Lisa Marie Tse is Bored of Scotland

Returning from Scotland after a three-month stay, Lisa Marie Tse (謝嘉怡) is finally back in Hong Kong. Lisa had not expected to stay in Scotland that long, but she wanted to take care of her aunt who experienced health issues. “It’s been too long! I miss Hong Kong, my dogs, and my work!

Compared to the fast-paced life in Hong Kong, Lisa admitted, “life in Scotland is really boring. There’s nothing to do, it’s cold, and I live in an area with only 600 people where I’m surrounded by grass, pigs, cows, and sheep.”

Although she was born and raised in Scotland, Lisa questions whether it is a suitable place to live in the future. “It’s a great place for retirement. It’s fine when you’re young because there’s lots of outdoor activities. In your  twenties, it’s hard. Many people who live there are used to this lifestyle, because this is how their parents lived their lives.”.

Visiting her grandmother in Hong Kong when she was a child, Lisa is familiar with local culture which helped her win Miss Hong Kong 2020. Commenting on her love for the city, Lisa enthused,  “Hong Kong has everything, and it’s very exciting here! My dad is thinking about moving back to Hong Kong next year to stay with me. My mom really likes Hong Kong as well due to the food. She had stayed here for a year before, but doesn’t want to move yet due to my aunt’s health issues.”

Aside from performing in the TVB Anniversary Gala, she will be resuming filming for Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞> . Asked if she has chosen a dress for the upcoming Anniversary Awards ceremony, Lisa said she had tried some dresses with Rosita Kwok (郭栢妍), “I’m looking for something elegant, nothing too sparkly. I’ve been boxing six days a week recently and have lost some fat, but my weight has stayed the same due to the muscle gain.”

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