Carol Cheng Secretly Admired Dayo Wong for 13 Years?

Although they enjoyed sizzling chemistry on-screen, Dayo Wong (黄子華) and Carol “Dodo” Cheng (鄭裕玲) had no chance to experience it in real life. While the two respect each other as just good friends, a recent report claims that Dodo harbors secret feelings for Dayo and has always wanted something more.

The two became close while filming 2000’s War of the Genders <男親女愛>. At the time, Dodo was dating former love Lui Fong (呂方) while Dayo was involved in his own relationship. Their on-screen pairing was positively received, and because of this, they were often partnered up for other work activities. While this spelled success for the two veteran actors, their popularity may have instead been a blow to Lui Fong’s self-esteem.

A singer with unremarkable looks and less earning power, Lui Fong was often criticized for being a poor match for Dodo. Even though Dodo was a loyal and dedicated girlfriend, her fondness for Dayo likely triggered a weakness in Lui Fong’s heart. Dodo later admitted that Dayo was a source of tension in her former relationship.

After her break up with Lui Fong in 2008, Dodo has been enjoying a fulfilling single life packed with hobbies and old friends. Despite her happiness, Dodo is still holding out hope that she will get a second chance with Dayo. She jumped at the opportunity when TVB discussed its intent to film a sequel to War of the Genders. However, when TVB was unable to fulfill her demands to film only eight hours a day, Dodo dropped out of the project. Undeterred, Dodo tried once more when TVB asked its golden couple to host an entrepreneurship reality show next year. While Dodo is on board this time, Dayo unfortunately cannot fit it into his busy schedule.

Although Dodo is ready and willing, Dayo seems to be emotionally unavailable. While filming Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> this summer, many noted his tiredness and frail frame. According to the same report, Dayo has dropped nearly twenty pounds since his 2011 break up with girlfriend of nine years, makeup artist Annie Wan (溫安妮). The two allegedly split because Annie was unhappy about Dayo’s workaholic lifestyle. Still mourning for his lost love, Dayo allegedly fell into depression. He also got a large tattoo of spilled ink on his arm to show Annie that he will change his ways, hoping to win her back.

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      1. I really or truly loves her real acting.
        She humours and focus in her character, unlike sharon or kate tsui, their performance just average.

        Hope she can get an award. She really stole d whole show….I’m going to watch this series till d end….
        Add oil add oil judy …..

    1. looks good, being sometimes we miss this kind of comedy beside this year Inbound Troubles. It should be well receive

  1. Say what???? Dodo like Dayo??

    Wait a second, so the tattoos on his both arms are real? That’s hella tattoos. I remember he was on Stephen Chan show and he said he’s in love with the gf. And she’s was much younger than him. That’s why he lost so much weight cuz the break up. So sad.

    I wish you guys could post more pix. I had to google their names.

    My lady series is good, but for sure TVB haters will complain.

  2. I watched the first episode of “My Prime Lady”. It is true that Dayo Wong lost a lot of weight. He looked very very skinny, especially his face.

    Personally I did not enjoy “My Prime Lady”, just not my cup of tea. It may suit the tastes of Hongkongers.

  3. It’s light hearted so I like it. I hope he recovers emotionally soon. He looks really sick and pale in the first episode… sigh.

  4. just seen the first ep,they try to hard to frame this serie as a comedy,its cheesy but not really funny.

    1. it’s cheesy but not really funny ……… good point. I agree.

    2. Well, u need to relax. If you think it’s cheesy then don’t watch it. Carry on.

  5. Wow hk audience have really lowered their bars in watching tv dramas, they prefer to watch idiot drama(not saying bounty lady is an idiotic drama). They always says this drama does not have depth or this is not logic. To me, hk people are more illogic about the things they audience is more difficult to satisfy than bringing world peace

    1. I believe this drama will be good, but really dislike how hk audiences complain about all these petty stupid things.

      1. Yup, they complain about every dam thing. They need to get a life. If TVB ain’t ur cup of tea, please don’t ever watch it again. Tired of hearing ur drama.

  6. Maybe Dodo should agree to film more than 8 hours.

    Just to give it a last shot since Dayo is single now.

    By the way did she change her name from Carol to Dodo because of Dayo?

  7. I watch de drama mainly for sai sai lap n dayo wong.. Can’t stand Kate tsui, ugly hair, like rusty colour n makes her look dirty..has she always been this tanned??! They even make her dress like taiwanese dramas’ OLs shorts n blazers.. Just like Sonia Sui in The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) 🙂 but of course, Sonia looks so so much better than Kate .

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