Carlos Chan Was Scared While Filming Horror Movie, “Binding Souls”

In the upcoming movie Binding Souls <綁靈> helmed by popular horror film producer Edmond Poon (潘紹聰), Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Best Actress Kara Wai (惠英紅), and Taiwanese actor Tsao Yu Ning (曹佑寧) venture to a deserted and haunted school campus where they encounter the spirits of Japanese wartime soldiers and female ghosts.

Carlos Excited to Collaborate with Yu Ning

Collaborating for the first time together, Carlos shared that he had always wanted to work with Yu Ning, “I don’t like to cry, but I cried so much after watching Yu Ning’s movie, KANO. At that time, I knew he was coming to Hong Kong to meet his fans and I almost went to see him. I really like his works.”

Scared of Supernatural Activities

As the two male leads of the movie, Carlos and Yu Ning shared that filming went smoothly and there weren’t any supernatural activities on the set. In comparison to their female costars, Carlos and Yu Ning admitted that they were more scared with the horror theme, “[Our female costars] would ask the producers more background stories as they wanted to learn more. Everyone knows that producer Edmond Poon is familiar with the supernatural, so everyone would ask him about scary stories.”

To help himself feel at ease, Yu Ning admitted to carrying an amulet, “I get scared easily, so I carried an amulet. I carried it when filming and when I’m off work.”

Carlos recalled a time when he felt anxious in Thailand, “They had a grand ceremony and invited shamans to dance, chant and perform a ritual that I have never seen before. It made me scared. They even gave us a lucky item and put it in our bag.”

Yu Ning Nervous to Work with Kara

Although the supernatural theme made Yu Ning nervous, he also had to get over his nervousness working on set. “I was rehearsing with Kara. Later Kara was speaking in Cantonese, but I didn’t understand her. Kara knew I was drawing a blank, so she asked if I understood what she was saying. I admitted that I didn’t understand anything. Kara proceeded to tell me that it’s not right and said, ‘As an actor, you should remember your co-star’s script. If you are familiar with your co-star’s script, then you can respond.’ I was stunned by the revelation and I felt guilty.”

Kara’s advice made a strong impact, and Yu Ning was able to apply what he learned to his acting. Now Yu Ning will work hard to get more familiar with the script in order to be a better actor.

“Binding Souls” Trailer

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