Lisa Tse’s Dad Works As Her “Assistant”

Miss Hong Kong 2020 Lisa Tse (謝嘉怡) won over the hearts of viewers with her beautiful looks and straightforward, down-to-earth personality. Even though she was born and grew up in Scotland, her father Peter had always hoped that she could partake in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Living in Hong Kong has allowed Lisa to learn more about her roots and culture.

Learning More About Her Roots in Hong Kong

During her childhood, Lisa made regular trips to Hong Kong to visit her relatives. Lisa’s grandfather previously owned a chicken congee restaurant in Tai Po. After winning the pageant, Lisa had wanted to tell her grandmother the good news in person as soon as possible.

Lisa once stated, “The reason why Hong Kong has always felt like a distant home for me is because of my grandmother. Every year when I visit, we would go out to dim sum and she would always order all the foods I like. She fascinates me with the stories about her childhood, and she would shows me places I would never have seen on my own. She has always been supportive, and shown me what it takes to be a strong, independent woman. I am so lucky to have her guidance throughout the years.”

Aside from her grandmother and extended family in Hong Kong, Lisa is also close with television personality Maria Cordero (肥媽), who had nominated her in the pageant. Maria has known Lisa’s father for many years.

Father Works As Her “Assistant”

Lisa with her parents

Although Lisa’s entertainment career is taking off and she landed a role in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞>, her father would still visit to make sure she is adjusting well.

When it was pointed out that Peter acts as her bodyguard and assistant, Lisa said that it was his way of spending more time with her during his month-long vacation in Hong Kong. Seen accompanying Lisa at a recent promotional event and patiently waiting for her, Lisa was teased whether Peter received any money as her assistant. She laughed that his “reward” was spending time with her.

“When I don’t have to film for TVB, he would spend time with me. It’s almost time for him to go back to the United Kingdom,” Lisa said.

Asked whether she had asked Peter for any money to help out with expenses in Hong Kong, Lisa said, “When I need it, he would give it to me. But I normally don’t spend [a lot] of money.” Peter had urged Lisa to save money, but she is not certain about her future plans. “The houses in England are larger and more affordable, so I’m not sure if I will buy a home in Hong Kong.”

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