfill Cherry’s lifelong wish, Saving promises to marry her, although he himself has a fear of marriage. On his way to the location of their wedding photoshoot, Saving gets major anxiety, and breaks out in hives. Saving has no choice but to get treatment at the hospital, and their wedding photoshoot gets canceled.

To make it up to his girlfriend, Saving goes to Taiwan to find Cherry her dream wedding dress. He comes up with an excuse for Cherry to go to Taiwan, so he can surprise her with a guitar solo of “Walk with You” <陪著你走>.

Cherry, realizing that Saving has a fear of marriage and that he had given up his entrepreneurship dream to marry her, contemplates on whether or not they should continue to stay together. Cherry lets the coin decide, and Saving tosses the coin without realizing its true purpose. In the end, Cherry decides to leave.

Max Cheung Rises in Popularity

Max Cheung, who plays Oscar on the show, has been rising in popularity in recent years, which first started with the sitcom Come Home Love <愛回家> in 2012. His appearance in My Unfair Lady further cemented his status as a rising star, and many news reports with Max as the focus are on the rise.

A recent report stated that the 38-year-old actor had suffered a problem in the trigeminal nerve in his skull, a nerve that is responsible for face sensations and motor movements, ten years ago. It was said at one point that Max was on the brink of being paralyzed in the face, and had to give up his acting career. The condition reportedly caused him to drool excessively.

Max said in response on Facebook, “Don’t worry! I’m not drooling anymore!”

In a later interview, Max admitted that he did suffer the condition ten years ago, but he has fully recovered. “There was definitely something wrong with my trigeminal nerve. It wasn’t too serious, but sometimes, I wouldn’t be able to move some of my muscles on my face, especially on my left side. I’d unknowingly spill out some water when I drink. It wasn’t drool.”

Max spent half a year working with western and Chinese doctors to do therapy on his face, and also went through acupuncture. “I still practice the muscles on my face from time to time.” (You’re not worried that it will give you more fine lines?) “I’ve always had many fine lines. Those are charisma lines!”

“My Unfair Lady” clip: Cherry Leaves Saving

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  • 8 comments to Bad Ending for Saving and Cherry? “My Unfair Lady” Max Cheung Rises in Popularity

    1. piupiu says:

      Saving has a fear of marriage….that is really unrealistic

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    2. hellome says:

      I’m probably in the minority but I don’t like Saving and Cherry as a couple so I don’t really care if they have a bad ending. I think the most interesting couple of this series was Oscar and Annie, so I’m glad that Max Cheung is getting more popular in this role.

      Login or Register before you can reply to hellome
      • rainbow28 replied:

        You are not in the minority. I ‘ve heard some people criticizing and complaining about Saving’s and Cherry’s parts. I found their parts super boring and dragging. Even when they sing that song awfully, they had to sing so many times wasting all the screen times in many episodes, making the series less watchable. Saving has so much screen times compared to the first leading actress and actor, Jessica and Frankie. TVB wants to promote Vincent Wong to be the next Ruco Chan, and Max Cheung to be the next Kenneth Ma. However, I think that Max Cheung lacks the charm that first and second leading actors should have, acting-wise and look-wise.

        Login or Register before you can reply to rainbow28
        • rucofan1100 replied:

          @rainbow28 you’re right, their storyline sucked. boring and dragging’s ok in my book (this is tvb after all). but c’mon at least make sense: if saving wanted to get married, why did cherry run away? if saving successfully built a business, why not come back? why didnt cherry tell saving she was dating someone else? and i’m supposed to root for them getting back together? saving got played, smh.
          max cheung’s ok, at least he put in his time; i’d rather they promote him than guys that absolutely suck and haven’t been around that long (cough-jason chan-cough).
          why they took this long to promote vincent wong is beyond me. he was a first rate rookie when he debuted in tvb and he’s been killing it ever since. he’s young, has the look, can sing; my boy ruco should be very worried

          Login or Register before you can reply to rucofan1100
    3. nigel says:

      (Contains spoilers)
      Don’t quite get this. The episodes from 23-24 doesn’t connect and then the episode from 27-28 also like hanging. I don’t know what I am watching anymore. Not sure if those episodes on line were jumbled up. The ending in 23 doesn’t connect with the beginning of 24. At the end of 23, Molly was throwing away the ring and then suddenly in episode 24, she was with Gordon and Tin Mi. And in the last episode, all of a sudden Saving’s cousin was with Han. And why is Grace’s hubby still working with Mr Yau after being exposed to be the traitor?? Don’t quite get the story. Such bad ending. OMG. The saving grace of this drama was the song that Saving sang for Cherry. Love the song. Wondering the name and who sang it!

      Login or Register before you can reply to nigel
      • llwy12 replied:

        @nigel The song is called 陪著你走, translated as Walking With You. The original song was written by Lowell Lo and his wife back in the 80s (there is a solo version as well as duet version that Lowell released back in the day). I know TVB got Kayee Tam (from their own Voice Entertainment label) to re-record the song for the series, but to be honest, I don’t really like it. The original version by Lowell Lo will always be the best one in my book!

        Login or Register before you can reply to llwy12
        • rucofan1100 replied:

          @llwy12 thanks for sharing! i went to check out the original version, had no idea it was the same lowell lo from the stephen chow monkey king movies (love that theme). maybe its because i heard kayee’s version first, i think i like hers better (or at least the arrangement, cause i don’t think her rendition is original either); think it flows better with the music. lowell’s original is clearly more personal, he focuses and slows jarringly on certain lyrics. jay fung’s sped up version in the finale i was not a big fan of though.

          Login or Register before you can reply to rucofan1100
        • llwy12 replied:

          @rucofan1100 You’re welcome! The other reason I like the original song better is because of the back story with Lowell composing the music and his wife Susan Tong writing the lyrics..makes the song more personal and meaningful. Lowell has a unique singing style for sure but a large part of why he sings Cantonese songs the way he does is because he is dyslexic (he’s struggled with this his entire life and each time has to exert huge effort in memorizing lyrics) and also he started off singing in English and had a bit of a career in the U.S. before returning to HK, so from a language standpoint, it’s been quite challenging.

          The song itself is quite popular and many people have sung or re-recorded it over the years, but I guess since I heard Lowell’s version first, that one will always be my favorite version.

          I have no intention of listening to Jay Fung’s version because personally, I hate it when artists change the original songs and turn them into versions that are no longer recognizable. To me, it’s akin to butchering the song (but of course that’s just me and my personal pet peeve).

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