Charmaine Sheh: “I Want A Man That Does Not Need My Monetary Support!”

In recent years, a “marriage boom” swept through the entertainment industry among actresses. Considered to be a “Diamond Leftover Bachelorette,” Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼) was not worried about being unable to find a marriage partner. This year, Charmaine intended to widen her social circle and change the scenery in her love life. On the other hand, since Moses Chan (陈豪) admitted to dating Aimee Chan (陈茵媺), he received everyone’s blessings, which improved the pair’s relationship.

TVB Producer Jonathan Chik’s (戚其义) new television drama, Let It Be Love < 4 In Love> featured four short stories in its narrative. In one of the stories, Mongkok local, Moses Chan fell in love with Asian superstar, Charmaine Sheh. The story resembled Hollywood movie, Notting Hill. Moses said, “The character is very down to earth; the portrayal will be authentic as long as there is no pretension. The character is quite rude and as I have years of experience playing triad members, I can handle it.” Moses worked hard to expand his acting range in recent years, playing a psychotic serial killer in the upcoming Psychological Warfare <心戰>. “The greater changes in the character, the better it is, as I can satisfy my acting craving and stretch my bottom line. An actor needs to play different roles. The team of Jonathan Chik and Zhou Xuming (周旭明) gave us the opportunity to change this time.”

Charmaine Sheh Tired of Wearing a Mask

In Let It Be Love, Charmaine’s character was an Asian superstar that was tired of leading her lifestyle in the entertainment circle. In her heart, she wanted to retire, possessing a desire to be her true self and not wear a mask in front of other people. Charmaine admitted that the character resembled herself, “Although she always said that she is tired and did not want to act anymore, she was unable to truly let go. After entering the entertainment industry, there was a time when I felt lost, especially in the early years of my career. I always wanted to put forth my best side before other people, but this may not be my true self. Thus, whether at work or returning home, I was very tired and felt a bit strange and unbalanced. As I grew older and absorbed more experience, I felt there was no need to act this way. An artist can also be herself and have her own personality. Of course, I can be myself, as I do not want to wear a mask!”

Moses agreed with Charmaine’s statement that an artist needed to also be real. Moses said, “It is impossible that a person does not have any faults. When you intentionally build a good image–a good idol image—and people discover that it is not your true self after getting to know you better, then there is a bigger problem! If you put forth your true self, it is better than to deliberately please the audience. Everyone will feel better this way.”

Feeling Very Comfortable After Admitting Relationship

A superstar falling in love with a regular civilian was a beautiful fairy tale. Behind the romance was a number of problems, including the paparazzi’s hot pursuit, public pressure, family issues, etc. Charmaine spoke of a scene in Let It Be Love that portrayed the grievances of female artists realistically, “My character strongly believes in the existence of UFOs. When Moses and I go to the hill top to see a UFO to fulfill one of my small dreams, the paparazzi suddenly emerged and destroyed the date and romantic ambience. This situation also happened to me in real life.”

Conversely, after Moses recently announced dating Aimee, the public was very receptive towards the pairing. Happy to have received the public’s blessing, Moses said, “I feel more at ease, as there is additional space for us. There was no longer a need to shy away and avoid the press. It is indeed rare and comforting to receive everyone’s blessing. Seeing everyone happy for us, it makes us even happier, which helps our relationship!” Charmaine admitted that she also envied Moses. 

Charmaine Wants a Self Reliant Man

Charmaine and Moses portrayed an odd-couple in Let It Be Love. In real life, can Charmaine accept dating a man who possessed an inferior social status? Charmaine replied, “As long as the man can take care of himself and I do not have to support him, then there is no problem. This is my bottom line. The most important thing is that two people are happy together. Is it guaranteed that there will be happiness with money? No there is not! If you truly love the person, there will be acceptance. As long as you do not put money above love, then there is no problem.”

Charmaine Does Not Mind Being Called a “Leftover Bachelorette”

In recent years, a new term, “Leftover Bachelorette” was coined to describe a 30-something woman who has not found her significant other yet.  Many people felt that such a label was derogatory to women. Asked whether the currently single Charmaine minded such a label, she stated, “In the beginning, I was a bit offended. Afterward, the name was modified to ‘Golden Leftover Bachelorette’ and ‘Diamond Leftover Bachelorette,’ which sounded a lot better. Even if you were to mind, what can you do? Whether it is praising or derogatory in nature, you cannot control it. A ‘Leftover Bachelorette’ does not mean that no one wants her, but rather that I do not want others. There is no need to deliberately explain why and be too pessimistic. I am not the type to remain alone for the rest of my life.”

