Cecilia Cheung Keeps Children From Attending Great-Grandmother’s Funeral

Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) is apparently still at odds with ex-husband Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). The actress reportedly prevented her children Lucas (謝振軒) and Quintus (謝振南) from attending the funeral of Nicholas’ grandmother last week despite the Tse family’s repeated pleas.

Cecilia is rumored to be feuding with Nicholas over their children’s future and wishes to cut ties with his family. She allegedly immigrated with their two sons to Vancouver, Canada this summer, and has already purchased property and enrolled Lucas and Quintus at local schools. While the move seems amicable on the surface, Nicholas’s family is unhappy that they are separated from the children.

To convince Cecilia to remain in Hong Kong, Nicholas offered unlimited alimony which Cecilia happily accepted. Upon her return in early October, Cecilia denied all immigration claims, calling them fabricated stories. Despite the compromise, she continues to hide her children’s whereabouts from the Tse family, and has even kept them from going to school.

On October 16, Nicholas’s grandmother passed away at age 101 at her Australian nursing home. Although Nicholas was unable to personally attend the funeral, his father Patrick Tse (謝賢) and sister Jennifer Tse (謝婷婷) were present.

According to sources, Nicholas’s grandmother rarely saw Lucas and Quintus and wished to see them before her passing. To fulfill her wish, Nicholas tried repeatedly to get a hold of Cecilia to bring their sons to the funeral. Cecilia disliked the idea and did not respond to Nicholas’s requests.

While the Tse family mourned, Cecilia was instead happily drinking beer while surfing. She was recently seen at her brother Ronnie Cheung’s (張豪龍) wakeboarding school showing off her skills. She also posed freely in her swim bikini, and enjoyed a fun day out away from her two sons.

Source: xinhuanet.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t think Cecilia Cheung is a good mother as most readers think. She is a strange woman and mother and treats her children and in-laws in a very unusual way. A good and sincere person will not behave like this.

    1. Do you have proof to back up your claims? I think the story is so FAR FETCHED. Like it wouldn’t make any sense when Nicholas has already verified how good of a mother Cecilia Cheung is.

      1. 空月來風,未必無因! If it has been reported so many times, there must be a reason (cause).

    2. Replying to your second comment, it also doesn’t help that she doesn’t really have the good relationship with the media, who is merciless in spinning stories about artists they don’t like in a negative way.

  2. just wanna voice out some of my opinion.. since they had divorce years ago.. why does she need to care so much of the ex law or whatsoever.. she still needs to go on with her on life.. when she care too much of nic family then the reporter or netizen tend to said that she is trying to patch back with nic or wants nic money and blablabla.. but when she did not care bout nic family then reporter said she is nt good, did not behave like what she should and all the bad things about her.. i think something is not right here.. anyway no offence just wondering..

    1. Kind of agree with your comments and especially with the fact that the TSE family is totally dysfunctional and simply weird………..Nicholas has made his choice to divorce and should accept the consequences since he has no custody of the two boys…….In some ways, Cecilia, by the rights of her custody, can do whatever she pleases……….In other words, she can tell Nic to Pissss Offff!

      1. i agree with you that ceci can do what she wants, but a normal human being would let her children see their grandmother, especially one that has passed away.
        i dont know if this ariticle is saying the truth or not. but if its true than ceci is wrong fr not letting her children see their great grandmother one last time.

    2. janelle u r right about she doesnt needs to care, but nic is the father of the 2 sons hence he has the right to want them to attend their great grandma funeral. parents conflicts and fighting shouldn’t deprived the kids of their right to say goodbye to their great grandma. i think cecelia isn’t cool if she really didn’t allows the kids to pay their respect to their late great grandma. after all, the kids surname is Tse and not Cheung.

      1. First of all did you notice that Nicholas also did not attend the funeral and what if the two kids attended and ask why Daddy not here? There must be other things that we don’t know.

      2. I agree with your comments SY. It is true that she is now divorced, however, they are still Nic’s children and are still Patrick’s grandsons. Therefore, they should have been there to see their great grandma one last time. This really reminds me of a story in my family that really upsets me to this day. My great aunt was really old and knew she was going to go and wanted to see her son, my uncle one last time. But my great aunt was all the way in Asia while we are in the US. My aunt in law(the wife of that uncle)refused to let him go. My uncle had no money since my aunt controls it all and refused to pay for his airline ticket and any other expense. My uncle and aunt are happily married too so I do not understand why she did that. It is just so sad when some are so selfish to even allow loved ones to see their inlaws for one last time. Regardless if Cecilia likes it or not, she will always be connected to Nic and his family due to her 2 kids whose surname is Tse. Nic’s parents are divorced but they are forever his parents and luckily at least his parents are on good terms so they are all allowed to see and spend time with each other. Sadly, when you are connected by blood or children, it is hard to completely break all ties.

