Lisa Tse Starts New Businesses

Despite securing a double win for Miss Hong Kong 2020 and Miss Photogenic, scottish nurse-turned-celebrity Lisa Marie Tse’s (謝嘉怡) career journey in showbiz was less than smooth-sailing.

With few and far between projects and onscreen appearances since her debut, the actress has pivoted to entrepreneurship, putting her eggs in several baskets including a female-centric fitness program, a food tech business, and recently a digital card business with friends.

Getting the cold shoulder from TVB partly due to her lack of fluency in Cantonese, Lisa did not rest on her laurels, but started dabbling in a “Detox Future Salad” business, and would regularly update her social platforms with new video contents as well as started a YouTube channel.

Since running her own business, Lisa would often distribute namecards, but realized that she was prone to losing the many business cards she collected, which also took up much space. Collaborating with a few good friends, they have together devised an eco-friendly digital card solution named WHOSiFY, which uses NFC technology to enable fuss-free sharing of business details.

Previously a nurse in Scotland before she took part in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, Lisa was taught the importance of investments and savings from young by her dad. She worked hard to save up to 60% of her income, and could afford two properties on turning 21!

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  1. Her parents helped her buy her place in Hong Kong—one of the world’s most expensive real estate. I am not saying she’s filthy rich but she came from a (very) financially stable background even before the pageant. I don’t feel like she’s being demoted but I do believe she wanted to these businesses long before she was rumored to be demoted. Also, new business don’t usually start being cash positive, it takes years. She is not struggling. Next.

  2. so old bussiness idea… seem NFC bizcards is in the market for years

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