Celina Harto’s Boyfriend Spills Dirty Secrets About Her Calculative Side

More details of TVB artiste Celina Harto’s (陳楨怡) personal life are surfacing, as her proclaimed boyfriend singer Hinson Chou (周子揚) continues to air her dirty laundry. According to Hinson, Celina is a calculative person and would “use other people to her own advantage.” She allegedly became more conniving since placing as Miss Hong Kong 2020 first runner-up and climbing her way up the ranks at TVB.

Uses Other People to Her Advantage

Hinson lamented that Celina keeps a swarm of admirers at her disposal. She has dated boyfriend Andy of four years, yet is in heavy contact with five other men. The list includes: Lincoln Hui (許俊豪); Laurinda Ho’s (何超蓮) ex-boyfriend, former boyband BOP member Jeremy Wong (黃俊豪); actor Niklas Lam (林正峰); and a Korean commercial model. Even Crystal Fung’s (馮盈盈) androgynous personal assistant is drawn to Celina’s charms.

Although Hinson has dated Celina for one and a half years, he was often treated like her chauffeur. Since her ambition to move up in her career took over, Hinson often caught Celina lying. “She once told me that I didn’t need to come pick her up. Another time, she told me that she was sleeping and turned her phone off. However, I later saw Lincoln and Jeremy post photos of them hanging out,” Hinson said angrily.

With the Korean model who is her admirer.

Hinson revealed that Celina wanted to build more connections and had a motive in getting close with each person. “Lincoln is filming dramas, so he knows a lot of people and can introduce her to his manager and help her get side jobs. Jeremy is a model and can introduce her to advertisers. Niklas is TVB executive Catherine Tsang’s (曾勵珍) favorite, so he can give her a lot of information. When Niklas invited her to film a show, she immediately said yes and kept flirting with him. The Korean model can link her to Korean jobs, and Crystal’s personal assistant was originally a photographer and can help her take pretty photos to post on social media.”

Celina told Hinson that she was not interested in the other men, and that she only loves him. When Hinson warned Celina “that the people in the entertainment industry are complicated and to not get too close with the men,” she did not change her actions, and her behavior only worsened.

Hinson voiced his confusion as to why Celina continues to trade amorous texts with numerous men. “Lincoln said that he’ll treat her to candy. Jeremy was inviting her out to hang out. Niklas was inviting her to eat at the TVB canteen. The only reason for all this is that she likes the attention!”

Thinks Celina is Too Fake

Reporters asked why Hinson was sharing so much damaging information about Celina. He replied that he was tired of her actions, and finds her to be too “fake.”

“I really love her. I even tolerated the many men around her, but she should not be so fake and continue to pretend to be an innocent goddess. Many celebrities overseas like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are very popular, even though they have a wild or a bad boy image. I’m just asking for her to be true to herself, and then I’ll shut up.”

The last time they spoke, Celina had asked that Hinson not publicly disclose he is her boyfriend. Although Celina claimed to really miss him, Hinson has not been able to reach her for a month now. “I don’t even know what our relation is now. I’d like for her to tell me clearly.”

Smoking Habits and Partying Culture

Hinson also complained of Celina’s smoking habits and partying culture. “She attended Lincoln’s Sai Kung house party, and I drove to pick her up. It turns out that there was also Jeremy, Lisa Tse (謝嘉怡), Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) and her rumored boyfriend Keefe Ng (吳卓衡). They were all partying and smoking–this is not the first time they’ve partied like this. Someone also saw Jeremy post a photo of him dancing closely with Celina.”

Suddenly pulled into Celina’s rumors, Lisa denied that she is a smoker. “My grandma has smoked since she was young and ruined her lungs, so I would never smoke.” She also clarified that she is currently single, “Jeremy has introduced me to many new friends. He studied in Australia, so he introduced many friends who have grown up overseas as well.” Although Lisa has spoken to Celina, who is currently in China, they only exchanged well wishes for the New Year and did not talk about the latter’s controversies.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sound like a obsessive ex-bf… To be honest Celina is young and she rightfully should enjoy her youth and socialise with whoever she wants. She comes from a affluent family, thus she is not gold digger or social climber.

    Fake or not…that is the industry… I do believe Celina is a bright young woman and is just beginning her career, to taint her reputations now is just nasty. Hinson is just a sore loser….good riddance to him.

  2. Interesting how he was able to stay in that relationship for so long. One and a half years with a “fake” person. What else was left of her that made him stick around? Appearance? Money? I guess love really blinds people. However, sharing this information does not make me pity him. Instead, his reveal of Celina only degrades him and makes him a low-level person.

  3. Wow he’s sharing all this info in an attempt to paint her in a negative light but it’s really just making him look like a sour ex bf.

  4. Well, just like I give the benefit of the doubt to women who expose their exes’ bad behavior, I will also give one to Hinson. Just because someone is telling the truth (to be determined), it doesn’t make them a bad person. If there’s really merit with what he says, then she’s a pretty manipulative person.

  5. i don’t see a problem, if it was a woman, i think i would applaud for her standing out and curse the guy for being a scum. so why the double standard? he feels cheated and wants to expose her true sides so this is his way to cope and vent. on the plus side, this is fun popcorn material although nothing too explosive since these are exactly big names but gives you an idea how showbiz and people in the business behave.

    1. @m0m0 You are right about the popcorn gossips.. but this guy has a track records of attacking his ex GF online… he even had a legal settlement with his ex who sued him for lying. thus him doing it again is such bad news.

  6. This guy is really annoying. First he outs their relationship before she was ready and tries to force her to admit it as well. I interpreted most of his complaints as her wanting to hang out with friends or network with people, which is important in this industry. I don’t really care if he’s outting her, but did he have to implicate so many third parties? He did this to his other ex-gf too, some other TVB actress that was Miss HK contestant. He told the tabloids that he broke up with that ex because her family tried to extort him for money. Her family ended up suing him for defamation for that comment. After that he tried to settle the matter outside of the court. I don’t know/remember ultimately what happened though. He just seems like a very petty and possessive guy.

    1. @lilseemonster Yes, he did something similar to another exGF Lily Ho. He accused her family of asking for monthly allowance to continue dating her. Lily and Gigi(her sister) filed a lawsuit with his accusation. In the end he had to settle out of courts… Anyway, this guy clearly like Celina alot and pursue her but she never reveal they are dating…and she has said Hinson is just a friend. Thus the dating news ids only from his side.
      Celina is young and pretty, she need to settle at all. Just socialise and enjoy her youth.

    2. Wow… a scumbag with a blabber mouth. Its a good thing he’s doing all these publicly. At least all the ladies knows his character and if smart stay away from people like him.

  7. Hanging out with multiple men doesn’t mean you have to be dating each one of them. He has no evidence of her cheating so he shouldn’t be claiming in public like this is all true.

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