Bowie Cheung and Benjamin Yuen’s Wedding Date Remains Uncertain

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) surprised the public on September 17 when they announced that they got engaged a year ago at Niagara Falls. Although reporters were excited to learn more about the couple’s big day since the two’s wedding plans have always been up in the air, Bowie said they haven’t set a date yet.

On September 18, reporters waited for Bowie after she completed her day’s filming for the upcoming drama, Children’s Hospital <兒科醫生> to get more deets. Bowie excitedly thanked the press for their best wishes and explained that she didn’t wear her ring today because of work. When asked why they waited a year to reveal the good news, she said, “We think a one-year [engagement] anniversary is more special, so we shared the news yesterday.”

She added that she had no idea a proposal was coming. “I went running with him since I had jetlag. There was no plan, and it just happened naturally. I was so surprised that I couldn’t even process what he said,” Bowie shared.

The reporters jokingly mocked that she was probably too busy looking at her ring. In reality, Bowie was too busy crying. She responded, “I couldn’t see anything. It felt like a blur. The emotions of it are different from what I imagined. There was no pressure because there was no one around. I was very shocked that I couldn’t hear or see anything. I didn’t know he cried until I watched the video again.”

They Have Not Decided on a Wedding Date

Just like how they took their sweet time to share this huge news, Bowie and Benjamin are not in a rush to hold their wedding ceremony. With the ongoing pandemic, Bowie wants to wait until the situation gets better so they can have a wedding that is safe and enjoyable for their guests. Although they don’t have a wedding date yet because of COVID-19 and their busy work schedule, Bowie hopes to start planning when she has time. As to where she would hold the wedding, she said, “Depends on the situation. We need to see if we can go abroad.”

With plans to have their family and close friends in attendance on their special day, reporters excitedly asked Bowie if they have chosen the best man and maid of honor yet. She said, “People might not want to deal with this busyness. We just want them to enjoy it.”

Benjamin and Bowie’s Future Plans

When asked what promise Benjamin made to her, she said, “A marriage is a path we hope to walk together and to build a family.” However, she added that they are not in a rush to have children, and they will take things step-by-step.

Previously, Bowie posted many wedding dress photos on her Instagram, and the reporters were curious to know if she had already taken her wedding photos. She laughed and responded, “Those photos were for fashion and not actually for the wedding. We have to find the right time to take it because we want it outdoors. We haven’t decided where yet, but we will let you all know when the time comes.”

In response to previous news of their shared home, she said that it is still in the midst of renovation. When asked if her dad would buy gift her a property as a wedding gift, she said that she is unsure.

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