      3. I agree. Very sad if it’s actually true. She should after all
        be compassionate. ..! One day she grows old too like everyone else. One never knows the future….!

  3. If Cecilia Cheung is a good daughter-in-law, she should let her children visit their grandparents even she is divorced. This is a typical Chinese culture. She should not deprive her children of their grandparents’ love.

    1. Why is there always this expectation for Cecelia to be ‘a good daughter-in-law’, especially when her mother/father-in-law were such asses??
      True, divorce should only be between the spouses, but no one knows what kind of relationship the children had with their great grandmother who lives in Australia. If the great grandmother has never been a part of their lives, then they’re not being deprived of anything.

      1. If she was a good person she would have allowed her children to pay their last respect to their great grandmother. Unless Nic’s grandmother was evil to them I see no reason why Nic or his Chidren didn’t attend the funeral, especially since its so easy for them to hop on a plane unlike the rest of the 99% of the population. Even If they were not closed they are still related by blood.

  4. Divorce is only a relationship between a husband and wife, nothing to do with their children. The children should still be entitled to have the love of their father and grandparents. Sad to learn that is how some people think these days.

  5. This is great-grandmother right? And not grandmother? I hate to say this but do the boys even know the great-grandmother?

    I don’t know what is up with her grudge and the Tse family but the truth is she knows how to teach her boys. That one video where she explicitly explained how to be a mother and her methods of discipline shows it.

    It’s one thing she’s a terrible ex-wife and daughter-in-law, don’t drag motherhood in it.

    1. Talking and doing are two different things. It is always easier to talk than to do it.

      1. Besides, a good mother should always set good examples for her children from young days. She should be a role model for her children.

        If she forbids her children to pay last respect to their great grandmother, her children will not know that they have to pay last respect to their relatives (probably including their parents) in future. It is as simple as that.

      2. Idk if youre a mother or not but between mother to mother. When you talk about your kids, you cant really talk your way through. She def did the doing part.

        It really isnt as serious as you put it. Do the boys know the great grandma? Not really. Aside from calling the great grandma, great grandma is there any bond for between her and the boys? Chances are no. Thus why it isnt as serious as you put it.

        And people have so many relatives in this world. Are you going to pay the respect to every single relative you have? Thats a lil cray for me.

        Yes its not great to hear an elder person passing away and she couldnt see her great grand kids. But think about the kids? They barely know the person. How are they suppose to react?

      3. Last thing you need are two kids confused and scared seeing someone they kinda recognized and dont knpw really well laying there still..

      4. No, Nick’s children probably don’t know much about their great grandmother. However, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep them close to their immediate family members. How many great grandmothers do Nick’s children have? They can have many aunts and uncles, as well as cousins, but surely not many great grandmothers!

      5. I have seen many parents who are big talkers, but not big doers.

      6. Ugh no. First off immediate fam members are always brothers/sisters and mothers/fathers. Cousins/ Grandparents come after these two groups. Great grandparents are like down the other end. Theyre even more distant than aunts…

        And parents’ responsibilities is to protect their children from anything or anyone that may cause pain or harm. Its def not keep them close to distant distant family members.

      7. …. yeah so to you there isnt any good parenrs out there because you basically just generalized anyone who talks about parenting is bluffing.

      8. Has it ever occurred to you that a funeral may not be the best place for young kids? Her kids are what, less than 10 years old? While one should pay respect to the family, I can see why she wouldn’t want to have her kids at the funeral. When my aunt passed away, my cousins were 9 and 14 years old, and they didn’t go to the funeral because their parents wanted to protect them.

      9. @Cara,
        My thoughts exactly. Funerals are not appropriate for young kids.

      10. Funerals are not appropriate for young kids ………… that I agree.

      11. Rubbish! Funeral is paying last respect and children should go. To prevent the children from going is unnecessarily shielding them from the realities of life and paying last respect to a family member, however distant. More so this is great grandparents, your father’s grandparents. Unless she had a good reason, anything else is self serving. Even if she hates her mom in law or family in law, her quarrel is not with Nic himself. If she can’t attend the children should. Don’t give me the BS that it is inappropriate, awkwardness, etc. Well she need not attend then. I am sorry to say I am disappointed with her style of parenting. Holding a grudge is not the thing you want to teach your children. Even if you can’t get along, you must pretend to get along. Because it is about the children, not you, not him, not the grandparents or even great grandparents. Cecilia should stop treating her children like objects that she own.

