Charmaine Sheh and Fala Chen Competing for Best Actress Award?

Focusing on both television series and the music industry this year, Fala Chen is quickly catching up with Charmaine Sheh Si Man for the Best Actress prize! Currently filming in Hengdian with Roger Kwok Chun On, Charmaine praised Fala, “She is a very nice and hard-working girl.”

Was Charmaine concerned that she may not win the 2010 TVB Best Actress Award? “Each year, the awards ceremony takes place. It is unimportant whether I receive awards; I just hope to give a good performance in each series.”

The temperature in Hengdian soared to 39 degrees Celsius earlier. Ten members of the crew grew sick with the cold. Charmaine fell sick as well and recently returned to Hong Kong to see her doctor. Roger Kwok suffered a slight heat stroke as well. Roger said, “It was so hot, I couldn’t stand stably! This is the first time I am shaving my head for a series. Charmaine helped shave my hair; she said it was a lot of fun!”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Charmaine will obviously get nominated for Best Actress due to the upcoming broadcast of Can’t Buy Me Love. And Fala’s popularity is increasing each day…. It’s still too early to tell who has the highest chance to win the Best Actress Award yet, but definitely too soon for Fala.

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  1. Bridget, I agree with you on Linda. A Journey Called Life is indeed her best role todate and I consider it her breakout role. Some scenes in Gem of Life as well. I find her paired off well with Wong Hei than Bosco! Maybe she does pair off well with older guys. Anyway those who hasn’t seen Journey Called Life, it is a must watch. Watching Linda in there is a pleasure and I love her relationship with Steven.

  2. I’ve watched AJCL and it was Linda’s best series but it can be argued that Leung Choi Yuen’s script and beautiful storyline helped her. Linda’s role in AJCL is one of the best roles written for a young fadan in recent years with maximum character development and a lot of touching scenes. It’s a fact that sometimes a good sympathetic role helps an actress. Even in AJCL I see Linda struggling and OTT as the bad girl at the start and only comfortable as she turned good girl later. Sorry I found her OTT as the bitchy girl in TGOL and tomboy AWT and lack of range in MR and GW.

    I agree that Linda is better than Shirley and Kate though.

  3. I don’t see why kate is so heavily promoted. I cannot stand her. In terms of ranking my fa dans …

    old school (fa dans for 5+ yrs)
    jessica > maggie cheung > kenix > ada > charmaine > bernice > sonija

    newbies (fa dans for 2+ yrs)
    tavia > myolie > fala > linda > kate

  4. ^ Agreed. Tavia and Ray leads the new generation in acting skills. The other newbies have a lot to improve on and they should look at how Tavia and Ray are doing so well. TVB acting school has produced two good phenomena in Tavia and Ray.

  5. Ray a phenomenal actor? He’s on the bottom of my list. He is mediocre. Other newbies are way better than him.

  6. Tavia is ok but not phenomenal. Ray is a far better credit than some will give him credit for.

  7. ^I agree. Tavia is a decent actress, but it turns out that she is actually overrated after all.

    I disagree that Ray is in the bottom. He’s definitely one of the best of his generation. He still has far to go in comparison to veterans and other actors who has been in the industry longer. But compare him to Bosco, Ron, Kenneth, Chris Lai etc. he’s in the top. (I know that he technically entered a little bit earlier (right?) but Tavia has also been in the industry longer than Linda, Fala etc. When speaking of generations – I basically mean, within TVB’s younger, leading generation.

  8. I disagree that Ray is in the bottom. But, neither is he a phenomena. Same with Tavia.

    They are no doubt better than a lot of their peers, but, phenomena is a big word.

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