Big Bang’s Seungri Is Released from Prison

Released from prison on February 9th after serving one year and nine months’ jail time, scrutiny on ex-Big Bang member Seungri‘s next moves is expected to be intense. Embroiled in the shocking “Burning Sun” scandal, the disgraced Kpop star was indicted of a whopping nine criminal charges including offering women for sex to potential investors, embezzlement, and gambling overseas using illegal foreign exchanges.

Surprise Release 2 Days Earlier
Seungri had been implicated as a key figure of the “Burning Sun incident” which shook Korean society as sex, drugs and police protection were uncovered, with KakaoTalk chat records surfacing as legal evidence. Booked without detention in January 2020, Seungri eventually had his charges heard in the military court in March 2020 and was finally handed a three-year prison sentence in August 2021 – a sentence which was later reduced to 1 year and 6 months on appeal, considering his admission of guilt in an about-turn (he initially denied all but one of the charges).

There were reports that the disgraced star would be released on February 11 from Yeoju prison, where he was serving time. That he ended up being released two days earlier than expected on February 9th meant he averted the media glare and presence of reporters eager to cover his release.

Instagram Account Was Deactivated
Seungri’s entertainment career came to a halt four years back, when YG Entertainment announced the cancellation of his scheduled Osaka and Jakarta shows and said they would no longer make performance arrangements for him.

On March 3, 2019, Seungri announced that his retirement from Big Bang and the entertainment industry. Thanking his international fans for their love over the past ten years in an IG apology statement, he said that would have to “stop here” to protect the honor of YG and BIGBANG. As Instagram does not allow those convicted of sexual crimes to use the platform, Seungri’s account (@seungriseyo), which had over 8 million followers, was found to be removed in May 2022. The four other members of Big Bang made an awaited comeback in April 2022, after a four-year hiatus.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. I personally wonder just how much this guy is paid to keep quiet or/and absorb responsibilities of others involved. Since the Burning Sun scandal is so huge but he is the only person prosecuted. Not including the other 2 lackey of his…All small flies. No big names at all.

  2. Was it proven that some of the females were drugged? The sentence itself is a joke, more so if drugs were involved.
    And why wasn’t any of the clients being charged…….

    1. The whole trial and sentence is a joke… No one else credible were prosecuted. He is clearly the middle man… those in power just paid him to keep quiet and take the full responsibility. That is how dirty SK politics is…

  3. On a totally different note, whenever I see articles about him I wonder how pissed off other BB members were with this guy. He killed the biggest group of his time in one strike. They took a blow on their careers and he killed their legacy. If I was in their shoes I would be really sad and angry. Plus they were so public and vocal about disapproving his lifestyle and people he hangs out with, for years. I remember them criticizing him, specially TOP.

    1. Gosh, I still remember the openly disapproval of his lifestyle by his fellow bandmates. They would even do so on stage!!! Saying he is the most busy and never had time for the bandmates.

      1. me too! and on various shows not only on stage, and now their legacy is diminished and their careers took a hit. I would be mega angry and would refuse to see him ever again. I am just waiting to see TOP going to the moon I think end of the next month and leaving him and all that behind. Being chosen as one of 8 for Dear Moon project shut all the rumors about him. Imagine fitness level and how clean you have to be to get the green light from NASA and SpaceX for space mission.

  4. Rumor mill has that his scandal was out to cover up the investigation of the actress who killed herself b/c it involved so many high profile people. SK is just as corrupted as China.

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