Celebrity Weddings: Kathy Chow and Julien Lepeu Hold Wedding Banquet in Hong Kong

Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and French boyfriend of six years, Julien Lepeu, were married in France last September. On January 12, 2013, the couple held an 11-table  Chinese wedding banquet in Hong Kong, inviting numerous good friends from the entertainment industry to celebrate the important event.

Since her grandparents were unable to attend her wedding in France last year, Kathy wore a wedding dress once again for them. She and her husband then took some passionate kissing photos. Asked if she hopes to have a snake baby, Kathy replied that anything could happen. “We like children, and we will try our best.”

The couple’s wedding celebration in Hong Kong included the traditional procedure of offering tea to the elders. Kathy and Julien’s wedding party had a theme of the 1920s and the guests dressed in respective retro-style gowns.

Guests who attended included Rosamund Kwan (關之琳), Gigi Lai (黎姿), Vivian Chow (周慧敏), Cecilia Yip (葉童), Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), and Kathy’s sister, Niki Chow (周麗淇). Rosamund Kwan prepared a golden pig for the couple, and for wished their success in having a baby soon. Carina Lau attended by herself as husband, Tony Leung (梁朝偉), was busy promoting for his new film.

Niki Chow represented her sister in handing out $500 HKD lucky red envelopes, and prepared simple meals for the media press. She expressed that she is not in a hurried mood to find a boyfriend just because of her sister’s recent marriage. Kathy laughed and said that she will be on the lookout for good men suitable for Niki.

In the after-party following the wedding banquet, 300 guests attended and continued to celebrate Kathy and Julien’s marriage.

Video News Coverage

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Kathy Chow Wedding 14  Kathy Chow wedding 10  Kathy Chow wedding 13

Kathy Chow wedding Carina Lau  Kathy Chow wedding 11

Sources: Oriental Daily, Apple Daily via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I like that brief comment that Carina mentioned about hoping they would have more “cultural communication”……in some ways, they look like an odd couple….Kathy is so very Hongkie/Chinese and the guy is so European. I will never figure out why these Chinese girls feel they need a white guy to make they feel in an “upper class”……I thought Hong Kong women no longer feel that these interracial things are trendy or hip anymore.

    1. Of course she is so Hong Kong Chinese. just take a look at her. He is so European, but of course, he is French. She married the man she is in love with.

      It is refreshing to know that not every chinese feel they have to marry a chinese. They are living in the 2000s and not the 100s, when both will be killed had it been known they were married. These interracial marriage are becoming more hip and more common, so we all have to get used to it.

      I wish them luck.

    2. Odd couple??? How about Gigi Lai and her “old enough to be her father” LAME (as in handicap!) husband? Or Michele Reis married to an ugly playboy who screwed around with Carina Lau and Stanley Ho’s daughter…

      I will never figure out why these lovely chinese girls married some ugly looking chinese farts.

      1. I will never understand why those lovely blonde women like to marry old rich white farts, anyways thats not the point.

        I think as long as they love each other then thats all that matters, Though I think Kathy chow is beautiful, ive seen better looking european men then Julien.

        Bernice Marlohe (skyfall) has a chinese father and a french mother, is that any difference, no.

      2. pretty and beautiful women choose to be with ugly men? most probably it’s because they feel insecure, handsome men attract other ladies, they forgot money also is an attraction too

    3. If they truly love each other and are compatible, then the race, culture,nationality,etc.. should NOT matter at all… Who said that he had to marry within your race to be happy..

  2. I’m a speech therapist assistant, I have noticed Gigi Lai has a speech problem we called it a handicap tongue; when she speaks her words tends to fadeaway she is not perfect either as her husband.

    1. i’m no therapist or analyst. as a regular person, she’s fine, i can understand her words.

  3. What’s the problem? She’s good looking, he’s good looking. SURELY they will have beautiful interracial kids. Mixed blood are always decent looking! But one thing does ponder my mind, does she speak English?

    1. Who cares? I am sure she’s good in French… (as in french sex).

      1. why some peeps here gave nasty comments?
        Wish them the best!!!

  4. because he has a snoopy profile, it is dangerous in that they could have a RAIN looking hybrid baby. I didn’t even pause at the interracial thing, I was too busy being boggled by “passionate kissing” – I blame Ang Li’s Wedding Banquet for promoting the idea that pdas are acceptable at weddings – I remember Chinatown brides refusing to even publicly engaging in pecks when the chopsticks started being drummed – which is rude in and of itself because you’re not supposed to play with chopsticks.

    Anyhoo, I think Rosamund Kwan’s fur looks more attila the hun than she intended and that Carina Lau would be perfected with some orthodontia. I like her lipstick but not her eye makeup – it should be better blended. And I think Vivian should get some pinker cheeks to de-Morticia Addams her outfit.

  5. the commentator talks like an idiot – so wanna slap him. all appledaily clips uses a negative tone to make fun and look down on the people involved.

    yellow fever is in.

    1. Glad you wrote that because I have always thought so! North American media is much more respectful and would never mock their subjects.

      1. That’s even worse that White media refuses to comment on how tacky many fusion relationships look. At least, this couple is nicely packaged.

  6. beautiful and elegant bride & very fit sexy too for the bride,,,while bridegroom very handsome, charming & fit body…we all can only envy them only… they look so happy… niki is beautiful yet kathy looks even more pretty!!!

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