Anita Mui’s Brother Dies of Cancer

Mui Tak Ming (梅德明), the older brother of late superstar Anita Mui (梅艷芳), passed away yesterday following a year-long battle with laryngeal cancer. He was 62 years old. Mui Tak Ming was diagnosed in April 2014 after he had trouble swallowing food. He was surrounded by Mother Mui and his family when he died in bed at the Grantham Hospital.

Three of Mother Mui’s four children had died of cancer. Mui Tak Ming was the third. Daughters Ann Mui (梅愛芳) and Anita both passed away from cervical cancer, respectively in 2000 and 2003. Ann was 41 and Anita was 40.

Mother Mui was still very emotionally unstable from the loss of her son, and repeatedly shouted Tak Ming’s name. When asked about the circumstances of Kai Ming’s death, brother Mui Kai Ming (梅啟明) responded calmly. “Family members were by his side.” Commenting that all his younger siblings have passed away from cancer, he said, “I will take care of mother.”

Anita’s Will Leaves an Ongoing Battle for Money

When Anita passed away in December 2003, she left behind a will which bequeathed her two properties to close friend Eddie Lau (劉培基) and her four nieces and nephews. The remainder was given to her mother, providing her a life tenancy of $70,000 HKD per month. After Mother Mui’s death, the rest of Anita’s assets would be given to the New Horizon Buddhist Association.

In 2008, Mother Mui attempted to gain control of Anita’s entire fortune by challenging the validity of the will, but lost the battle. Expressing that $70,000 HKD per month was not enough, Mother Mui succeeded in increasing her life tenancy to over $100,000 HKD per month from Anita’s trust fund, but this was later suspended in 2013.

Anita’s two older brothers Kai Ming and Tak Ming also filed claims to court regarding Anita’s estate, claiming that the company in charge of managing Anita’s inheritance made mistakes while handling the will’s legal files. They demanded to get paid $1.5 billion HKD.


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  1. I do pity the mother. Is it all her children dying before her?

    1. Call me mean but I don’t pity her, not one bit. All that fighting over money and in the end she’s left with nothing but hatred, old age and not a lot of family left.

      1. I can see why you say that,but at the same time I still feel bad for her because losing any loved one,especially your own kids is a very painful feeling. Maybe those that have not lost a loved one may not understand that feeling. True that some may not pity her due to her greed for money but at the same time it is just very devastating to lose your children at any stage in life. Maybe she will now think more of her wrong doings and learn how to repent before it is her time to go.

      2. I think a parents worst nightmare is outliving his or her children. For that I pity her. As for dispute with money, can’t blame her much and perhaps she was influenced or perhaps Anita placed too much faith in her friends and too little in her own family.

      3. “Anita placed too much faith in her friends and too little faith in her own family.”

        Well, that right there is very telling about the family. Anita Mui didn’t trust her own family very much.

      4. I don’t feel bad for her, not one bit. Anyone calling themselves a mother or father should let their child rest in peace when they passed on. For that alone I do not consider Anita’s birthgiver a “mother”. Just because you have given birth to a child does not make you a “mother” or “father”. Perfect example of that would be Jackie Chan and this greedy money sucking evil woman.

        And Funn, you’re funny. Who can be “influenced” to fight a will for over a decade and counting? Whatever is left in Anita’s will is pretty much gone because of this money sucking woman (or her family according to you). Is that what a mother does?

      5. Oh-yes, mothers can be “influenced” plenty by “useless”/低能 low-life sons to gold-dig from daughters. Karma’s a biat-ch.

      6. Maybe she is now suffering from the bad karma that she has accumulated? Her children’s deaths are maybe a wake up call for her that money is not everything and that there are way more important things in life rather than money and other material means.

        About giving birth,well maybe her mom worked hard to raise her kids back in the days which maybe why Anita is filial to her mom. We truly do not know the whole story. I never heard about her father,so what if her mom was a single parent and always struggled financially so she now values money so much? We honestly do not know the true story behind it.

      7. I know I’m mean to say this but I believe in Karma and Retribution. The only son left will also go before the old lady. This is her karma and retribution. I always believe in the saying “What Man does, Heaven is watching”.

