Newcomer Louise Wong Plays Late Anita Mui in Biopic Film

Hong Kong model Louise Wong (王丹妮) will be making her acting debut in Anita a new biopic film commemorating music legend Anita Mui (梅艷芳). The rising star soon attracted attention for her close resemblance to Anita with many fans hoping to learn more about her.

Louise was offered the role after attending an Asia-wide audition in 2016. Although the only criteria for the role was that the actress must speak Cantonese, Louis exceeded expectations and was personally selected by producer Bill Kong (江志強) and director Longman Leung (梁樂民).

Like Anita, Louise had a humble upbringing in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun and resonated with the movie’s portrayal of Hong Kong’s past. Louise shared, “My mom was always busy with work but she would take us to explore outside of Tuen Mun such as going Tsum Sha Tsui Promenade to look at Christmas lights. So, when we went there to film, it bought back a lot of memories.”

To prepare for the role, Louise underwent six months of extensive training to prepare for the role. Thankfully, Louise had an active childhood to help her get through her training, “When I was in school, my teacher asked me to join cross-country races. I also used to participate in a lot of extraocular activities such as Chinese dancing or recitals. When I worked hard, I was honored to win awards.”

Director Longman also revealed he was not concerned about recruiting an inexperienced actress, “On the first day of filming, Louise did not have any stage fright. Louise has a glowing aura and we knew that we could let go of our worries.”


Source: HKET

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