Taking Initiative and Changing Strategies

Many artists will place their careers in first place, with love in secondary position. Asked whether she placed her love life in a low position, Charmaine replied, “I do place it in a high position. Currently, I reserve more time to rest. Aside from health reasons, I want to have more time to meet people and broaden my circle in life. There is a need to communicate with friends. I had chosen my path. It is not possible that there were no pursuers over the last 10 years, but I placed my career first and pursued my career goals fully. Naturally, there was less time to date. Since that was my choice, I will not regret it. When appropriate, the ‘strategy’ can be modified; perhaps there will be change in scenery!”

As a man, Moses also felt that the term “Leftover Bachelorette” was disrespectful for the ladies. Moses said, “It is not really fair. Some older men are also not dating, but to single out the women in this manner lacks respect. In love, you cannot control the timing: to make it come and go as you please. It is nice to have a love partner, but there is no need to step on others for lacking  one. I strongly believe in fate and one’s love destiny; there is an arrangement for everything!”

Charmaine and Moses were often cast in Golden Producer, Jonathan Chik’s dramas. Charmaine and Moses praised Jonathan highly. Moses said, “Jonathan’s team has not changed, whether in policy, style and dialogue; you can look back to past dramas and realize that there is a message about human nature. Our group of people has become a team. You will feel very assured working with Jonathan. He was present at almost every filming scene. When he spots someone suddenly trying to steal the scene, he will ask you to strengthen your performance and find a balance. This team is not about putting forth your own individual performance.”

Charmaine also declared that it was addictive to film Jonathan’s dramas, “You will really want to perform in his productions! You will be interested to know the subject of his next drama and whether you can meet the challenges. It is most fun this way. Without communicating, is it possible to successfully accomplish the tasks? Each time, we are able to do so! Of course, there is individual communication with the producer, but there is no need for too many group discussions when the team starts work.”


Jayne: Charmaine made some wise points in the interview and agree with what she said. I still find it striking how Charmaine is very good friends with Sonija, yet Charmaine knows clearly what she wants and sets very clear priorities. Contrast this with Sonija’s interviews and the friends’ perspectives are quite dissimiliar.

Anyhow, glad Charmaine is at a place where she can strike better balance between her career and personal life. She sounds clear-minded and happy in the interview, unlike some celebrities who may sound as if they are pining for a love life, noting their love life is “very dry” etc. Life goes on even if there is no romantic love. Charmaine’s advice about staying positive and switching strategies is very sound.

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  1. I always thought Charmaine is someone who knows what she wants in life. And all women want a self reliant man. Who would want a parasite?

    1. Whatever term we use or Charmaine chooses, she is a “leftover”…….it’s her choice. Career before love so just accept the term leftover…..Suits her.

  2. But why should a self reliant man choose her? Choose her and be called soft r(ice) eater and bullied by the press.

    1. Good question. Because she is a self reliant woman. I don’t know if she is high maintenance but she keeps to herself and she earns her own money.

      And the point if a self reliant man is a man who has his own income and earns his own high income, meaning richer than her. So if you’re some nobody clerk or whatever, stay away from her. Only the rich gets her. This is not a criticism but a fact.

      1. Not rich per se. But successful. Successful need not be rich but someone of importance.

      2. I thought she just meant an average joe with his own income and not a rich guy.

        Even an average joe who don’t want her financial support might not choose her due to outside pressure and other factors like age, looks, etc.

        I suppose it’s safe to assume that most girls want a self sufficient man i.e. not a parasite. I think she will have to settle down with a guy with lower income stream and that wants her money as well.

      3. “Even an average joe who don’t want her financial support might not choose her due to outside pressure and other factors like age, looks, etc.”

        Ahhhh then she is better off without such a shallow fella. If like this also cannot take, then he doesn’t deserve her. That is not love. He wants to control her. Any ordinary relationship like this is also terrible.

        Find someone who appreciates you and allows you to be you and yet knows when to stop you from going overboard. A soul mate. Hard to find.

