Charmaine Sheh Shares Her Outlook For the Year of the Tiger

Taking a break during the Lunar New Year, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) returns to Hong Kong to spend time with her family. This year, Charmaine takes her hand at making Chinese desserts while sharing her expectations and wishes for the new year.

Charmaine revealed that she had been cooking at home more often due to the pandemic. Showing off her newly gained culinary skills, Charmaine demonstrated how she makes tang yuens and shared, “This is my first time making them and I really like the black sesame fillings. When it comes to Chinese New Year, I really like my mom’s radish cake. It’s her specialty and she makes a lot of them to give to family and friends.”

When asked about her career plans in the year of the tiger, the actress confessed that she missed Hong Kong and would return if there is a good script. Charmaine said, “I am in discussion for some projects but it all depends on fate. In the past two years, I always felt that plans are always changing. It’s better not to think too much and hold onto each day. Eat what you want, do what you want and see who you want.”

Knowing that many fans are curious about her romance life, Charmaine revealed her thoughts, “When people grow up, they know what they really want. If I meet a talented person who I admire, we could be together. I actually enjoy life right now and my opinions have not changed. I will marry for the sake of getting married. I know I must find someone that I really love.  We would need to appreciate each other, learn from each other and grow together.”

Source: Singtao

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