Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Liu Xuan, and Fala Chen in “Female Fist”

TVB held the costume fitting for new series, Female Fist <女拳> starring Liu Xuan, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Fala Chen, and John Chiang Dai Wai.

In Female Fist, John Chiang will play the role of master arts master, Wong Fei Hung. Since the characterization is more relaxed and strays from previous portrayals by Kwan Tak Hing and Jet Li, John felt a measure of anxiety. He has been preparing two months for the physical requirements for this role.

Olympics gymnast, Liu Xuan, will be filming for TVB for the first time, with production commencing in July. Liu Xuan found it amusing that her wooden clogs, which make a clacking noise, announce her presence to the production crew. She fell sick for a full month earlier. Being exposed to the sun for a lengthy time makes her feel nauseous as well. The weather in Hong Kong and Beijing are very different and Liu Xuan is having difficulty adjusting to Hong Kong ’s humidity.

Fala Chen’s character resembles deceased actress, Dik Na’s, assertive and strong personality. In Female Fist, Fala will not have any sexy performances. Since this is a fictional character and does not bear any parallels to Dik Na’s life, Fala did not feel any pressure.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: The casting of John Chiang, Bosco Wong, and Kenneth Ma reminds of TVB series, “Wong Fei Hung, Master of Kung Fu”. Why must they film another Wong Fei Hung series, which I find is overkill on this character? Liu Xuan is so petite, she can pass for a teenage girl!

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  1. Totally agree with you Jayne. I think TVB and many other companies are just running out of ideas so they must remake and recycle stories over and over again. TVB is also more limited since they are not allowed to do anymore JY remakes(which I must say that I am sick of as well).I am also sick of Wong Fei Hung based stories since they get really boring…

  2. Totally agree too. Its gonna be boring again to see reused storyline. Bosco hairstyle is terrible. Liu xuan cant speak canto. Fresh is kenneth first time as a villain kenma said he will be a good guy who will be a scheming villain after always being bullied and beaten. Kenneth char is symphathetic and he look smart looking

  3. I still want to peek into this series but not because of the story or martial arts or Wong Fei Hung thing, and certainly not because of the leading gymnast-actress. Not because of Kenneth’s well rounded villain role either.

  4. well im looking forward to the leading gymnast-actress lol. would be interesting to see her act as well as perform in the series.

  5. She has the style, certainly, perhaps the looks but can she act? May I venture to say perhaps she can and even better than some we know of. Who knows? She may be a natural but her voice, dubbed?

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