Rosita Kwok Finds Success in Education and Career

Placing first runner-up in  Miss Hong Kong 2020, Rosita Kwok (郭柏妍) has been actively filming for TVB for two years. Last year was an especially fruitful time  for Rosita, with five dramas airing and tremendous exposure. Winning the TVB Most Improved Actress Award, Rosita is well on her way to becoming one of the company’s most promoted actresses.

Participating in a fun Q&A on YouTube recently, Rosita shared many personal tidbits with fans online. She revealed that prior to participating in the pageant and joining TVB, her life primarily consisted of going to school and studying. It was only on the rare days that she had a day off from school that she would choose to either go karaoke with friends or shopping.

Behind-the-scenes staff were surprised that she went out so little. The 26-year-old responded, “I would only go out once after I finish with all my school tests. Weren’t you guys like that too? The first time I ever stayed out late to karaoke was for a teacher appreciation banquet.”

After graduating from high school, Rosita attended the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, majoring in Food Science and Safety. Later, she attended Hong Kong University and graduated in 2021 with her Master’s in Food Safety Management. During her graduation, Rosita shared on Instagram a photo of herself in cap and gown, writing, “Two fleeting years of countless nights in a race against time. I hope I can focus and do well in both my area of study and work. Don’t give up!” Having achieved such accomplishments in her educational pursuits, the beauty with brains is also on the right track to becoming a successful actress.

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