Former Big Bang Member, Seungri, Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

In January 2020, former Big Bang member, Seungri, was accused of embezzling funds, arranging illegal sexual services, and providing prostitution to his nightclub investors. He initially denied the charges, claiming inconclusive evidence and attempted to finger point at others.

The 30-year-old South Korean star was recently found guilty of all nine charges against him and sentenced to three years in prison. Because he is currently active in the military, his sentencing was placed by the military court. He will be immediately discharged from the military and imprisoned to serve his sentence. Additionally, the court enacted a levy against Seungri for $1 million USD.

When news of his sentencing reached the public, it immediately attracted criticism and many were aghast at the light sentencing, believing that the penalty should be increased. However, the court justified its sentencing, attributing it to the fact that Seungri has not had any previous convictions.

According to media reports, Seungri did not respond to his sentencing in tears and sobs, but instead only solemnly nodded and accepted his sentence.

Source: World Journal

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  1. wasn’t he also drugging girls to sell them off to his customers? there were other male celebs involved too, but he’s the biggest star in the act.

    1. That’s what I thought too. If he’s guilty of all charges, wouldn’t that include the drugging? Only 3 years for 9 charges, no wonder the Korean netizens are upset.
      And after investigating so long, did they find other celebrities or prominent names involved in this too?

      1. @BearBear He must have agreed to coverup the Big fish thus no names were released…in exchange, 3yrs and likely money too… SK is very corrupt. The victims rarely have any voices if they are up against the Rich/Powerful …

      2. @Hohliu Reminds me of the case where a relatively unknown actress committed suicide because her management agency forced her to provide service to other men but nothing came out of it in the end. Back to this, 3 years is a short time, I don’t know if that country allows prisoners to be released earlier because of “good” behaviour, if there is, his 3 years will be shorten even further.

      3. @BearBear I know which case you are referring too…That was such a sad case. She even wrote down the names of everyone that forced her death… But the list disappeared..And the scapegoat became one of her managers…Anyway that case should me just how corrupt SK was… Karma will find their way into those scumbags’s soul…

    2. Yeah he did. Disgusting. Can’t believe it s only 3 years. It should be at least 10 years in prison!

      1. The justice system is very corrupt in Korea. There was a case of an evil drunk guy who raped a 9 year old child and only got 12 years in prison as the victim’s family was poor. He is now released and the victim’s family got so scared so had to move since he still lives in the same neighborhood as them. Laws truly favor the rich and powerful in Korea.

  2. I bet he was paid off by the Big Fish to keep quiet…thus he did not rat anyone… And 3yrs is a slap on the face considering the magnitude of his crime…Again, I believe that was fixed too… He is getting away easy, I bet he will be in a Posh Prison… And Prison for the rich/powerful in SK is unlike normal prisons… that is another interesting story.

  3. As a fan of Bigbang, a complete disappointment. He’s not my favorite, but I liked him too. I mean he always got into trouble, gets scolded in advance, and even before the rest of the members went to the military, they cautioned him to stay out of trouble. Hearing this makes me feel disgusted by his actions. I won’t defend him like the die-hard fans who completely worship their idols. I think that is even worse.

    1. Till now, I cannot understand how any decent human can continue to blindly support idols like him, KW or even ZS and there is no way to reason with them. This is not a situation where their idol is caught shoplifting a pack of sweets or parking at the “No Parking” sign because he has urgent need to go to the washroom.

    2. Agree. As a BB fan it’s sad they will never perform together again. Even if their justice system is not fair or maybe he’s not guilty of all 9 charges doesn’t change the fact he got involved with very criminal doings. There’s no backing him now.

    3. After his 3 years sentence this low kife will not be remorseful as he is an evil rotten person insude and outside. His backers willpave a way for his return to lure more victims.

      Hope Kris Wu gets a long sentence otherwise those still hiding their evilacts will continue their brazen wicked acts.

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