Charmaine Sheh Pockets Tens Of Millions To Act Opposite Hu Jun

After Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) management contract with TVB ended, she continued to be on a streak of good luck. Yesterday, Tsui Siu Ming (徐小明) verified to the newspaper that a mainland investor dumped an eight-figure sum to invite Charmaine to film in Inner Mongolia. For this film offer, Charmaine will be acting as an empress opposite best actor Hu Jun (胡軍) and will be portraying the Empress’ early years at 20-years-old all the way to her old age at more than 50-years-old. Being able to feed her filming addiction and at the same time “dig for gold,” it’s no wonder Charmaine was willing to run towards the desert area and roam the world.

Ever since Charmaine ended her management contract with her former employer, TVB, she became the “highly sought after goods” of mainland investors. It was known that after a round of “snatching,” Tsui Siu Ming finally successfully snatched the turf. Insiders revealed that Siu Ming Gor managed to persuade a mainland tycoon investor to dump nearly ten million Hong Kong dollars in order to sincerely invite Charmaine to Inner Mongolia as well as to accept the soon-to-be-film fifty episodes Mainland drama, The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder <建元風雲>.

In order to certify these rumors, the reporter called up the director of that drama, Siu Ming Gor, who graciously admitted and confirmed that he had used a heavenly price of eight figures which “touched” Charmaine. Suddenly jumping from her $100,000 HKD fee per episode back at TVB to $200,000 HKD fee per episode now, Charmaine’s asking price has indeed skyrocketed through the roof!

Tsui Siu Ming Highly Praised Charmaine Sheh

Siu Ming Gor pointed out that Charmaine will be appearing at the press conference for the drama next Monday, “As Charmaine is very busy, she will be leaving first after attending the costume fitting. She can only join the drama team during September and will only be starting work then. For the time being, I will skip her scenes and shoot other part of the series that does not involve her first.”

Siu Ming Gor also revealed that Charmaine will be acting as the virtuous empress to Kublai Khan and will be portraying the Empress during her early days at 20-years-old to her late years at more than 50-years-old. Siu Ming Gor professed his confidence that Charmaine will be able to handle this role well, “I have always appreciated Charmaine very much. She is able to unleash or keep her characters’ emotions easily at whelm, especially palace-themed dramas. She can emit the poise and elegance of royalty very well.” Siu Ming Gor also expressed that the outfit, props and accessories cost them up to a sum of nearly seven figures.

Hu Jun Heavenly King Price

Whereas for the main male lead, Siu Ming Gor expressed that it has been confirmed that it would be taken up by Best Actor Hu Jun, who was paid a “Heavenly King Price.” Yesterday, reporters tried contacting Charmaine before printing out this draft but to no avail.


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

Ah K: Congratulations to Charmaine!

You know, the fable of the fox saying that the grapes are sour? (Those who are inaccessible to the grapes would say that they are sour) Haha after reading about Charmaine’s astro-numeric fees received, I can’t help but to feel that the grapes are kind of sour indeed lol!

Well but I guess it’s true that you reap what you sow, after slogging it out and being obedient at TVB for fourteen years, Charmaine is finally reaping fruits of her labor. But Inner Mongolia? That sounds like the outskirts of town but well at least Charmaine could roll in the huge sand with all that millions of dollars dropping down from the sky!

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  1. congrats to Charm. Off to a better land of making money. Such a career-oriented woman!! I admire her EQ and choices.

    but can she grow her hair now? why is 95% of Tvb actresses sporting that SHORT hair. Unflattering on her bony face.

  2. Wow, is it me or does she look so much older in that picture? o; She’s starting to look more like Carina Lau…

    1. i have always thought that…but Charmaine lacks in the MEAT category! hehehe

      1. Carina Lau prettier, Carina always have a fuller face with meat on her body eversince she was young age.
        Even till now Carina is old, but her face is still full and nice full body figure.
        I like Carina better

      2. I think Charmaine’s body use to have more “meat”, but she slimmed down perhaps due to the long working hours? What I see is that Charmaine’s face/head is a bit un-proportional to her body.

