Carlos Chan, Kara Wai Star in Horror Film “Binding Souls”

New horror film, Binding Souls <綁靈>, starring Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Best Actress Kara Wai (惠英紅), and Taiwanese actor Tsao Yu Ning (曹佑寧), released its first trailer earlier. Set at a deserted school campus, the trailer hints of a female ghost and the spirits of Japanese wartime soldiers. Those elements coupled with heart-pounding music emit a strong flavor of Hong Kong-style horror movies.

The film focuses on a group of friends who revisit their former school before it shuts down. While walking around, they discover an alumni’s diary that mentioned supernatural events and the mysterious disappearance of a girl. Over the years, many rumors were circulating amongst the students that the school was the former stomping ground of the Japanese military for conducting cruel human experiments during the Japanese occupation in World War II. A chain of strange events occurs after the friends find the chilling diary.

Kara once again participated in another scary movie, and this time, she teamed up with horror film producer, Edmond Poon (潘紹聰). Aside from Kara’s meaningful gaze, the trailer also featured the female lead Angie Shum (岑日珈), the frightened expression of Esther Huang (黃瀞怡), better known as Xiao Xun, a former member of Taiwanese girl group Hey Girl, and Carlos dressed as a Japanese soldier sporting a strange smile. Viewers will break out in cold sweat before even entering the movie theater.

Source: Sing Tao Daily

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