Louise Wong Happy over Box Office Triumph of “Anita”

Starring Louise Wong (王丹妮) and Louis Koo (古天樂) and directed by Longmond Leung (梁樂民), biopic Anita <梅艷芳>, which traces the life of iconic Cantopop singer Anita Mui (梅艷芳) evoked nostalgia for an entire generation by portraying the beauty of a bygone era. Almost two weeks since release, the film has crossed the 40 million HKD box office milestone!

Louis Koo: More Important to Make a Film Loved by Audiences

The three spoke to the media recently while officiating an exhibit opening for promotional photos taken by renowned photographer Wing Shya (夏永康) for the film. Surprised and delighted by the film’s superb box office, Louis is happy that many cinema-goers are streaming in to catch the movie, while he himself has only watched it once due to his busy schedule. The 51-year-old shared that his mother has caught the film and has given it the thumbs-up! While delighted by news that Anita has been forecasted to break local box office records for Hong Kong films, he prioritizes making a film appreciated by moviegoers over specific box office statistics.

Portraying the story of Hong Kong’s cultural icon

Thrilled by the success of her first cinematic role, lead actress Louise thanked the entire crew and said she would continue doing her best. Having rewatched the film a few times already, the 32-year-old shared that she had booked an entire theater to enjoy the film with her family. “Everyone screamed, [there were] lots of tissues, and a flood of memories every time I watch it, couldn’t help tearing up,” she recalled. The new actress added that completing Anita felt like a “mission accomplished”, making all her efforts worthwhile.

Louise Wong Has Many Film Offers

Asked if he would be reserving more casting opportunities for Louise, given his fervent production of filmic works in recent years, Louis replied, “I heard many film[makers] are interested in casting her, artistes will always be keen on films with potential,”

When the actress suggested that she could take on a comedic role next, Louis shared that the comedic genre is rather demanding as it requires “many elements” coming together, since actors would need to have both a strong personal style on top of spontaneous creativity. While acknowledging that comedies can bring much-needed light-heartedness to the current social climate, Louis said that conceptualizing of scripts often “meet with difficulties midway”.

With work lined up for the both of them over the upcoming festive season, Louise is nevertheless looking forward to be able to take time off to enjoy a hearty Christmas feast with her loved ones.

Source: Yahoo! News

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