    2. exoidus says:
      February 3, 2012 at 1:11 pm
      But why should a self reliant man choose her? Choose her and be called soft r(ice) eater and bullied by the press

      I disagree with this theory. A self reliant and confident man will not be threaten by her success or mind what others smacked talk about him.

      1. I agree. If he is truly confident and self reliant, and mature enough, he should be able to understand that in this era, successful women aren’t rare. And to say that you want an intelligent, well rounded wife then there is a chance she is perceived to be more capable than you are. But that should motivate not deter. That and he should feel proud to be able to nab such a good lady.

      2. It depends on the person… There are some self reliant men that are pretty successful themselves, but don’t want a women that is more successful, earns more,etc… Men generally have a big ego and don’t like it when the women outshine them. THat is a more traditional view, but many guys are still like that these days even though times are different… It once again, just depends on the person… Some guys would not be threatened by a successful women even if they aren’t successful while some would be really intimidated by that… It just varies.

    3. I agree with you exoidus! There are way more younger, more talented, more beautiful women, so if a man was self reliant and all, why would they choose her??? I agree with her in some aspects but not entirely. For some odd reason, I sort of feel that she is a bit arrogant(no offense to any big fans of her but that’s just how I sort of feel). I don’t agree that a “diamond or golden leftover bachelorette” is a women that is single always because she doesn’t want others. Sadly, in many cases it is the other way around that no one wants her.

      I do agree with her that you should not step on others who don’t have a lover or are single if they are over 30. I also believe in fate and all but part of it has to be in your hands too…

      I wonder why it is ok for women to rely on men and not men to rely on women? I guess people are still traditional and think that the men have to be the main breadwinner. Times are different now and I don’t feel that it is that bad if a man needs a women to support him to some extent, especially if you are married. If you are married, shouldn’t you take care and support each other in every way, including finances??? Sorry but if she thinks too highly of herself then she is doomed to be single… She is getting up there in her age and in a few more years it will be even harder for her to have kids. I wonder if she will end up like one of my aunts who did not get married until she was 43!! I would not be shocked if that happened to Charmaine…

      1. I also agree with her that you should always be yourself instead of wearing a mask. You can play this character and that character onscreen, but you should always be yourself offscreen.

        I agree with Jayne that she is really different from Sonjia… I am glad that Sonjia a good husband and I think Sonjia’s requirements are more humble and realistic. You can want this and that but end up with completely what you don’t want.

      2. “! There are way more younger, more talented, more beautiful women, so if a man was self reliant and all, why would they choose her???”

        Why will they choose her?
        1. Maybe they like mature women.
        2. Maybe they don’t want to choose babies.
        3. If everyone has your mentality, then all guys will go for 18 year old? or 16? or 14? or 12? Younger is better? Stop insulting yourself and all other women.
        4. More talented.. hmm? How you know Charmaine is not talented? Maybe she has “hidden talents” you do not know of? Eg. In bed? Unless you experience yourself, how do you judge how talented someone is?
        5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as you proclaim over and over. So unless you want ping to call you hypocrite, note that some people may think Charmaine is goddess?
        6. Now, your post is quite insulting to me. I want a self reliant man too. So are you saying that my self-reliant boyfriend should ditch me because I’m older, less beautiful, and less talented than many women out there? If you think you need to be younger, more beautiful and talented than everyone out there for a self reliant man to be interested in you, you lack self-confidence and have a lack of understanding of men. Note, the word she used was SELF-RELIANT.

        PS: I’m not a “big obsessed fan of charmaine”, I don’t even like her much.

      3. @Nicole

        Well just because Char. is approaching her 40s doesn’t necessary translate her into being mentally more mature than a 20 year old.

        Regardless of whether the guys want to have babies in the future it’s better to have the option just in case. Sure adoption is an alternative, however chinese tradition prefer their own offsprings.

        Again she isn’t 18-22 therefore younger is a valid argument against he and HTS is not insulting her. This is a FACT!

        Hehe not sure about her bed skills, however her acting is average at the best. The fact is that most self-reliant men would rather choose someone else due to pressure from the press about being a soft rice eater and rich guys have too many options.

        We are talking about why self-reliant men should choose her and not IF her self-reliant BF should dump her! Two different things!!!

      4. @exoidus

        – No it does not necessarily make her more mature, how do you know that the 20 year olds are necessarily more mature than her?. There’s a higher probability of a 35 year old being more mature due to her experiences and worldliness compared to a 20 year old.

