Rosita Kwok Places Second at Aerial Dance Competition

Rosita Kwok’s (郭柏妍) aerial performance at TVB Anniversary Gala was both exciting and suspenseful. It turns out Rosita is an avid lover of the sport. Participating in an aerial dance competition earlier this year, Rosita placed second.

“In December 2023, I was still indecisive over whether I should join the competition. I didn’t think I could do it. It also involved travelling alone outside of Hong Kong. After several weeks of deliberation and with the advice of many people, I decided to compete.

“I’m even happier I met a group of friends who have the same interests. It feels great to immediately click because of a shared passion…. This competition was a learning experience. I learned there will be constant obstacles along the way, but there will be unexpected rewards as long as you persevere.”

Hoping her own experience would inspire others, Rosita also took the opportunity to encourage students who are currently going through exams.

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  1. TVB is trying sooooo hard to promote her. She did 1 role well. In all other roles, she is stiff. I am not saying she won’t become better. I am saying it is too soon and they are ruining her instead of helping her because she’s in the audience’s face too much.

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