      12. Totally agree with you Funn! I have these experiences in my immediately so I know how it is. My oldest nephew was only 9 years old when my dear brother left our family, but he happily attended and broke down when he saw his dear uncle in his coffin. I don’t think funerals are places that children can’t go.I have seen many children but of course, it would also depend on how close they are to the deceased as well. It is really sad and bad if a mother forbids her kids to pay their last respects to anyone in the family, especially if they are close to that particular family member. I believe that on that particular person’s funeral, their spirit is there and can see who came to send them off one last time and who did not. We cannot see them but they can see us.

        The only type of people that I have heard that cannot attend a funeral is maybe a pregnant women. However, my sister in law was pregnant and still attended my late father and brother’s funerals and my nephews are fine. Therefore, I really wonder how much do I believe in all of these myths about who can or cannot attend a funeral.

      13. Meant to say “immediate family”, gosh I need the edit button.

      14. My kids didn’t go to either my husband or my grandparents’ funeral. Both of us objected to it. My in laws didnt say anything and theyre the traditional of the traditional that it is poisoning. So I really dont see the big deal.

      15. My parents and aunties/uncles excuse the young from going to funerals for fear of psychological scarring (due to “too much, too soon”). There are many things that kids just don’t understand and are not mentally ready for.

      16. filial piety is a very important aspect of asian culture. if she was a good mother, she should raise her children to be filial to their kin. thats all there is.

        what does some soccer video of her praising herself and her methods have anything to do with her actual character, which is a selfish if she refuse to let her boys pay a last visit to a a kin on deathbed.

        where’s the morality and logic in her decision? i dont understand how anyone can think she is setting a gd example for her boys. they will just grow up disrespectful of their actual family members while paying heed to what soem strangers/coaches say about life. makes no sense whatsoever. twisted upbringing if anything.

        pity anyone thinks its good teaching on her part, absurd.

      17. if someone just wishes to see their great grandsons for the last time, why deny them something like that? what psychological problems could incur from something like that? if anything, it teaches them to value life. if there wasn’t this greatgrandmother, there wouldn’t nicholas and certainly not her sons here today, so why not just grant someone on their deathbed a chance to see their grandsons for the last time? any excuses is just laziness, unjustifiable paranoia, and disrespect on part of the parents.

    2. You can’t judge on how a mother makes her choice. If Cecilia felt like it was inappropriate to have her kids there, then that’s her choice. I don’t think people understand how DYSFUNCTIONAL the tse family is. Imagine you have two little kids who are going to be separated from their usual outings to attend a funeral half way across the world.. to meet someone who they barely saw LAYING dead in a coffin? I was seven when my grandmother passed. Ya I flew back to China to pay my respects, but the fact that they were preparing the cremation and playing chinese fireworks scared the crap out of me. First of all, I wasn’t even close to my grandmother. I was brought not voluntarily. My parents felt like it was the “right thing to do”. From the ma pa au tv show, which Cecilia appeared on, she ‘s very modern in terms of her parenting. She refuses to teach the traditional methods like beating and “strict discipline”. It’s the first time I saw her talk with such elegance and poise. I don’t think it’s right for people to be pointing fingers at Cecilia when her own mother in law didn’t even attend. And she has TWO GROWN KIDS, one who is the father of Cecilia’s kids. People like Funn Lim are probably a lot older hence more traditional. Some people fail to realize psychological repercussions that may occur. It doesn’t make sense to expose her kids to something like that. It’s a place WHERE many from the TSE clan would attend. There are so many factors to consider. Imagine her kids going there and hearing members talk crap about their mother. You never know. Or the fact that nobody will guide through this traumatic event.

      1. “People like Funn Lim are probably a lot older hence more traditional.”

        I am older, been to a fair share of funerals attended by my mother’s mortal enemy, my father’s relatives. I know where Cecilia is coming from, I perhaps understand her stubborness but I don’t approve it. From what I read, I think my relatives problem is worse than hers. But grandpa died? I went. I sat there, looked at everyone, catch up on gossips and went back home with my family telling me how hypocritical they all were, which is true. But how are we to know the Tse’s talk crap about Cecilia. It won’t be traumatic if everyone behave like adults.

      2. And yet despite admitting the hypocrisy of your actions and of those who attended the funeral, you criticise cecilia for not being a hypocrite like you and your family members? Gee, how upside down is this world?

      3. My point whatever the sentiments, hypocrisy or not, whatever we feel, we set it aside and attended. Pretend if you have to. But to totally not go will influence the children’s mind. Cecilia should be the bigger person. Moreover what offense did the dead old woman did to her to merit barring her children from attending? After all they’re Nic’s children too or is it ok to white wash their father’s side of the family? Like I said unless there is abuse on the children, nothing else is justified.

