Charmaine Sheh is a Savvy Real Estate Investor

In recent years, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) found success in the Chinese market and has countless job offers. The Queen of News <新聞女王> received high ratings, which led to her winning Best Actress for the third time. Other than possessing great acting skills, Charmaine also has a sharp eye for investments and particularly likes purchasing  real estate.

It is estimated Charmaine’s entire portfolio is worth over 180 million Chinese yuan. She owns a luxury complex at Harbor Glory in North Point, a 1,034-square-foot, three-bedroom suite unit originally purchased by her family in 2017 for 27.947 million Chinese yuan. It was recently transferred internally to Charmaine for a price of about CNY 30 million yuan. Another Best Actress winner Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) also moved to this complex from Tseung Kwan O.

In addition, Charmaine also bought a semi-detached house in Sai Kung’s Nam Shan village. One house was a gift to her family and the other was for her own residence. It is estimated the current market value has already doubled. She also purchased a unit in Happy Valley’s The Altitude  for CNY 39.88 million; a unit in Ho Man Tin’s Mantin Heights for CNY 14.06 million; and a unit in Hung Hom’s Chatham Gates for CNY 7.86 million.

Other than the property in Sai Kung which she lives in herself, the other places are rented out. According to real estate industry experts, her Happy Valley unit can already be rented for CNY 80,000 to 90,000 monthly. That is to say, the potential rental return is about 2.4 percent to 2.7 percent.

After winning TVB Best Actress on Sunday night, Charmaine happily posted on social media thanking her manager and the production crew. After a long night celebrating her latest win, Charmaine basked in happiness once returning home. “Appearing at the TVB Anniversary Awards after so many years brought so many surprises. January 14, 2024 is a very special day–I will always remember it….” She also thanked fans for their support and signed off with, “Let’s look forward to The Queen of News 2!”

Charmaine’s property in Sai Kung


Charmaine’s property in North Point

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