Charmaine Sheh and Bowie Lam Have No Chance in Winning TV King and Queen?

Last year’s  controversial TVB series, When Heaven Burns <天與地>, was not featured as an Anniversary series as it was purposely aired after the year-end awards. The series received poor ratings amongst the viewers, but critical acclaim. The controversial subject sparked many lively discussions among netizens. Many of them expressed how brilliant the series was and even labeled it as a miraculous series.

Due to Bowie Lam (林保怡) and Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) excellent acting in When Heaven Burns, they had great potential to win acting awards. However, producer Jonathan Chik (戚其義) and Chow Yuk Ming (周旭明) are said to be leaving TVB; their departure will likely decrease the chances of winning the Best Drama. Rumor has it that the show will not even be nominated by TVB. The same likelihood goes for Bowie and Charmaine — despite their great performance, they will not even be considered in the awards race. In addition, the two are no longer under TVB contracts, so the company is not inclined to promote them.

A few days ago, the producer of the TVB awards show, Sandy Yu (余詠珊) denied the rumor. Sandy responded to the media, “When Heaven Burns is one of the finalists and it definitely will stay as a finalist. TVB is extremely fair, and the actors will get nominated based on one series they starred in. We do not want to dilute the votes.” Sandy said the nominees will be internally selected by the producers and executives. The final list will have 10 actors, 10 actresses, and 24 series for the viewers to choose from. The final nominations will be announced on November 19 after the Anniversary Gala celebration.

The winner of the TV King and Queen awards and the Best TV series Award will be determined by the viewers. There will be a fierce competition between the viewers who will vote based on the actor’s performance and the loyal fans who will vote for their idols such as Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Raymond Lam (林峯) and others. It will be very interesting to see who will Hong Kong’s most widely .

As for the rumor of leaving TVB, Jonathan Chik said he has not made any decisions yet, and he’s still negotiating with TVB. Since he is still under a TVB contract, he will not reveal any more details.  On the rumor that When Heaven Burns may not receive any nomination due to his rumored departure, Jonathan said, “Everyone knows our company is using the one person one vote selection process, so it’s all up to the viewers now. I don’t know whether it will have any effects. I only know how to produce series so I don’t know how to answer these questions. I don’t produce series just for winning awards.”

When asked whether he will be disappointed if Bowie and Charmaine do not receive any nominations, Jonathan said that their amazing performances have touched many viewers. Source: Apple Daily via

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  1. they will probably get the courtesy nomination but charmaine/bowie/WHB has no chance winning anything

  2. Nice choice in photo selection Jayne! 😀 Totally matches the title lols

      1. hahahaha agree, now that you’ve mentioned, I scrolled up and laughed.

    1. Yup..the pic is very nice n well taken..such explosive emo on bowie..makes me liken him even more.. ^.^

      1. Yes, those photos are from WHB, if that is the series that you are talking about.

    2. Come to think of it, the photos are pretty funny. As standalone photos, they are tragic, but, using them with this article, it’s funny. 😀

  3. I am fans of Sheh…but i don’t think TV King and Queen is matter for them anymore…they took is before…they have big market in China…

  4. eh. although i would rather charmaine and bowie win, it doesn’t matter if kate and raymond are the winners since tvb awards have never been fair anyways. i just have to point out that kate’s drug scenes looked more sensual than getting high lol. it wasn’t very fun to watch.

  5. So far this year I have not seen another actress surpass Charmaine as Hazel (see I even remember the character’s name without looking it up) – I can’t remember anybody else – even Kate’s Chinese name on Highs and Lows and that just ended.

    TVB awards is popularity contest so I don’t think she or Bowie will win either.

    1. i know right?
      literally laughing at my desk, clutching my intestines

    2. Haha…yup, I laughed too! Keep in mind that the comment is coming from a woman (Sandy Yu) who has been away from TVB for a long time and even admitted herself earlier that she had not been paying much attention to what was going on with TVB before she ‘re-joined’ them…therefore it’s not surprising that she would make those types of comments.

      It’s probably better that Charmaine and Bowie don’t even get nominated or into Top 5 because based on the info just released, looks like the nominees for TV King and Queen will be doing ‘presidential debate’ style showdowns at the awards show, complete with ‘smear campaigns’ and everything! Good going TVB — nice way to have the artists make fools of themselves in front of everyone…I’m sure the artists will ‘appreciate’ that!

      This just proves that once again, TVB is more concerned with ratings and pulling all sorts of ‘gimmicks’ to enhance their programs, even if they have to sacrifice their own artists to do it!

  6. lol, the whole system’s defunct.
    i’m a charmaine fan but even i don’t think she deserves it, and even if she does, the awards mean nothing anymore.

    we’ll all give some tepid rounds of applause to whoever wins and move on.

  7. charmaine’s acting in WHB is heaps better than kate’s HAL. but shame, she has no chance in hell of winning.

  8. Seems like tvb care about their pride to much, when you leave them you hurt their pride so the actors and actress for the series that still are with them gets punished for it.

    1. lol Like Ron and Bosco, both are consider leaving 🙁 I hope Bosco at least do once a year or something.

      I feel TVB should open to more ideas like having contest for screenwriter and etc… that Korea is doing lately. Or invite Korean’s producer to do some production. I hear Nicholas Tse’s business is doing well, TVB should consider that also, this is a new generation, follow the trend. ^O^

  9. LOL, like they care. Both are digging a goldmine in mainland whereas the others are railroad workers with constant danger.

    Guess only the TV industry in mainland is being fooled that TVB awards = real acting skills. Pretty sure the local market and the critical viewer knows how pathetic it really is.

  10. how bout roger people does roger have another chance of winning another tv king award at tvb

    1. for what series? oh wait…
      that was one ‘unexciting’ drama…i refuse to use the ‘L’ word or even the ‘S’ word even though it’s really warranted <__<

      tvb does't give him good roles, but he's pretty active in mainland so i don't think it matters to him

      doesn't he have a drama with joey and angela coming up? now that seems like something to watch and a more appropriate contender for the awards

    2. agree that he doesn’t have chance with te horrible dramas they’re giving him

  11. I doubt they will probably get nominated to get people to stay quiet! Tvb is never fair just look at those undeserving people winning those awards!

  12. Sheh’s new drama in Mainland was producing, wonder when it’s going to be out and subbed. :/ I would like to see her real first mainland drama, and how it’s to be.

    Bowie *thumbs up*… his tear breaks me, such a potential actor 🙂 Also, Bowie how could you just be gay, why not bisexual, so we girls can have a taste of you too *pout* nomnom

    1. I saw one with Charmaine and Bobby some time back, can’t remember the title though.

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