Lisa Tse Has More Work Than Carmaney Wong

Known for her cute and down-to-earth personality, Lisa Tse (謝嘉怡) from Scotland swept the Miss Photogenic award and crown at this year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant. A fan-favorite for many, the 25-year-old has already been showered with countless job opportunities since winning the championship less than a month ago – a stark contrast from the situation of last year’s winner, Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯).

Reportedly, many companies are dying to work with Lisa after the successful release of her first post-pageant project done with a real estate company. As a result of her popularity, TVB has arranged many promotional functions for her to attend and other advertisement jobs. Her reign has taken off in comparison to the previous winners, including Louisa Mak (麥明詩), Juliette Louie, and Carmaney. The former two have already left the industry while the latter is struggling to secure job opportunities.

Is Carmaney Jealous?

Originally, TVB planned on letting Carmaney continue her reign for another year after they canceled this year’s pageant due to the pandemic. However, the resurrection of the competition left Carmaney in the dark again, so she has resorted to signing up for a pet grooming class to fill up her free time in recent months. Other than that, she frequently uploads photos of her dog.

Seeing as Carmaney’s career path is looking grim compared to Lisa’s, reporters reached out to Carmaney on her thoughts about the situation. She responded, “I am very happy to see my juniors have countless work opportunities. Each opportunity is so different, so I hope they can enjoy the experience.”

When asked if she was jealous, she said, “It is important to look forward, be the best version of yourself, and cherish every opportunity. If anything, I envied those who got to try acting, but it’s finally my turn. I am preparing for a drama in October, but I don’t know the details until the costume-fitting. In the meantime, I am taking acting classes and buying acting books to prepare.”

Is Lisa an Outcast?

Although Carmaney is supportive of Lisa’s success, Lisa’s pageant sisters may be jealous of Lisa’s current popularity. Recently, reporters saw Lisa working at a building in Central with first-runner-up Celina Harto (陳楨怡), second-runner-up Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍), and Miss Friendship Maisie Kwong (鄺美璇). Together, they took a break and went to a nearby shop to buy bubble tea with a crew member. Although they formed a circle and chatted non-stop while waiting for their drinks, Lisa did not talk the entire time and played on her phone, making her look isolated from the group. Perhaps, there is a language barrier as Cantonese is not Lisa’s strongest suit.

After they all received their drinks, they quickly returned to the building for work. Lisa tried to catch up with Celina, and they exchanged a few words on their way back. After a few hours, a company car picked them up to head back to TVB.


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    1. @m0m0 I find that strange too. Even others from her year had some filming opportunities. Maybe she’s just really boring and no one wants to use her in their shows ….

      1. @luye I knew they’re one year apart but she looks very mature for her age it’s hard to tell she’s under her 30? Similar to Kelly Cheung she looks very mature for her age too. The one that are actually looks younger but their age are older for an example: I’m just surprised about these ladies age Charlene Choi, Gillian Chung, Zoie Tam, and Stephy Tang so far I can think of.

  1. I’ve followed the Miss HK pageant this year since day 1 and although I like Lisa Tse, I feel like she is too chill, if not, quite boring. I’m not sure if it’s because of the language barrier (I hope so), but the way she talks is so calm and chill, I find it difficult to stay focused and listen to her interview. I think she seems like a really nice down-to-earth gal so the entertainment industry might not work out for her personality. But still, I wish the best for her and if she were to act, I really hope she can show more charisma and shine. And as for Carmaney, I actually think she has the looks for television, maybe even leading lady. Just need the right opportunity to come by and do well in it.

      1. @luye yeah, I know. But she is rather bland and boring to listen to because she is so chill. Personal opinion anyway. I know that it’s one of her biggest attributes to winning besides her looks,
        but as a viewer, she can’t sustain my attention span when she speaks.

  2. Can she speak cantonese? And can she speak fluent cantonese? If not can she act well? She can play a mute but I don’t think I can suffer thru another pretty face who can’t speak well and can’t act well. If only TVB is making wuxia or historical drama with some foreign mongolian princess as a character, she can play that. But TVB isn’t doing that so she probably plays foreign exchange student or something. Of course you learn on the job but my patience as a viewer is wearing thin. Unless she is super chirpy and has great charisma, please TVB, please spare me the pain. Scrap Miss HK pageant and just do a talent search.

  3. I just watched an interview she did yesterday and I can see why she’s popular (aside from her looks). This is probably an unpopular opinion but unlike most hk girls, she’s not doing the fake cuteness, fake squeaky voice and she’s not responding to questions in the same generic fake manner that Chinese entertainment seems to encourage. That being said, a few years of living in HK will probably change her and she’ll become generic and squeaky. But for now, I think she’s a breath of fresh air from the 99.99% of hk celebs.

  4. What about Juliette does she have any job offers after winning Miss Hong Kong? I think the reason Lisa has more job because she’s more prettier?

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