Big Bang’s Seungri Receives Reduced Sentence Following Appeal

Former Big Bang singer Seungri made headlines for his scandal that resulted him being charged with illegal gambling, embezzlement, food safety violations, prostitution and violating foreign exchange laws. Although Seungri was originally sentenced to prison for 3 years, the disgraced star appealed and successfully reduced his sentence to 18 months.

The disgraced star was indicted on nine charges and had his first hearing in August 2021. During the trial, Seungri used various excuses to absolve the charges brought against him and only confessed to gambling and drug use. However the evidence was substantial and the court ultimately found him guilty. Seungri was sentenced to three years in prison and was ordered to pay a fine of 1.16 billion Korean Won.

Seungri filed an appeal shortly after, changed his tune by confessing to all nine of the charges, and promised to reflect on his actions. As a result, the court took into consideration that Seungri’s change in stance and reduced his sentence to 18 months.

Many netizens are astounded by the turn of events and are baffled by Seungri’s lenient sentence. As many netizens expressed their outrage, netizens left snarky comments and claimed that “South Korea is the best country for criminals.”

Source: World Journal

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  1. A Country that practise slave contracts actively.. it shows how powerful the Entertainment Industry is in SK… So corrupt and unfair..

  2. I’m a fan of Bigbang so I’ve seen them grow. In one of their shows, other members would complain in a jokingly matter that whenever Seungri used their laptops, they’d get a lot of viruses and their history would be deleted. This whole ordeal reminds me of that. Back then, I didn’t really think much of it, but now connecting the dots here and there…I don’t know….but isn’t it weird to watch those stuff on someone else’s computer?! I don’t know the real Seungri, but through his public image, all these charges are believable, so it’s not surprising which is even more disappointing. He was always trying to be the “cute type,” and I hated it, but now I rather he stay “cute” then to wrap himself into trouble. >.>
    P.S. Name typo in last paragraph

  3. even the original sentence of 3 years is too lenient for what he did. i always feel that S.K. is just a glamorous version of china with a lot of sugar coating. whereas everyone in and out knows chinese officials are corrupted but S.K. only people of the country know.

    1. SK is a hotbed of corrupt officials and politicians in collusion with the police. There have been no arrests of the big shots involved in the serial raping of that young actress who had no choice but to commit suicide. Kris Wu probably wishes he stayed in SK where he would be assured an easy outcome as Seungri’s. Thousands of arrested Chinese officials undoubtedly have the same thoughts while cursing the harsh anti-corruption laws of China.

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