Rosita Kwok Narrowly Avoided Wardrobe Malfunction

The 2023 TVB Anniversary Gala was held on November 19th with nearly 200 artistes in attendance. For one of the events, Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) performed a daring aerial yoga routine and almost exposed herself on stage.

Rosita took center stage against a rhythmic accompaniment of drums performed by a group of up and coming female artistes. Although Rosita’s pink outfit was eye-catching, the outfit appeared to be too loose and Rosita was seen constantly pulling her outfit closer to her chest midair. Rosita’s quick actions saved herself from being exposed.

Returning backstage after her aerial yoga performance, Rosita was interviewed by the media and was asked if she was in danger of having a wardrobe malfunction. Rosita responded, “I was also afraid of exposing myself so I prepared some safety measures.” 

Rosita added that the incident was a small matter and that the most important thing is that everyone enjoyed her performance.

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  1. Who gave her such a unsuitable outfit! I can think of one perverted top management who will give such suggested.

  2. One shoulder and strapless are never a good idea for extreme exercise. FYI her pink outfit didn’t even match the outfits of the other dancers and made her stand out in a bad way. Her yoga performance was enjoyable but just too short!

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