      4. Nic Tse – the grandson himself didn’t even attend, citing work.

        Here’s another way of seeing it.
        This is the grandma who provided FREE CHILDCARe for the Tse kids in Canada – Jennifer and Nic.

        Even more so Grandma was solely responsible for Jennifer, who was left behind in Vancouver once the family uprooted.

        Then the entire family all left Vancouver, and guess what …. grandma had little use. She went off to Australia for the rest of the days. I read what Patrick said, and it sounded like a lot of justification. He said his brother in Oz said they should do their share of taking care of mom.

        Do the immediate Tse family who jetsets and parties so much, go to Australia that often? (I am sure they will let the media know about it if they do, since they’re always so high-profile).

        These are GREAT grandkids. If great grandma was always in their lives … fine. Otherwise, how is seeing a dead, not live person a wonderful thing?

        It’s a show of respect for the (traditional) living to see. Meaningless really.

  6. But Nicholas himself DID NOT ATTEND the funeral too!!! Can’t demand others to if u dont set an example urself.

    1. It is sad that Nicholas Tse did not attend his grandmother’s funeral. It could be due to his busy work schedule and he couldn’t help it.

      However, Nick’s children’s schedule is very flexible. There was no good reason why they couldn’t make it.

      1. Wow, you’re totally one set minded when it comes to sipping the Cecilia haterade, huh?

      2. Perhaps you are right. I never see Cecelia as a well-behaved woman! She never impressed me as one.

      3. So basically, you’re incorrectly assuming Cecilia is a bad mother because you don’t think she’s a well-behaved woman. What does well-behaved mean?? What did she do or didn’t that makes her so unwell-behaved?
        I remember watch an interview a loooong time ago where Deborah said Cecilia is a good daughter-in-law because she’s obedient. What a load of rubbish. Cecilia should tell the Tse family to piss off and behave themselves before they talk to her about her sons again. I for one applaud her for having the balls to tell that poor excuse of a family to piss off and for having the protecting her sons from the dysfunctional Tse family.

      4. Cecilia is as dysfunctional as the Tse family. And Nic is the father, he has every right to the children as she does. Who is she to judge them? She herself has a troubled past, worse, her children someday may come across those very revealing pictures and discover

        1. mother was a drug addict
        2. mother had propensity to pose for such pictures
        3. mother may have had cheated father with that dude

        But for me, 1 – 3 is the past. What matters is parenting and so far, from what I read, her parenting skills is as doubtful as that of her ex husband.

    2. Weird that some ppl can accept nic’s excuse not to attend his own grandmother’s funeral but bashed cecilia and sons for not attending . Did nic’s mother, deborah attend? Nobody bashing deborah for not attending?

      1. Whether Nic attend or not is not the issue. The issue is allowing the great grandsons to attend and they could do so whether Nic is there or not. I can never understand why after divorce

        a. a father who was always given 100% access is now limited in access
        b. the children who once could spend days with the in laws must now only attend if it is immediate family or when father is there

        Bar abuse of any kind, such restriction should never be imposed, whether you’re good with your in laws or not. The first step is always the one having custody to be the more open minded one. If the one with custody is close minded, then everything else will eventually descend into petty arguments like what we hear now from all sides. Yes a grandma is not immediate, a great grandma is not even close to immediate but why after divorce you will draw such a conclusion? Children are human beings, not possessions. I don’t want to judge Cecilia or Nic or family but to me after divorce for the sake of children a bit of well mannered courtesy will help the children and everyone.

      2. i agree with the fact that cecilia is receiving unfair criticisms. The kids may never seen the great grandma in australia before. Even if they go, they wont know who she is. Nic himself didnt go, that shows how “close” Nic’s family is to the greatgrandma….

        too much pressure is being placed on cecilia to attend a funeral where everyone is going to look at her at a bad light especially when Nic is not there to support her. I think the mother has right to protect herself.

      3. i see alot of excuses. everything can be arranged properly if there was heart in it. cecilia didnt have to attend herself, just arrange the kids to go with their grandparents and let them spend some quality time together. a funeral is a tiem when famililies gather and a bond is also formed, paying respect to the life of a kin. without that kin, there would not be thee.

      4. Oh… whether nic attend or not is not an issue. But grandkids must attend and cecilia to be blame is alright? What sort of logic is that? Some sounded like they know the tse family very well and all out against cecilia.