        -In today’s society, many people do not want kids, despite having the ability to have them. However since you mentioned that chinese tradition dictates that own offspring is preferred, she can always pull a karen mok, or a gigi leung, and marry a caucasian? It’s interesting how karen and gigi got married when they were 41 and 35 respectively to caucasians. Charmaine doesn’t have to stick to Chinese men ya kno?

        You can say that her acting is average, I do agree. But I didn’t know acting is the only talent to consider. I don’t know why skills Charmaine has, but look at Yoyo Mung. Her acting sucks, but doesn’t make her less talented in badminton or whatever Ekin is interested in.

        Of course if they are truly self-reliant, but afraid of the pressure of eating soft rice, then as many has mentioned in this thread, they lack confidence in themselves. If that’s the case, then girls are better off without guys who do not need their masochistic egos stroked? Actually we can look at the example of Joel Chan. You know everyone calls him eating soft rice off Florinda, but think about it, when they talk about each other, they honestly sounds lovey-dovey? He’s confident enough that even all that backlash about eating soft rice is not able to rock their relationship, and that’s saying something.

        Yes, I’m talking about why self-reliant men should choose her too. Only in my final note, did I mention about self-reliant men leaving a relationship.

        Indeed, looks and age may be important, in fact, all of my guy friends always like to talk about pretty girls etc, but the real astute ones? let me introduce you to a concept called “personality”.

        Why do people make fun of Ron choosing Viann as girlfriend? I mean, Viann is young! Looks? with cosmetic surgery she looks good. I don’t know about her talents so can’t comment. but personality maybe?

        Last words: Looks can fade, people will grow old but if you are going to grow old with someone until 80-90… think about what’s truly important.

      5. Alright I do agree that it’s a higher probanbility of the 40 year olds being more mature than the 20 year olds on average.

        Hope she can find herself a “gwailo” since they most likely won’t bother being called a soft rice eater. Many might even be proud of it, LOL

        Obviously we don’t know her therefore we can only measure her talent in terms of her acting skills.

        It don’t necessarily means they are afraid due to the lack of confidence, but rather find it too bothersome. Why walk the hard road when there are other options far easier. Joel Chan sees $$$ so he don’t care about being called a soft rice eater. The situation here is different since Charmaine won’t provide any financial support according to her.

        You mentioned about your BF should dump you…

        Never heard of the concept of personality before, LOL. Ofcourse that’s the most important thing since looks fade with time.

        Even if she said that a self-reliant man is all she requires, she is fooling herself. She wants a good looking guy and a guy that is well off. Why? Because when you are together it’s nearly impossible to distinguish expenses. And as Funn mentioned who will provide the housing? I doubt she would move into his apartment if it’s as big as her bedroom. So he moves in with her and pay rental each month? What if he can afford the market price in that area? Either way he will still need her financial “support”.

        In the end the whole self-reliant thing is just talk since she couldn’t have said “I want a handsome, talented, rich guy average joes aren’t for me”…

  3. Why limit your choices in left? I think finding a true soul mate in this world is difficult enough without places restrictions on it.

    Does this mean if she meets a man and falls madly in love with him, and he with her, that she’ll refuse to marry him if he isn’t her monetary equal? Crazy!!

    1. Ugh.. that should be “Why limit your choices in LIFE?”

      Need an edit button 😛

    2. @TVBFanatic

      I don’t think that’s what she said. A self-reliant man does not necessary means he has to be monetary equal or better than her. It just means that he can take care of himself and does not need to rely on her to support him for necessities.

    3. “Does this mean if she meets a man and falls madly in love with him, and he with her, that she’ll refuse to marry him if he isn’t her monetary equal? Crazy!!”

      In which part of the article did she say the man has to be her monetary equal. She just said the man as to be self-reliant. A man can make less than her and still be self-reliant.

    4. I agree and I think people are getting the impression that she is talking about money because the title clearly says that she doesn’t want a man that needs her monetary support. Money is tied into whether a person can support themselves or not… If you did not have money, then there are many things that you cannot do yourself… Therefore, I don’t think it is wrong for people to think that she is referring to money….

