Ruco Chan’s Fan Meeting Prices in Malaysia Exceed Big Bang’s

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) has always been one of Malaysia’s most popular foreign actors, but to see his ticket prices soaring past even some of K-pop’s most popular names is definitely a surprise.

On February 18, two days after the Lunar New Year, Ruco will be holding a Meet & Greet event with his fans in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Starting prices are at RM188 (approximately HK$371), with the most expensive ticket being at RM588 (HK$1,176).

These tickets are worth more than even the most expensive tickets for Big Bang’s 2014 fan meet in Malaysia, where the most expensive starting price was RM550 (HK$1,100).

Ruco, however, is not the most expensive artiste to perform in Malaysia. The most expensive concert to be held in Malaysia was by Faye Wong (王菲), who charged the most expensive ticket at RM1,080 (HK$2,160).


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  1. Uh oh. Here we go again. A kILLER storm, aided by the light of the MOON, and dressed as a KNIGHT, will ride in here on it’s evil stead to destroy Ruco Chan. Maybe it will take on yet another sick moniker to get at Ruco. It is so predictable, lol.

    1. @bubbletea Do you mean that Killer is Moonknight? How do you know? I dont see any similarity. However i know that Killer is aka Unknown.
      @jimmyszeto i think Ruco is a fairly decent singer. He’s popular in Malaysia as he’s considered half-Malaysian from his mother’s side more than for his role in Outbound Love.

      1. @passingby there is also another person here who is killer. Killer also has a good buddy here, and many of us know that, and who that buddy is. Do you know that people with psychotic tendencies can change their style of writing to suit their personalities? This person is evil and sick

      2. @bubbletea
        Who is this and why be so secretive over it? Tbh the best is to read the posts before replying rather than judge on the person who posts it. Obviously people who continuously spam with the same posts are just seeking a reaction.

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      1. @killer02
        Is there a need to keep on posting the same exact message over and over again? I wonder why Jayne has not banned you yet? If I owned this site, you would have been long gone.

      2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      3. @hetieshou don’t waste your precious time with this unless you are are going to have fun with it, like myself and a few others here. You know laugh at it, not with it. Let it be our gimp. If it does not slink away, then it really is a sick glutton for punishment. Maybe, then again, that might be how it plays with itself, wink,, lol. There is a buddy who encourages it, imagine that. That person has to be it’s friend, alias, or is just as sick.

        @hetieshou take care. Good to see you.

      4. @bubbletea

        Thanks sweetie and I had a feeling it was just a hater with too much free time on their hands. Why hasn’t it been banned? I think it will be banned sooner or later. Thanks for your kindness and great to see you as well. You take care too and hope to chat more with you and others here too

    3. @bubbletea
      Work hard….pay hard….lol
      Money grubbing is not Ruco’s monopoly. Same to every one especially those frequent visitors you mentioned.

  2. Think this article is quite pointless. Ruco is obviously popular in Malaysia because like I said in the past, he put on a Malaysian shirt on in a series. However, the article compared the higher end prices but did not mention the average price, the total capacity nor the total tickets sold. It is simply ludicrous to compare any singer’s concert with Ruco nevermind Faye Wong. Comparing a singing superstar with a guy who can barely sing that is holding a ‘meet and greet’ is quite disrespectful to Faye.

  3. Now this is really silly cos actually the tickets are FREE lol. The “ticket price ” mentioned in the article refers to the amount shoppers need to spend to redeem a free pass. It’s not the same as paying outright to get a ticket. Stupid misleading article.

  4. I am out of touch with the celeb’s world. What is a ‘meet and greet’ and how is it organised? My impression of a ‘meet and greet’ is that we get to shake hands, take pictures and talk to our idols? Or is it concert style?

    RM188 appears reasonable to be able to get up close to one’s idols. If Faye’s a proper concert, the higher charges appear to be justified.

    1. @mangotango
      A ‘meet and greet’ is very similar to attending shows in China but this one is based in Malaysia The actor would chat and joke with the audience, invite a few on stage to play some games and then sing a few songs with songs that don’t belong to them. Basically to do enough random things to fill the time slot. Many actors/actresses have 10+ of these tedious sessions to attend in a month.I would never attend a meet and greet because there isn’t any value and no skills are displayed. The celebrity just wants your money and there’s no real trade off. Prefer to go and watch a concert or a stage play because at least will be paying for skills on display.

    2. @mangotango no no, the “tickets ” are actually passes that shoppers in that shopping mall can redeem for FREE upon spending the sums stated. It’s not an outright purchase for the tickets so this article is so misleading. No way is he worth that much if people have to pay those prices just for a half hour meet-and-greet.

      1. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    3. Killer, It’s amazing this one standard answer can fit ANY article about Ruco. Do you have this on save mode? No plans to maybe change a word or two? Amazing.

  5. Thanks guys for the explanation. @passingby, thanks for pointing out the detail. Don’t think it is difficult to spend RM200+ at a shopping centre since it is close to Chinese New Year. Does Ruco endorse any products which is sold at the shopping centre? Just wondering why that shopping centre and not others?

  6. Very normal stuff. like those K stars do yearly. Anyway this is his fans way of getting close to him, so if hes worth it why not? Saw his ad. Half a page in local papers filled with news about K stars, C stars so my friend said it meas Ruco is famous. She asked why suddenly do such a show and I said maybe he’s saving to get married. No cheap to marry a wife. I just hope he gets better fashion advisor. His fashion sense has been nose diving lately.

    1. @funnlim I agree his fashion sense is getting from bad to worse lately. If that gf of his is the advisor, she ought to be dumped! Lousy fashion sense..those ankle length pants only make his legs look shorter! His sockless style just doesnt suit him at all. Please get a professional fashion stylist/advisor. Not a half- baked one!

  7. why does a particular person dislike Ruco so much?
    he is at his peak now after waiting so long to get to where he is today.

    1. @janet72 I think he is off-peak already. No drama series lined up for him and he has just disappeared from tvb save for a few appearances here and there. Nobody mentions much about Ruco compared to Kenneth or even Vincent who are slotted for tvb dramas this year. Did you hear anything about Ruco?

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