  7. i’ve always wondered why her left brow is so much higher than her right. it’s really distracting

    1. I started noticing it only when she had lost weight (not during her comeout when she was more normal looking). I just assumed it may be a side-effect of botox instead of symmetry. That’s because overall her face kinda look ‘stiff’….

  8. Wow interesting. Does anyone know which city nic’s grandmother was residing in aus. Was she in sydney or Melbourne?

    1. I think it was Sydney if I remember correctly, but correct me if I am wrong.

  9. Great grand parents are not considered distant relatives?

    It is a blessing to have great grand parents!

  10. Personally I feel Nic should go too.

    Not matter how one busy is, one should go and pay respect especially the deceased is family. It is not like oh I can’t have dinner with you, let’s do it other day.

    Actually Nic is not asking Cecilia to be a dutiful great daughter in law or anything like that. He just want to fulfill his great grand ma wish.

    He requested Cecilia to bring the kids because the great grandma (who rarely see the kids) had wished them to visit her before she departed from this world. I think Cecilia is rather cruel in this aspect. Sometimes even strangers will try their best to fulfill a dying person wish.

    Imagine you yourself is dying any moment, and something you wish never come true. Don’t tell me you will leave this world with no regrets.

    1. cruel indeed but what do you expect? its behavior that she has exhibited from beginning, the i-dont-give-a-shtt-about anybody else, she’s indecent,crass, and rogue. examples of never to be if you want to be a respectable person that others can use as an adult role model.

      even if she did not attend, why flaunt immoral behavior, go drinking, and flash more skin when a funeral is in place recently, the worst timing to “pleasure” when everyone is grieving. i can’t imagine her boys won’t adopt this kind of egotistic behavior. paying no respect to the deceased and the feelings of their kin. where would they learn this? from their mother’s actions of course.

  11. Just don’t understand why is everyone pointing finger at Cecilia.
    What about Deborah? Is ok for her not to attend? What about Nic? Its his own grandmother!
    Cecilia & Nic has divorced. She should move on with her life. If she still cares, you guys would say she still want to get back with Nic and ask Nic not to be fooled. No matter what she did, you guys are going to bash her.
    Im not a fans of her nor Nic but I just feel its a very double standard treatment.

    1. The question is not her or they or them but the children. The double standard is because she is the mother, she has the children, she is calling the shots. I hope it isn’t true but if it is, yes she should be bashed. Divorce is between husband and wife or between spouses. You can never divorce your children or cut all ties, unless of course the child files for emancipation or something like that. Until that happens. he may cease to be your husband, they may cease to be in laws, but he is still the child’s father and the in laws still are the child’s relatives. However much you don’t like your in laws, as long as there is no hostility towards the children, let the children enjoy the company of their aunts and uncles and cousins from BOTH sides of the family.

      1. I’d like to share a story about a young girl. This girl, still alive, at a young age her parents divorced. Custody went to the mother. Father was around but busy making money and spending time with the other family. Father wanted his kids to know his side of his family. Mother rejected to it due to many legitimate reasoning but then succumbed to her conscious because they were still the girl’s family.

        The girl was given to the grandparents and the entire dad side to spend time with two times a week. She was young. She didn’t exactly have a say, but the mother did. When the girl finally had a say when she was 18, she absolutely refused to see anyone from her dad’s side (oddly, she still speaks to her father) and would only refer to them as ‘they are my father’s mom, father’s brother, father’s sister in law and etc but never MY grandma or MY cousin etc.

        When her grandmother was about to pass. The grandmother begged and pleaded her to see her one last time. She refused. Harsh, yes but understandable. She never went to the funeral or the wake but in her prayers she asked God to “take care of my father’s mother” When you asked her why can she be so harsh to her own kin? She responded, ‘Had my mother not let me see the true faces of that woman and the rest, perhaps she would have a grand daughter at her grave today.’

        I know it is bias for me to say this but I will never doubt a mother’s decision unless it is proven time and time again that she is wrong. As with the girl’s mother.. she knew what bad news surrounds her in-laws but because she couldn’t beat her conscious.. the girl will forever suffer from the hatred she has for her own kin. This is to tell everyone out there that sometimes even family is not family.

      2. Crystal:
        It is sad to read about your story. However, not every grandparent is like hers. I am sure that there are some good ones.

        Moreover, the girl’s mother seemed to be a sincere person with good reasoning. From what I learned about Cecilia’s past behaviour, I have many doubts about her personality. It is pretty hard to be a good mother if a person does not have a good mind, good heart, and good personality. I could be biased, but I hope my judgements were incorrect.

