Charmaine Sheh Chill About TV Queen Award

Gathered with her co-stars for the public livestream of The Queen of News’s <新聞女王> final episode in Macau, lead actress Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) was touched to tears! Grateful for the positive feedback and support so far, “Sister Man” revealed that many of her friends had been asking her about upcoming developments as the drama neared its end. When asked if she was keen on filming a second season, Charmaine emphasized that a good story is key, and expressed her delight in working with the same casts again, as they had a really enjoyable time filming together!

Equally Happy if Selena Nabs the Win

Nominated for Best Actress title at TVB Anniversary Awards for her role as Sister Man, along with co-star Selena Lee (李施嬅), the veteran actress she would try her best to make it for the ceremony, but might not be able to attend due to her upcoming workload. Happy about the drama’s high popularity which is akin to already nabbing an award, Charmaine adds that she would be just as happy if “either Selena or herself” was crowned TV Queen, willing the results to be decided by public votes!

Viewed as this year’s top contender for the coveted award, several nominees have expressed that they do not stand any chance against Charmaine, though she herself brushes off such talk. The 48-year-old said, “It’s not like this, I believe everyone put in great effort in their respective dramas, I (haven’t been) exceptionally hardworking, and everyone stands a good chance”. While she admitted not having caught the performances of other TV Queen nominees due to her busy schedule, Charmaine calls Sister Man one of her favorite onscreen roles so far, though she would leave it for viewers to decide if the drama is one of her most iconic works.

On Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) surprise appearance in the final episode, Charmaine said the drama’s producer had actually made the arrangement after asking her which siusang she has yet to work with thus far! Open to the possibility of teaming up with Bosco on a sequel, Charmaine thanked viewers for their support, and asked for everyone’s patience so the scriptwriter and producer can craft out a good script.

Source: On.CC

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  1. A sequel is a must, & Charmaine has to reprise her role, so the script better be good, going to be hard to come up something fresh, a Kingston Koo v Man Wai sum
    With Bosco v Charmaine would very cool to watch..

  2. lol, a coveted award from tvb. More like a pork award…. If there is Bosco then it might be worthwhile to watch but his shows have illogical storylines and dialogues

  3. Without insulting past winners, we all know 1. TVB awards mean nothing and 2. Anyone who is actually good leaves i.e. Francis Ng, Gordon Lam, Sheren Tang. People who started in film or go into film, are solid. TVB fails at brewing talent. They overuse the same people over and over and the script is just not good. For it to be a good script, it always has to be a collaboration with Mainland.

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