        Lol, she does resemble Carina Lau. Even back in the MHK days, I remember Eric Tsang made fun of her that she resembled Carina.

      1. Maybe is the big nose that is giving her such good luck and fortune??

      2. I think she did do something to her nose. It was very different when she 1st enter the entertainment industry.

      3. @1ni

        What could she do? Makes it bigger?

        been following her for 10 years…scars on face and blah blah blah she doesn’t want to fix up her face.

      4. Really?? I think her nose looks the same for the most part. I just looked at photos of her in the MS. HK 1997 pageant last night and she looks the about the same…

  3. Anyone here have see any lately China dramas of Charmaine? How was it? Good? It was said she film alot of Mainland dramas but I have not see any.

    1. The only one I’ve seen was the one she did with Benny Chan back in 2003. SO BORING! But what to expect? China films are always boring. No offense.

      1. I am not a Chinese but Hongkong Versus Mainland, yes Mainland drama is too boring, everything happens in a very slow manner. Even high promoted drama “The Return of the Condor Heroes” was super-boring.

      2. @K-Asian,
        You should not say that all mainland dramas are boring. In fact, many of them are very good and a lot better than many TVB series these days. The point is, there are good and bad series from every production and country…

      3. @FanWen,
        That is NOT true and you should not say or stereotype that all mainland China series are boring. I bet you are just naturally bias against them that you refuse to even give them a chance. Just because that one with her and Benny is boring does not mean that all China series are boring. It’s not like every single TVB or series from HK is good or interesting.

      4. I bet you are just naturally bias against them that you refuse to even give them a chance.

        If FanWen did not give them a chance, how would she know they are boring?

        “Just because that one with her and Benny is boring does not mean that all China series are boring.”

        FanWen said the only Mainland series starring Charmaine that she has seen is the one with Benny. It does not mean she has only watch 1 Mainland series and make a judgement base on only that series.

      5. @HTS:
        The reason why I say what I say is because I’ve seen a lot of Mainland productions whether it be grand or regular and I’ve haven’t seen ONE that was good! If you cannot accept my opinion then please rethink as this IS a blog/forum.

      6. @HeTieShou

        Yeah, I agree with how not all mainland dramas are boring. In fact, I have watched a few that are very good and intense! However, I still prefer TVB dramas over them in general. I like TVB cast much much more! And the cast is really important in my opinion.

      7. @Kidd,
        No, FanWen started out saying that that series with Benny is boring, but then said that China series are always boring.. Isn’t that a general statement aimed at China series in general?? But yea, it is just her opinion.

      8. @FanWen,
        Yea, it is only your opinion so you can like what you want. I guess you just don’t like China series then regardless of anything. But I also have to say that many new TVB series aren’t so great either…

      9. @Kidd,
        Oh yea, FanWen just doesn’t like China series in general so it is just her opinion…

      10. @Sure-Lee,
        I agree with you but I don’t think that the cast is the most important thing in a series. I think the plot, script and other things are more important. If the cast were the most important thing in a series, then I don’t think many fans would complain about how a bad a series is after seeing it just because their favorite celeb was in it. But that’s what I have think and seen after watching series for so many years….

      11. @HTS: Not important for you and maybe many others but important to Sure-lee :).

      12. @Fox,
        I know but like I have said, that is just what I personally think…

      13. @HTS:
        Just because I said what I said about Mainland series doesn’t necessarily mean I like TVB either. I used to like TVB but that was 15 years ago!

  4. Charm is definitely a rich and eligible lady. I think a lot of male gold-diggers in the mainland will have their eyes on her.
    I kept hoping that she and Kevin could get back together but I guess that ship has sailed…

    1. There are many rich and young guys in China too so it does not mean that they will go after her…

      1. The rich guys certainly won’t be in the male gold-diggers group, will they?

      2. There are a lot of other successful women in China as well so I don’t think many would go after Charmaine…

  5. Is this the same drama that Steven Ma was said to be offer a role?

    Also congratulations to Charmaine, I hope her the best in her career and love life.