      3. Crystal, I totally understand the girl’s disgust. Which is why adults should act responsibly in front of children. You think they don’t know, when they do. The hatred from the girl stems from her very own observation. She got to see the truth with her own eyes. I am like everyone else “blessed” with relatives I wish will just disappear. I only meet them at weddings and funerals and nothing in between. Whether from young or when I am a working adult, I see them, they know who I am but I don’t know who they are. I attend because my sisters asked me too and my sisters have more cause to be aggrieved by these relatives because they’re older, they knew what they said about my mom and how my father treated my mother. I don’t have such memories since I was too young. But I went and I dutifully did what I had to do. I suffer their presence for the sake of my father and a little for my mother. Frankly my mother has been through worse within her own immediate family which I shall not elaborate. I too am from a divorced environment; my mom returned me to my dad some years after taking me away because life was harsh for both of us. I was happy with that. I suppose why I never bear such hatred like this girl you said did because my sisters kept me grounded. They’re much older, they know things and for all the mud slinging from my dad’s side, we are united and I follow my sisters. It is not ideal but it was the best for the situation. Sometimes the hatred stems from the adults. My mother can be particularly vicious whenever she mentioned about my relatives and I once joked to my sister why she will live a long life is because he one mission in life is to outlive the woman she hated; my father’s sister who is much older and surprisingly very healthy.

        Point is how we react to all these depends on a lot of factors; I was lucky my sisters never let me feel that sort of hatred. And as I grow old enough I know what to filter and what to accept. I am sorry this young lady feels such hatred for her relatives but I suppose whatever we say in private, stays in private. When we do meet with these vicious relatives, believe me, they never once dared to say anything negative in front of me or my sisters. My brother is a different issue since they have no respect for him so they tend to let him hear a lot of those vicious stuff. Which is good because he will tell us and we laugh about it. My mother of course remains bitter as ever. Can’t blame her but seriously at some point we must move on. I hope the girl can move on one day. She is not obliged to see those relatives ever again but if she feels any respect for her dad, at least attend their funerals. Need not show respect at the funeral, just turn up, in your mind spit at them or whatever, eat, say bye bye and never see any of them again.

    2. By the way there will always be those annoying in laws who talk bad about you and your family. And I bet it goes both ways.

  12. Although funerals may not be appropriate for children, they must be brought into the event with sufficient preparation and explanation ahead of time. This will help them in the future when they attend other funerals or when they had their off-springs in the future, they will have the experience to explain to their children if there are funerals that they need to attend at an early age as well.

    1. When my grandma died, I was very young. Funeral for me was dressing in some weird uniform and having other young cousins to play with. Believe me, children does not notice much until they remember years later how freaky it was to see a huge chinese coffin in the middle of the room with a wrinkly old body inside it and the stories of beware of black cats jumping over the body in the middle of the night. No need to explain, just go.

    2. children simply have no psychological impact just by going to a funeral, they likely don’t understand much except that it was to pay respect. they will probably wonder when it will be over until meal time. it doesn’t hurt to bring them, because that is the wish of the kin. its just simple selfishness to just ignore the dying’s wish despite their life contribution. very sad world.

  13. When you get married its about love, when you get divorce it about money! If either of the parents had a normal life, they would understand living a life in the media is not good for the children, expecially Nic Tse he is the son of two very famous actors!! Its not all one sided, if they were both good parents and things were as amicable as Nic Tse says things are in his numerous announcements to the media via his lawyers then surely access to children shouldnt be a problem. However both parties just need to move on and get on with the next chapter of their own lives. You look at KennyBee, and his ex wife, the truth will come out and children of today arent stupid! So if Cecilla is such a bad mother, her children will evetually know and she could be like Ex-Mrs Bee has find she will be a very lonely old woman, when the children walk away when they are old enough.

    1. omg what a travesty of social bullying that was – that first wife was CHEATED on by middle aged boy next door Kenny Bee – I wish those two kids were secretly the children of his former assistant/second wife like some kdrama like Last Scandal and the first wife was just playing the part to highlight some kind of social message about spendthrifts and inequal social mores about adultery.


  14. I don’t think it matters but both her children have become “meat for the (paparazzi) beast” to paraphrase Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and it’s ultimately more satisfying to take a cue from Sam Hui not attending Ricky Hui’s funeral to prevent access to distant connections who are not committed to protecting you in which case they become part of the other side – that sees you and irresponsible gossip about you as entertainment. There will be too many people who don’t see you as a fellow family member but as a gossip fodder – I’m sure the paparazzi will enjoy the cell phone pix of her children there and I doubt the other family members will forgive her for turning a family event a public spectacle – Tse Teng Fung is less interesting without Cheung pak Chi who is a lightning rod for press bullying with her children in tow exacerbating that because they feel they can hurt her through her children.

