Benjamin Yuen Holds off on Baby Plans for Bowie Cheung’s Career

On November 25, 39-year-old Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and 29-year-old Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) officially tied the knot following three years of dating. Returning to work today to promote Line Walker 3: Bull Fight<使徒行者 3>, Benjamin said he only took off two days to bask in the post-wedding bliss. 

The actor joked that he returned to being a “normal” person after getting hitched. “I only asked for two days off, as I will immediately start filming a new drama, Gatekeepers <把關者們> (tentative title). I rested for one day. Yesterday, I went to settle some bills and just had dinner with Bowie. I think everything is so dream-like,” he gushed.

Benjamin shared that they will go on their honeymoon once the pandemic passes. “We want to have a wedding dinner party with friends. Although we didn’t hold any meetings for the wedding and just did everything on the spot, it still turned out OK, thankfully. We will do an even better job for the wedding dinner party next time,” he promised.

Upon hearing this, reporters joked that Benjamin and Bowie might have a baby by the time they throw the banquet. The new groom replied, “We won’t think about having a baby yet because Bowie is really enjoying her work right now. I don’t want to ruin her career plans – unless we have an accidental surprise.”

Reporters then asked if Benjamin will purposely create an “accident.” The star laughed and expressed, “It’s hard to say. You make it sound like I have premediated plans, but I’m very careful in this regard.”

He added, “I do like kids, so I want to experience being a dad, but it depends on her.”


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  1. lol what career? all i see her is being a third or fourth line artists the most ..i guess now that she is married to Ben , it is going to help increase her exposure with tvb

    look at her counterparts grace, aimee, phoebe … they all became mommy and haven’t acted in ages .. i guess the only diff is she didn’t get knocked up or ben is not in a rush for her to have kids but he is 39 alrsdy

    1. Glad they are enjoying motherhood. Grace and Aimee stopped acting was a blessing to viewers, they were horrible to watch.

      1. @jane626 even grace and aimee’s acting is so much better than bowie’s. She was terrible as a kelefe in lw3. Her scenes were so cringy.

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