  6. Other than Lan Yu, I don’t highly appreciate Hu Jun. He is tall, handsome, but he lacks something that only Liu Yip can bring to him in Lan Yu.

    1. I like both Liu Ye and Hu Jun. Hu Jun has a very manly air.

  7. Not a good picture. As for the fees, depends on demand, also depends on how much is willing to be offered. If she is paid that much, it only means someone else or some other aspect is being deducted; usually production, ke-le-fes, writers.

  8. @Ah K

    By ten hundred thousand and twenty hundred thousand do you mean 1million and 2million? Lol you’ve got me confused and thinking.

    1. @SDS:

      Oops sorry for making you confused!

      it should be 100,000 (as in one hundred thousand) and 200,000 (as in two hundred thousand) and not ten hundred thousand and twenty hundred thousand. I’m not very good with Chinese “wan” word! Thank you for pointing that out though! 😛

      @Jayne: Hope you wouldn’t mind correcting the mistake for you please! Thank you! 😀

  9. This was the same series which Steven Ma was suppose to take part in as well but TVB decided to make him film MSC’s ‘Lucky Father’ with Linda Chung instead!! GREAT STUFF DECISION TVB …. NOT… Smart move by Charmaine to end management contract with TVB – otherwise they might not have let her film this as well.

    1. I asked the same thing too. It was a great opportunity for Steven. I’m glad that he will be leaving TVB and “dig for gold“ in mainland.

  10. Charmaine is so lucky to be able to gain so much money. I wish one day Myolie can achieve this same height and luck in her career too. She also has a huge market in mainland.

  11. Congrats to Charmaine! You guys aren’t going to believe this but I just had a dream about Charmaine last night. I dreamt that I met her and she took me to TVB city and showed me photos on her laptop. TVB city looked like a whole different world and looked very nice…

  12. Carina Lau looks nice with make-up. Charmaine is nice with long hair but not with short hair

    1. I’ve seen photos of both without makeup, and Charmaine definitely looked prettier and younger than when she wears makeup, whilst Carina looked haggard. To be fair, Carina is 10 years older (and either pre- or already menopausal), so looking haggard without makeup is not surprising.

      I agree with those who say that this photo is unflattering, and that her short hairstyle doesn’t suit her bony face. Her hair on the side of her face accentuates her facial wrinkles – she really needs flowing hair to hide or distract our attention from them!

      1. Well Charmaine is 10 years younger than Carina so I don’t think it is fair to compare them. Also, I have seen photos of Charmaine without make up and she did not look that great either… After years and years of wearing make up, it does damage your skin too. My mom is in her 70s but has great skin for her age since she never damaged it with make up. It depends on the person and their skin condition too so I guess it isn’t always the age.

      2. HeTieShou, did you see my comment in the other thread.
        I answer your question on why I guess you are Vietnamese because I read many posts of yours talking about Vietnam. And you seem to be informative and knows alot about Vietnam, so naturally I just guess you Vietnamese.
        If you ask me a Chinese about Vietnam, I can guaranteee I don’t know as much as you do about Vietnam.
        And your mom is in her 70’s? Wow, your mom must have you pretty late in life. My mom is in her 60’s and she have me late too.
        I have 3 older brothers though, not as big family as you. I’m the youngest.
        Must be nice to have big family right? I like big family, is fun, alot of laughters, your weekend gathering must be fun since you have big family.

      3. @LeilaFan,
        I actually have never been to Vietnam in my life and have only heard stories about it(but sadly most of the stories are negative since people there are really greedy from what I heard). My friend(who is Chinese born in Vietnam) just went there and told me so many more stories about it. That is why I know a lot about it.I actually don’t know as much as you think since I have never been there before. My brothers and cousins just went to Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia as well so I know a little about those places too. I know a bit about Taiwan too but that does not mean that I am Taiwanese. I have problems guessing the gender of a person online since I used to think that Kidd and Veejay were both guys… Therefore, judging nationality online is even harder…