    1. One thing for sure, Cecelia had burnt all her chances of any small possibilities of reconciling.

      1. another thing for sure, nicholas can dash any hope of any peaceful relationships with other women either way because of all the problems with his prev marriage. i doubt any other woman can really come near him. look at what happened to zhou xun, had to pull out of the movie, she probably ended her relationship with nic when she saw what was to entail. poor zhou xun, just stay away for your own mental health.

  15. I am a mother and i can totally understand what Cecilia is doing. I always brought up my son in the modern way which i never believe in Funeral is not a place for kids. But my hubby strongly believed in it and he even minimise my son from attending his own dad’s funeral.

    I learnt from my “stubborn” experience which i still continue to bring my son to funeral. When he was a baby, he will cried non stop at night. Until he knows how to talk, he told me he saw “things” thats why he cried at night everytime after funerals. And then i woke up from my own experience.

    For goodness sake, the kids belong to both of them, not their parents, grandparents nor the public. I believe Cecilia is only protecting her kids. This is a mother’s love. I feel her mother’s love must be stronger than any normal people to go against the negative comments. So please spare her and the kids.

  16. nicholas had kids with the wrong woman. lesson to the men out there, don’t marry crazy, marry decent. not someone that had bad habits then a unsavorable trail of history with men. not that nic is any great himself, being the hit and run guy, but they just both made each other more miserable by their own horrible personalites and will continue to wreck their lives and the lives of their children due to their own selfishness and egotism.

    1. they are good examples of how not to raise your kids. to separate them from their family when young and disallow kinship to form, you make them strangers to their immediate kin, they’ll just grow up lonely, disconnected, when they need help? who do they turn to? its not gd at all. can’t imagine anyone thinking this is the best interest for kids. not being aware of anything, just overlysheltered and growing up selfish.

  17. she is out of her mind and have a very poor character. even during scandal with edison and hassle nicholas for more assets. a lot of disrespect for her ex-in laws and the poor granny.

    1. Clearly people like you are unmarried and still in their teens. You can’t understand nor justify her decisions because you are not a mother.

      1. ppl can live their life however they want but it doesnt mean the rest want to follow. its called having an opinion, deal with it. if you were mature, why would you feel so bothered with others feeling its wrong how she dealt with a deathwish? she can do what she likes and we can say what we like. how are you better telling ppl what opinions they can have? whatever marital status a person has does not mean a person cannot distinguish between what is justifiable, right, wrong, moral, traditional and socially respectable. what made you think she did that on the stance of motherhood? did you just assume, likewise?

      2. the same reason traditions, family values, morality, filial piety are in place, they are the things that keep families intact, strong, rather than divided. ppl offer opinions in order to distinguish the good and bad of each decision. denying children the natural right to see their passing kin for the last time, exactly what lesson did you teach ur child? children growing not knowing kinship ties and never had that chance to even see their kin because a lousy parent who only cared about herself, surfing and drinking, vacationing away, leaving the kids to whom anyway? and you think ppl will praise and worship her behavior instead? exactly what society are we living in exactly? they disdain this because what she is doing is clearly WRONG in every aspect to anyone that has a conscience. badly handled and rightly ridiculed for it. for every action is a equal reaction.

      3. social values have disintegrated and lack of family values and solidarity has caused many societal problems. awful parenting is always excused by some lazy defense about how its her personal teaching ways, oh please. who believes that bs? cecilia just comes across uncaring whether anyone else dies, as long as its not her own blood family members. yeah she can be that way if she wants, but she’s a public figure, so criticism is expected.

  18. I feel that this (not lettting the children go or herself) isn’t a big deal. Of course since there are tensions, I do think Cecilia should go since it would probably leave a “good” impression for the ex-in-laws! It may be disrespectful for not showing mourning but the children probably do not have a very close relationship with the great-grandmother.. And as for Funn saying that it will affect the children’s mind.. that really depends and how they view funerals as they grow up.

    I remember that when my grandfather died in HK several years ago, I was really young and my family didn’t go back to HK to attend the funeral.. Instead, my parents and my mom’s siblings took part in sharing the cost for the coffin and whatnot.

    And I had a distant relative 2-3 years who also died in Seattle (we live in Canada).. but I didn’t had to go to the funeral either. Only my parents went. None of my other siblings went either.