  4. She can have me. I do not earn much but I will not use her money for sure…

    1. Honestly, IF you are married then of course you have to share your money and many other things. How can that be avoided???Sorry but if she wants to keep her money completely to herself then she should not get married or be with anyone at all. As long as you don’t leech off of each other like a parasite then that’s what’s important.

      1. you’re very contradictory HeTieShou. Time again and again you flaunt the line, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

        BUT you would always negatively comment about charm’s looks. that no man would WANT her. Seriously. What a hypocrite.

      2. @Ping,
        How am I a hypocrite?? It is true that beauty is the eye of the beholder, and in MY eyes, I don’t find Charmaine that great looking… How I am a hypocrite??? I am just stating MY opinion. I don’t find her great looking while some others may. I know that you are a big and obsessed fan of Charmaine so you would blindly defend her in every way possible. Sorry, but you need to more open to others opinions and STOP acting so obsessed…

      3. @Hts:

        “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” means that everyone has their own definition of beauty so one shouldn’t use their own criteria to judge others.
        So if u truly believed in that saying, u wouldn’t criticize another person’s looks. That’s why ping is calling your statements hypocritical.

        I personally don’t believe in that saying thus I can freely criticize TY’s nose.

      4. @josie I intepreted ping’s message in a different manner. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, meaning that different people have different opinions of beauty. Thus it is ok for us to dislike and criticise someone’s looks, but by inferring that someone is so ugly that no one wants her, or that guys will go for other girls besides her because of her looks, it’s hypocritical as “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” as there may be other people who finds her cute or pretty.

        Therefore, while using that phrase, we can continue criticising TY’s nose :P, because it’s our own opinion that she looks ugly, but we cannot conclude that everyone in the world finds her ugly. I’m sure there are some people with long nose fetish who finds her gorgeous.

      5. Ok, that makes sense too.
        Now I know why Him Law finds her attractive.

      6. Indeed, Him probably has a nose fetish. Probably not so uncommon too. I myself find italian noses very sexy with the signature bump. But condition is that they must be attached to a sexy italian man 😛

      7. We who find Tavia’s nose ugly can criticise but at the same time those who find her nose pretty can also praise 😛

        Free speech! ROFL!

      8. @Vivien: And TY has beater fetish? Mean she likes to be beaten?

      9. @HTS

        Josie bit the bull’s eye. If you just say Charmaine is ugly and no want would want her, Ping won’t be able to call you a hypocrite. She can just call you bias.

        But, you throw in the statement ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ in the same comment where you said ‘I personally don’t think Charmaine looks that great herself so I don’t think she should require that from her other half’ and ‘I also feel that she is being a bit ideal…’. In fact ‘I also feel that she is being a bit ideal…’ was written right after the ‘Beauty…’ proverb. If you really believe in ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, you wouldn’t have made those statements. You would believe that irregardless how ugly you think Charmaine is, someone will think she’s beautiful and someone will want her (including handsome and rich men).

        So that ‘Beauty’ proverb you throw in just became an empty statement and make you comment very contradictory.

    2. Hey “someone”,

      Why do u say charmaine can have u but then complain that she is too old?

      Anyway, don’t worry about whether u would use her money or not b/c you’ll never have the chance.

  5. She is so old and she is already in the state of being very dangrous to have baby now.

    I feel really weird when people reach 60 but have child under 20. It is nothing wrong to have no kid or have kid very late as it is a chosen life-style.

    1. That sounds slightly contradictory. Its not wrong, but you feel weird about it?

      I think its generally noted that women have been settling down later than ever before. Marrying later, then having kids later and of course this can impact conception. However, nowadays women are also more proactive in staying healthy with gymming, self care etc.

  6. oh people self reliant men are NOT RICH only. the man needs a sound head on his shoulder and takes care of his crap. that is all.

    charm knows what she wants. im glad she’s positive!

    ya’ll folks need to stop being negative and nitpicking out her words.

    1. Oh shoot, sorry I post in wrong thread. I was posting this in the Transexual Wedding discussion. Please ignore it, thank you.

  7. Well, she has made it clear she will not have any man who is going to depend financially on her. Moreover, given her status in the film world it would be very expensive wooing and eventually looking after her when she’s married.

    1. wow wow wow I look at her and see her even older than a few 40 years-old Hong Kong Actresses are.

      My bad, I truly sorry to my victim.
      Well, if I am rich and talented, I will target girls like Fala Cheng or other girls in Laughing Gor – movie 1 (who follow the seem-to-be-gay guy) I might just search for cute girls in office why bother with actresses/models.