        Well, I am the 8th child(I had an older that passed away when she was a baby) so you can’t expect my mom to be young. My oldest brother is 46 almost 47. Not really… Big families can be fun but also troublesome too.I am supposed to have 11-12 other siblings but my mom had some miscarriages. I actually hate family gatherings because it just means more work for me. My family is sexist and always makes me do everything…It is not fun at all…

  13. Charmaine is certainly getting richer and richer. Not only she has properties for rental collection, she has alot of $$$$ saving too! No wonder she doesn’t rush for any relationship since she got $$$$$

    1. I’m sure any women whether you’re rich or what, you still want a companion. I’m sure it’s the same for Charmaine also. But, like I said maybe she doesn’t appear to be desperate to us. Anyway, destiny is difficult to tell. Sometimes it won’t help even if you chase after them.

  14. I also think that Charmaine looks a lot older these days. I never thought that she look like Carina Lau at all and I agree that Carina is definitely a lot more prettier and probably wealthier since she is older and have done more films in her lifetime. Am not a fan of Charmaine and so just don’t miss her dramas at all.

    1. in her younger days when she has chubby cheeks. looks like carina’s daughter! for me. hehehe

    2. I also think that Carina is prettier and a better actress. Carina is definately a lot wealthier since she has been in the business for a longer time. I don’t watch series for cast and am not a fan of Charmaine, so it doesn’t matter if she films for TVB or not. I also watch productions for China and other countries and not just TVB.

  15. HeTieShou; you mentioned that you watch other series other than TVB, do you mean Korean, Japanese or maybe American? Reason I ask is, I have never watched Korean or Japanese series but love the American dramas.

    1. Pineapple,

      I watch Korean, Taiwanese,Singaporean, and I used to watch American series too. However, I don’t watch AMerican series anymore since most of them are not even good to me like they used to be. I watched many Korean series and many aren’t that great to me, but some are ok. I am watching Da Zhang Jin which many said is a great series that had really high ratings in HK and overseas. However, I did not find it to be that great. I saw parts of Japanese series but not in full so I can’t comment on those. I really enjoy Taiwanese series and some are really good, but some are pretty bad. I guess my point is that I don’t discriminate against any countries series and always give them a chance since there are good bad series/movies from every country/production.

      I really like some American movies but I have not found one single Chinese or asian movie that I liked at all…

  16. HeTieShou. The one Chinese movie I really liked (apart from the old black and white films) was the one with Cecila and Louis Koo and Lau Ching Wan. Can’t remember the name of it but it was about 10 years old. She was engaged to Louis Koo but he was killed driving his van and she took over doing that and met Lau Ching Wan and then fell in love with him. It was a great romance film and won some awards. Shame I can’t remember the name of it. Well worth watching if you like that type of thing.

    1. Yes, I have seen it. Quite nice movie. But, I like ‘C’est la vie, mon chéri’ better.

      From the same director and also starred Sean Lau. But, female lead is Anita Yuen.

  17. I like Anita Yuen also; a great actress. Why was the title of that movie in French?

    1. Are you talking about “C’est La Vie”??? I think that was the name of the movie if I remember correctly.

  18. Smart girl. Know what she got(experienced actress)to offer and how she could get what she want(her moving to the Mainland-$$$$$$$).

    At least she know how to make good move and get her $$$$. Too easy, don’t need to be good in math to figure this out, DUH

  19. Sounds like someone’s trying to duplicate Ruby Lin’s role in The Schemes of a Beauty.

    1. It’s not like Ruby’s acting is so great so why would anyone want to imitate her?? Maybe her the character that she played, but not her acting…

  20. I don’t understand why Charmaine Sheh is so popular or so well-liked. She cannot act. Once in a while she has bursts of brilliance, but 90% of the time she cannot act.

    1. It isn’t just Charmaine but there are many many other actresses and actors that just cannot act well at all. However, they get lucky, have the right roles, timing, connection,etc… so they get popular. How many these days or even back in the days are popular because they are talented?? Not many…Acting is also subjective since you may think she can’t act while others do. It isn’t just in the acting field but in many other fields as well. There are some that really have the skills but lack connections, timing, luck, and many other things so they cannot be as successful as someone else that lacks skills yet have everything else.It just depends…

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