    In both of these cases, I wasn’t given the opportunity to go. Only my parents decided whether or not we would go to it or not. Did the relatives see us as not being respectful for not going to the funeral(s)? No. But I also feel that going to funerals and paying last respects to the deceased is very subjective and depends from family to family. It really depends on the family itself and their beliefs as well. I don’t think what Cecilia decided for her children was wrong though. Everyone treats funerals differently. There will be people who will drop everything, do everything they can to attend the funeral while others (like my parents) may not be able to attend the funerals due to other reasons.

  19. How come no one here is bashing good ol’ Nic for skipping out on his own grandma’s funeral? Work is such a lame excuse as most would allow leave for death in family and obviously he is not a “nobody”.

    It is obvious that even he himself did not have a close relationship with her. Prior to his divorce and her death, he did not bother to bring the kids to see her when he could easily have.

    And what about the ex-daughter-in-law, Deborah? Who did not bring her “darling” son to the funeral either?

    So, why reserve all these venomous spike only for Cecilia?

    1. Precisely. AGREE!
      Same observation I have.

      Dude is off working, and not attending, but has the gall to expect his kids to attend. WT@%$#@???

      His fans will defend him saying he’s such a dedicated professional.
      Surely he can jet off for 3 days, for such a legit reason which is acceptable in all work environments.

      The Tses all understand money. Afterall that’s why Patrick is always pretending he has lots of it, and driving around in a Rolls Royce.
      Maybe tell him a $5 million contract is waiting, and see if a disruption is possible.

      During the time great grandma was still was still ALIVE = Nic brought Cecilia to see great grandma once. And of course, that picture made front cover of Mingpao.

      I feel the TSE family is great at playing up their victim mentality in front of the media.

      The entire Tse clan lived in Vancouver with great grandma. In other words, she saw them through childhood and growing up. Why was she in Australia then, once they all moved back to HK?

      And why is Deborah not visiting then? She should have even closer ties, and she’s on very good terms with Patrick. Heck they even party together.
      Why not attend this funeral together?

      I don’t see why the heat is on Cecilia. It may not just be the funeral, but other Tse politics at play if she allows the two Tse boys to go.

      And really, to go do what? Pay respects to the living, not to the already dead.
      That’s just a wayang show to give feace to the Tse family (which is what they’re demanding, and raking up such a media circus about).

  20. I agree with some posters here that Cecilia should bring up her kids by being a good role model.
    Do we really know the real reason why she didn’t turn up at the funeral?
    Is it a fact the great grandma made a dying request to see her kids whom she hardly knew and vice versa?
    Taken her age and illness into consideration I wonder whether she was lucid or not or even cared.
    What Cecilia shouldn’t do is to teach her kids to attend funerals out of of duty but not out of love or respect.
    If her attendance is just to show her presence simply for the sake of her image then I would have no respect for her.
    Why be a hypocrite when you feel nothing for the deceased? Why bother to attend the funeral when you dislike the deceased? Worst of all when you don’t feel a sense of loss.

  21. Seriously whether she allows their children to attend the funeral anot it’s their own problem…. Also Nick did not even attend at all so why so much fuss about this. What can be so important that he can’t even spare a day or 2 to attend the grandma funeral?

  22. the kids are 3 and 6. not every parent will want to bring them to a funeral, regardless of how close the relative was. funerals are scary shit. i know i certainly wouldn’t bring a 3 year old to one. and the 6 year old might not have wanted to go (although imo 6 is still too young).

    nic is the one who sucks for not going.

  23. First of all it’s best kids don’t attend funerals. It’s the energy, not good for them.
    Secondly, it’s in another country.
    Thirdly they are not even close, as in they don’t keep close contact.
    Fourthly, even Nick is not there, so, why expect Cecilia & the kids to be?

  24. Why do people here always believe everything they read? The media fabricated the entire story about Cecilia immigrating to Canada, and when that turned out to be untrue, they fabricated another story of her demanding unlimited alimony from Nic as a bargaining for her sons to stay in HK just to cover their lies. And how did the media know that great grandma pleaded to see the boys? Where is the source? Deborah and Nic’s absences from the funeral only point out that Deborah was the one who did not want Nic nor the boys to attend the funeral. In fact, Nic has stated in the past that Deborah is very superstitious and believes that attending funeral is bad luck.

  25. Little children like Luke and Quinny really should not attend funerals anyway.

  26. The fact that they are divorced is not the issue. Nicholas and his family is and will forever be those children’s blood related family. No one has to like it… its just fact. Would it have killed her to allow the children to attend the funeral? I think not. The decision to ignore the many requests to bring the children was one made out of spite which is a sign of her immaturity and selfishness. This matter was about the death of their great-grandmother and not about her. As an actress, she sucks so I guess it makes sense to take whatever amount of money Nicolas is offering to keep her in Hong Kong.

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