Charmaine Sheh is Happy for “The Queen of News” Ratings

Currently starring in The Queen of News <新聞女王>, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is thankful for the audience’s interest in the series. Since its airing, the series achieved a record rating of 27.9 points, became the highest rated drama since 2021 and watched by more than 1.8 million viewers.

At the series’ celebration dinner, Charmaine was asked if she is confident that the series will exceed a viewership rating of 30 points, Charmaine responded, “I am really happy that the ratings are 27 point and I am grateful for everyone’s support. It is a good result right now. As for whether the ratings will be higher, I hope that everyone will continue to support the show.”

Given the series’ warm reception, many netizens are curious if there will be a sequel. Charmaine shared her thoughts and said, “This has to be handed to the producers. I don’t have so much power, but I was happy with the filming process. I hope to film it again, but I have to look at the script. It is difficult to surpass this series. I believe it will have to be a new script and now the audience have high expectations.”

Charmaine also added that she didn’t think too much about winning the Best Actress award again, “If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, I don’t.”

Charmaine’s Popularity Exploded

While Charmaine is already acknowledged as an A-listed actress, her popularity has risen again due to her role in The Queen of News. Charmaine shared, “Recently, there has been a lot of publicity. In addition to [my character in Queen of News], I received many invitations to events. I have been very busy lately and I only have one day off for Christmas.”

As Charmaine gains fans, the actress attracted attention when a meme incorrectly listed her age as 45 years old when compared to co-star Samantha Ko’s (高海寧) age of 36 years old. Charmaine went viral when she confessed, “I am 48 years old,” while netizens praised her for her candidness and attitude on embracing her real age.

Speaking of the meme, Charmaine laughed and said, “I really wanted to correct [the netizen] at that moment. You can find my age on the internet and it’s useless to lie about it.”

When asked about her secret for maintaining her youth, Charmaine responded, “I am trying and working hard at it.”

Source: Topick HK

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  1. Charmaine is still beautiful at 48.

    Best TVB drama of 2023,

    Hope Charmaine wins best actress at TVB awards as she deserves it, no one is coming close in this years dramas to get the award, the only other person is
    Selena Li for the same drama.

    Possibility of dual winners this year

  2. All told, the drama is really good. No drag, everything resolved within 2 episodes. There were some parts that were lame, like a character’s new BF didn’t need to die. And Selena’s transformation wasn’t very convincing. Nevertheless, every character has a good end, and Charmaine’s character was fabulous. I think if there was a sequel, that would be awesome (rare for me to say this.) Everyone needs to give this drama a chance, very entertaining

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