      8. Karma and retribution were things that I used to strongly believe in,but not anymore. I have seen so many holes and inconsistencies associated with them that you really wonder about it all.

        You really wonder if her mother raised her children as a single mother. If that were the case that may be the reason she places such a high importance on money. We really do not know the whole story behind it all. If Anita was filial to her,maybe she is not as bad of a mother as we all think. I am not trying to defend her but just want to be fair and remind everyone that things are often more complicated then they look on the surface.

      9. I also don’t pity the old woman one bit. She deserves whatever bad fate awaits her given all that she’s done!

        @Funn: Nah, actually had nothing to do with Anita not having enough faith in her family. With the way her family (her mother and 2 older brothers) treated her since childhood, the fact that she didn’t disown them and instead chose to remain a filial daughter even up until the moment she died already speaks volumes as to what kind of a person Anita was and why she deserves so much respect. That family of hers is horrid — the only 2 respectable people in that family were herself and her sister Ann (ironically, the 2 best people in the family died early, leaving behind the ‘trash’ that is the rest of the family). I think anyone in Anita’s situation would trust her friends more than her family (I certainly would!).

        This news made me go back and re-read the book review I wrote about Anita 4 years ago (most people probably already read it, but I re-posted the link again, just in case)….it also made me lament once again why the mother and oldest brother are still here and when their turn will come….

      10. It’ll be funny if tribute-after-tribute (for Anita Mui) are held after the death of the disgusting greedy mother. That way, none of the $$$$ goes to the greedy brother.

    2. 3 out of 4 of her children had died of Cancer yet she’s still strong. She must stop challenging Anita’s Will, she cant win. HK$70,000 is a lot of money to spend monthly, she’s a lucky woman n Anita was a filial daughter 🙂

      1. Anita was a smart woman and did the right thing in her will. With a house to stay and HK70,000 per month still not enough she must need to have whole abalone and sharks fin soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday???

  2. wow.. left me speechless. Makes me want to listen to her songs again. yt here i come!

  3. They have defective genes which are predisposed to cancer. How sad!

  4. 3 out of 4 of her children have died, but the mother is still going strong at her old age. How come the cancer has not affected her? Perhaps it was Anita’s father who had the cancer genes? But I read that breast cancer/cervical cancer is usually passed on by the women in the family. Did it skip the mother?

    1. High chance of getting cancer doesn’t mean guarantee 100% chance. Even if your chance is 99%, you still can avoid cancer because you are that lucky. But the genes can still pass down to the next generation.

      I think the family has a gene that prone to cancer, not restricting to cervical cancer? Because the brother is a male and has die by a different cancer than Anita. Also, I have a feeling Anita smoked, which doesn’t help if she already have a gene that easily develop cancer.

  5. I read in several articles that Anita has provided well for her family…even her sister’s children and her mother…apparently her mother challenged the will.

    1. Yes,Anita was a great person and filial daughter but sadly,her brothers’ and mother’s greed had no limit.

      1. It’s so sad to have greedy siblings and a parent hankering over wealth.

        Anita worked so hard to succeed and she died so young. Even then, her mother and brother challenged a will which includes their monthly allowance.

  6. How could an old lady spend HKD70,000 each month?! Let alone HKD100,000.

    1. Because all the $$$$ is really going to her “greedy sons”, who are the ones “influencing” her to fight for more $$$$. Of course the greedy sons will do their best to prolong the life of their $$$$ source mother.

    2. It actually ended up being more than that — closer to $150K per month…and that doesn’t include the money that the mother got when she sold one of the properties that she owned with her daughter (she received several million dollars from that transaction). Oh and let’s not forget that Anita’s mother and brothers pretty much drained all the funds from the trust fund due to the nearly decade long battle over the will…at one point, there was only around $8000 left in the account, which of course wasn’t enough to pay anything! Every time I think about how hard Anita worked her entire life to amass the fame and fortune she had, then her stupid, ungrateful mother and brothers come along and knock everything down — it ticks me off to no end….

      To be honest, it’s kind of sad that the worst 2 people in the family — Anita’s greedy mother and her coward low-life oldest brother Mui Kai Ming — are still alive when they should’ve been the first to go given what horrible people they are!!

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