“The Queen of News” Airs Finale

Breaking viewership records and reaching 27.9 points at its highest, the finale episode of The Queen of News <新聞女王> has aired on Chinese platforms ahead of Hong Kong, where audiences have to wait till December 22!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The 26th episode was aired to mainland viewers, with the most unexpected development being Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) character tearing up for Charmaine when the latter gets into danger! At loggerheads throughout, Charmaine was reporting live when Joel Chan (陳山聰) took kids at the childcare center hostage after he could not come to terms with his own daughter’s death. When things took an unexpected turn, Charmaine got into a risky situation and Kenneth appeared extremely worried about her safety, revealing that he had always been an admirer of her. Tearing up with worry, he said during the livestream, “…Every time I sat here, I’d be very assured when I realize she was my partner”.

Bosco Replaces Master Fei?
fter handing his resignation over to Mrs Fang (Mimi Kung 龔慈恩), Master Fei (Eric Tang 鄧智堅) says he has found his second flame in Malaysia and wished to resign given his age, recommending Ging-Yan (Kenneth Ma) as his ideal replacement. However, she says that she’d like to try out something new; next Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is seen appearing in the lobby of SNK, where he bumps into Charmaine. After the two say their hellos, Charmaine asks if he is interested in Master Fei’s position, to which he replies, “I’m a little interested in your position as queen of news, because in my area, there’s only a king and no queen”.

Besides Master Fei, Hiu Mei (Regina Ho 何依婷) also leaves to take on the role of a director at an investment fund, Cathy (Samantha Ko 高海寧) becomes a high-ranking government official, while Sister Man, Ging-Yan and Ga Yin (Selena Li 李施嬅) remain as news anchors, with Bosco’s introduction hinting at new competition.

Appearing at the scene where Sister Man is safe after covering the hostage case, the five female leads appear together, with Cathy passing a bottle of water to Charmaine, telling her to drink up after the tough assignment. With the leads passing the bottles to one another to take a sip from the same bottle without drinking directly from it, as a symbolic gesture of them resolving to set aside their mutual differences.



Source: HK01

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  1. This finale described isn’t correct?

    Charmaine already retired as an anchor per her conference, that’s why she’s being called to interview for Fei Ye’s position, who doesn’t do any on-air newscasting.

    Hiu May also becomes the new director of the children’s clinic that she worked in. I never really understood what Samantha Ko did, and how did she transition so easily, but I guess gov’t official makes sense.

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