      1. Well, it’s your point of view. Others may view different and think of Charmaine as sexy. Cute girls normally are not really loved by men because the men mostly focus on boobs and butt.

    2. I agree with you P.Tan. I wonder if she is indirectly saying that she wants a guy at least her “status” or someone of a higher status?? I guess only she knows that….Yup, it would cost a lot of money to chase and look after her. I wonder who would be willing to do that?? Honestly, I don’t think a young and successful guy(or rich guy) would go after her. She may end up with an older man that is successful…

  8. It is hard to find for sure:
    – Men truly love her may meet her requirements
    – Men mee her requirements may not love her.

    40++ years old single woman, I guess she will date a much younger man who is not very famous and earns less than her. I mean a normal rich, talented person why chases after her when she is old, has lot of things in her past?

      1. She is 37 this year

        And charmaine’s past is not as colorful as Sonija, Ada or even michelle reis.

      2. Funn,

        U should know that a woman’s age is not something to round up.

    1. you got that right! Successful rich men would always go for younger girls. I have a feeling Charmaine is set to be a old maid

      1. Come on now, I highly doubt that charm will be an old maid!

        I really hope she and Kevin get back together now. Then all the naysayers’ jaws would drop. 😀

    2. Another unwritten requirement I suppose is looks. I think she also want a someone that looks alright i.e. not ugly ala Kevin.

      So she wants a self suffient, “normal” looking guy and age unknown

      Conclusion: not going to happen, bc those average joes that wants her won’t have the opportunity to do so and handsome rich/successful guys is out of the equation for sure.

      1. I personally don’t think Charmaine looks that great herself so I don’t think she should require that from her other half. I think Kevin looks attractive, but once again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… I also feel that she is being a bit ideal…

      2. I never did and still don’t understand what so “special” about her at all i.e. her acting and looks.

        I propose TVB arrange a reality show ala The Bachelorette for her. This is a triple win situation; TVB generate good ratings, she hopefully finds love and we all get to know what kind of guys consider her!

      3. Why can’t Charmaine has requirement for her partner? Every girl has a right to se criteria for her potential partner. He’s the person she will spend her life with. Of course, she should find someone who likes.

        Haters read all kind of things into her statement. She said love and feeling is the most important and you guys said she want rich and handsome guy and then say she shouldn’t this and shouldn’t that. Money, you can still say got hint since mentioned money. But, she said nothing at all about look.

        She didn’t even say she wants a millionaire or an Adonis. What so ideal about her criteria? It’s not even that high.

        I guess some people will only say she’s not idealistic if she has no criteria at all i.e 完全沒有要求. Better yet, settle for someone penniless, ugly, and outside the industry.

      4. Quoting from the article:

        “In real life, can Charmaine accept dating a man who possessed an inferior social status? Charmaine replied, “As long as the man can take care of himself and I do not have to support him, then there is no problem. This is my bottom line.”

        Given the context of the article, where a superstar falls for a regular Mongkok worker and that social status is often measured by money, so the reporter is basically asking Charmaine can she accept dating a man who makes less than her? She said that her bottom line is that the man does not need her support. I inferred this as “financial support” given the context of the question. So the man can make less money but as long as he doesn’t come asking her to pay for his expensive cars and things he wants but can’t afford with his own money, it’s fine.

      5. But surely he won’t be able to afford a high end condo so in the end it is her money isn’t it?

  9. Although I am not a fan of Charmaine at all, I think what she said makes sense…she is no longer young young but still better than rushing into something just because of age or other people having it. I have a lot of friends who are stuck in unhealthy relationships/ marriages just because they wanted to be in one in the first everyone’s time is different.

  10. It’s common nowadays to choose career over love. Now that Charmaine built a name for herself in this industry, it’s time to find love.

    Charmaine is the type who knows what she wants – her expectations are high. I wonder if she will settle for someone who is simple? I mean, does she plan to pursue her career after marriage or stay out of the limelight?

  11. From my own thought of what she means she just seems to be saying that she wants a man that can take care of himself without the need for her to take care of him. I don’t see that as being high standards. It’s not like she’s saying he better be rich or something.

