Dayo Wong’s “A Guilty Conscience” Breaks Box Office Records

Starting Dayo Wong (黃子華) in the lead role as an arrogant and sharp-tongued attorney, dark comedy A Guilty Conscience <毒舌大狀> premiered to stellar reviews. In theaters for four weeks, the film grossed over $100 million Hong Kong dollars and broke records as the highest grossing local film in Hong Kong box office history.

The stellar results show the local audience’s eagerness for high quality Hong Kong productions, despite recent years of stagnant growth. Director and screenwriter Jack Ng (吳煒倫), who was also behind 2021’s biopic Anita which was based on the life of Anita Mui (梅艷芳), said, “My biggest wish is for there to be another Hong Kong film soon that will break the record we set. Records are not meant to be kept, but rather to be broken. This proves that  audiences can regain their faith and belief in the Hong Kong film industry. I hope that more people will go support and watch Hong Kong films in theaters.”

As the leading actor for A Guilty Conscience, Dayo shared his sentiments, “A Guilty Conscience has become the box office leading film of all time in Hong Kong history. How did that happen? I never thought this could happen in my entire life. I’ve imagined someone handing me a bag full of cash randomly on the streets, or giving me a brand new car, or even the deed to a property. However, I never imagined that I would be given the opportunity to star in a film that would make history and set records. It will take me some time to fully understand how I’m feeling. It feels like I grew wings.”

Still digesting on why viewers love A Guilty Conscience, Dayo said, “Why is the film so well-received? I read an online comment which shocked me. This person said he had never watched a Hong Kong film before seeing A Guilty Conscience. We were able to attract him to go see the film. It’s difficult to attract viewers like that. I hope we will be able to attract more people to give Hong Kong films a chance. I’m very grateful to the audience.”

Other casts members of the record-breaking film also expressed their gratitude for viewers’ support, including Tse KwanHo (謝君豪), Louise Wong (王丹妮), Fish Liew (廖子妤), and Renci Yeung (楊偲泳).

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  1. Trailer looks captivating. I think it’s a success because HKers are tired of cop/undercover/drug themed movies the past decade. And the comedies HK produce is always complete garbage. HK use to excel in legal dramas like Files of Justice and even as recent as Legal Mavericks. We like watching justice prevail and this movie pulls on the right theme. Hope HK can continue to produce different genres of movies rather than the same old storyline with the same few big named actors.

    1. @Gnomageddon Given the current political climate in Hong Kong in which residents are increasing concerned over loss of individual freedoms, I think “A Guilty Conscience” struck a chord with its viewers in championing justice for the underdog and getting voice heard over a system which seems too big to fight against. It’s thanks to a strong script and good cast, but Hong Kongers are also eager to support their own quality local productions as another way to ensure authentic Hong Kong voice can be heard amid looming control from China. Thus the high box office sales of quality films such as “Anita”, “Warriors of Future” and “A Guilty Conscience” in recent years.

      The industry recognizes the importance of film as a medium in letting Hong Kong’s authentic voice reach international regions as well. It’s almost too late, but at least still see this effort among a circle of new dedicated talent and power players such as Louis Koo.

  2. OK, I saw the trailer and just the first few seconds of Dayo is honestly best actor quality. The trailer itself reminds me of a big US production movie. If I was in HK I’d pay to go watch too!

  3. Dayos movies quality has gotten such drastic improvement in the recent years. This one looks very promising

  4. A friend of mine suggested to watch this movie during the Lunar New Year holidays. Went to the cinema with low expectations but was totally amazed by his stellar performance as a lawyer seeking justice for a single mother. This legal drama was a huge departure from his previous works as he showcased his ability to handle a myriad of emotions effectively while the supporting casts did not disappoint either. Highly recommended to anyone who is an avid fan of Dayo

  5. @Jayne Yes, very well put!!! I was actually going to say that, just not in a nicer way…but yeah, you’ll never see this type of movie coming out mainland…

  6. Read the comments here so I looked up sessions to watch at the cinema. Decent movie 7/10

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