Lisa Tse Went to Africa as a Medical Volunteer

Currently playing an intern on Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛回家之開心速遞>, Lisa Tse‘s (謝嘉怡) has been capturing hearts since winning Miss Hong Kong 2020 due to her sweet looks and exuberant personality. Recently sharing stories of her volunteer experience in Zambia, Africa on Xiaohongshu, Lisa revealed how it changed her life perspective. 

When she was studying nursing at Edinburgh Napier University, Lisa had the opportunity to go on a volunteer trip. Between Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, Lisa decided to go to Zambia along with two doctors and another nurse.

“The local medical system was very poor, so it was very heartbreaking to me. I already mentally prepared myself that I would be working in horrible conditions and under high heat. It was very difficult to concentrate, and adapt to the environment. My sweat would always mix with the sanitizer I use, making me very uncomfortable. On the first day, I was vomiting so much in the bathroom,” Lisa recalled. 

The trip made Lisa realize many things she took for granted in life can be a struggle for those less fortunate. “After returning from Africa, I kept reflecting on my definition of happiness. I didn’t realize how fortunate I was to be able to buy a new phone and eat good food. For the children in Zambia, they consider happiness to just be education and clean drinking water. I saw how frail many of the people were in the hospital, but I also saw their love, selflessness…and [strength as a community].”

Since relocating to Hong Kong to pursue acting, Lisa hopes to continue serving her community and doing charity work when possible.  

Source: HK01 

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