  12. “she means she just seems to be saying that she wants a man that can take care of himself without the need for her to take care of him. I don’t see that as being high standards. It’s not like she’s saying he better be rich or something.” ……. agree with Vie. As a woman, who wants to support a guy financially for good?

  13. In fact, she is one of the rare female artistes whose name was never attached to a guy with a rich family background. Very unusual …… She was so pretty and could have hooked up with any young guy with a rich family background many years ago, but she would rather work hard and make her own money.

  14. Her fame & earning power will make it difficult in finding a suitable man. She reminds me of other “power ladies” like DoDo Cheng.
    Then there are others like Sammi Cheng …sigh…. so happy for her!
    Hope Charmaine can find the love of her life eventually, it can happen, look at Liza Wang!

  15. Just wait a few years and see who will be her husband (if she has one). If her child decides to get married at hee mom’s age, she will be 80+.

    No matter what woman tries to protect her health, bearing a child always depends on age. Woman’s factory wil start to have problem from 35. Of course, with lot of money, most problems will be solved:
    – cannot bear kid, ask for “renting” service or adopt one.
    – cannot be pregnant, use “scientific methods”

    I wonder if Tony Leung really wants a kid? He is famous, even my Americans friends know him. I feel his life boring, kid of sad when he gets 60 but no child.

    Andy Lau will be like 70++ if his child gets married when she is 25 or 80++ if she marries when she is 35.

    Leon Lai – wow, I guess he can get to see his child’s wedding in his 80s

  16. It is very true, “someone”. God is very fair ….. you will have to choose one: “money, fame, or family. In fact, it is worse for female artistes. Man can have a child at age 70+ (like Mr. Ho), but it is a lot more difficult for woman to have a child after age 40. Age 35 is a good limit for child bearing.

  17. I think you can have all 3, but in a different context. Money, fame and family need not be as it is. Money means you can marry into money, Fame can be other sort of fame, philantrophic fame for example and family obviously means husband and children. It can be done.

  18. I have celebrity friends and most of them do not live ‘normal’ lives like you and me.

    Whatever we ‘sees’ or ‘hears’ are NOT really what it seems to be. It is very complicated. You should NEVER believe wholesale what they said to the press for the sake of publicity.

    Much as they wanted to live a normal life like you and me, their fans will never allow it to happen and thus, they are actually fighting a loosing battle to stay ‘normal’ and put on a brave and smiling front for the whole wide world to see.

    Well, they will only be ‘normal’ when they left the limelight……..

  19. sometimes it takes destiny to meet the right person. hope she’ll meet the man of her choice soon. i think most women wanted to get married eventually.

    1. it’s not just about meeting the man of her choice that’s the least of the problem. The problem is whether this man will accept her or love her back!

  20. These days, dont need to have kids, especially when you have money! So no problem!!!!
    All one need is to find a suitable companion, like Liza Wang. Sometimes having Kids are over-rated.

  21. @ Jimmy Chiang
    Totally agree with you. I have good friends/close contacts in Sin, Msia and HK who are in media companies which are closely linked with TVB, HK friends who are friends or relatives of celebrities. Some of these friends have studied with the more educated celebrities, my high roller friends frequently party with celebrities who are in Msia for unofficial visits, and my media friends periodically bring them in for launches and releases.

    It is always entertaining, the stories they share with me about these celebrities, and these are accounts straight from the horses’ mouths. And then a couple of days later, I will read interviews with celebrities which are totally distorted and tailor made for the masses! Quite amazing actually 🙂

    What I am trying to say is, don’t believe the tabloids! Let’s just be entertained by these news, have healthy debates here and respect each other’s opinion, read between the lines, and do not take each celebrity’s sentences for real as the real truth will never be published.

    I personally think that Charmaine is a very free spirited, vocal person. She works hard and parties hard too. She was in KL last year on invitation to a private party and she made everyone drunk by downing every freaking glass, including my silly friend who played 15, 20 with her! Lol! Super strong drinker that Charmaine girl. 😀

  22. “Super strong drinker that Charmaine girl.” ……. good for girl so that she won’t make stupid mistakes!

  23. I’ve been surprised lately at how practical and articulate Charmaine sounds in recent interviews because she struck me as a a bit ditsy (not just immature, but disty – there is a difference) in the early part of her career.

    She should just get back together with Kevin (yes I believe they did date), haha. She needs some balance in his laid-back personality.

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