Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh Filming for New Comedy

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Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh Filming for New Comedy

Since the TVB drama, You’re Hired <絕代商嬌>, it has been seven years since Dayo Wong (黃子華) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) collaborated. Praised by fans for their onscreen chemistry, the duo is reuniting again in a new film, The Stand-Up Spy <棟篤特工>, where Dayo also serves as screenwriter. Although filming was due to begin a year ago, Dayo was not satisfied with the script. After ten revisions, the movie has finally resumed filming.

In the movie, Dayo portrays a 007 spy, while Charmaine is an authority figure who is tasked with tracking down Dayo. On whether she is nervous about the box office reslts, Charmaine said she has no control over them and diverted the attention to Dayo. She teased that the film’s rating will rest solely on the screenwriter. Put on the spot, Dayo joked, “I’m already used to not having any box office at all, so I don’t have any pressure.”

Portraying a bickering pair in the movie, Dayo joked that all the intimate scenes in the movie had to be approved by Charmaine first. However, since the duo already look physically compatible, they did not need to deliberately include intimate scenes to convince the audience.

Source: Ming Pao

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Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh Filming for New Comedy

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      Love them together in You’re hired!

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      I liken this guy called Dayo Wong to Mr. Bean! Cannot really accept him in a serious drama genre. It’s just me!

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