Kevin Cheng Does Not Deny Dating Charmaine Sheh in the Past

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎)and rumored ex-flame, model Jenny Tsui (徐靖雯), appeared at the premiere of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol in Hong Kong yesterday. Kevin and Jenny greeted each other at the event. Regarding rumors that Kevin and Jenny were back together, he smiled, “Last time, reporters asked me who Jenny’s boyfriend was. I think it is a misunderstanding! She also congratulated me in winning the Best Actor Award.” 

Rampant rumors circulated recently that Kevin and rumored, ex-girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh ( 佘詩曼), had reconciled their relationship. Kevin smiled, “After winning awards, more people care about my love life. We have maintained our friendship status. We are not back together; it is not reconciliation!” The reporter laughed and noted that the term, “reconciliation” implied that Kevin and Charmaine had dated in the past. Kevin said embarrassedly, “I am just using the word usage, ‘reconciliation’ that the tabloid magazine had used. Anyhow, there was no reconciliation!” 

Jenny Tsui indicated that she did not know that Kevin was scheduled to appear at the Mission Impossible 4 film premiere. Jenny said that she did not feel awkward upon seeing Kevin. Asked if she were concerned that her current boyfriend would be jealous, Jenny replied, “No, he also works in the entertainment industry. We are very good friends and still in the early developmental stages, getting to know each other.”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: If both Kevin and Charmaine are not seeing anyone and if they have time in their schedule to interact more with each other, there might be possibility in reconciliation. The do look great together!

Kevin has become the new diamond bachelor and there is intense public interest in Kevin finding the right woman.

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  1. Love to see Kevin and Charmaine together, Kevin looks very handsome and stylist on the above picture with the BMW car 🙂

  2. I don’t like Kevin and Charmaine together. I don’t like Sheh’s smile. I only like Kevin and Niki

    1. I’m sorry for being harsh, but Kevin and Niki are already so over so are Kevin and Charmaine…so let’s move on?

      1. I agree and the past is the past… Why dwell on it constantly since life is short…

      2. But I love the song “reunited…and it feels so good…”

        Please don’t burst the bubble of charvin fans. We like to keep dreaming.

  3. I love to see Kevin and Charmaine together. Charmaine sweet n smart and Kevin handsome and romantic. Just hope that they can get back together. Last time broke off may be due to Kevin earning power much lower that Charmaine and he has no confident. Kevin, pls keep in mind that smart and beautiful women are limited. All the best to u.

    1. Do you believe the tabloids???? No wonder they are still in business

      1. Half of the time, the tabloids are right. The other half is at least good for entertainment purposes.

    2. agreed. kevin and charmaine are both smart… however niki…. don’t really like her :\

  4. they would be a good-looking couple!

    golden bachelor and bachelorette!

  5. Kevin and Charmaine? I don’t know why but I still prefer Niki with Kevin. Although I love Charmaine. haha.. Anyway, everything is the past now. Have to sit and wait int he end who they married with. 🙂

    1. I don’t think he ever dated Charmaine in the past. I think he likes Charmaine as friend only while Niki as his soul mate. I find Niki too naive in handling a relationship.

      1. We don’t know whether they ever dated before or not. But it seems like they were (written by (PAPARAZZI). Can’t care much also now. have to wait and see who they married at last…

      2. Um, kevin is still a guy. I doubt he only liked charmaine as a friend… unless it’s the kind w/ benefits.

        And if niki was his soul mate, they’d still be together.

  6. There’s not many suitable for kevin. Most starlets (myolie, fala, tavia) have someone already or they don’t match (Selena, bernice, Sharon ). I think niki was too immature for him. I’m not a charmaine fan but they match the most unfortunately. Bleh

  7. i wish kevin and charmaine both find people outside of the entertainment circle to get marry. i hope charmaine won’t end up like lisa wan or whatever her name is. waited too long to get marry and no kids. kevin should look outside of the circle as well.

  8. For some reason, my mom really likes Charmaine and Kevin together. She says they have a lot of “yuen” (fate) because they won the best actor and actress awards in the same year, and they both lived in America at some point in their childhood/youth.

    1. No. Charmaine didn’t live in America when she was a child. Kevin was born there but immigrated to Hong Kong when he was a toddler. Listen to their English, and you will know how they’re raised.

      1. Yea, I don’t think Charmaine ever lived in the US. Kevin was born there and did attend school in the US for some time and then came back to Hk.

      2. Charmaine’s mom lived in Hawaii so she used to visit her there.

      3. Didn’t Charmaine study in Germany or something (hotel management)? Or am I mixing her up with someone else?

        I do remember Josie’s comment on her mom living in Hawaii though.

  9. If they get married, we will know they were dating, or not.

    TVB’s new tendency that everyone announce love life now?

  10. I dont really like them together, but I’m meh to their love life. Though, if its true that KC cheated then I’d be iffy about them reconciling.

  11. Kevin and Charmaine dated before- I’m pretty sure. It was basically Bosco and Myolie 2.0 Lolol…. Like Kevin kissed Charmaine on the cheeks in public during the TVB awards ceremony ( I BELIEVE 2006)…

    Regarding to “reconciliation”… I’m not sure if that will happen since both of them is not in TVB anymore and China is a big industry therefore lacking interaction… however on the bright side, this probably means both their finances will be better 🙂 Despite all these points, I really like Charvin 🙂 More than Nikki and Kevin :\ In my opinion, Charmaine looks smarter and more of a independent women (in chinese- “女强人”) but like in a good way… It’s hard to explain. Like in my opinion, people like Carol Cheng or Liza Wang- they are “independent women”… Like they have alot of power… I think this is more Kevin’s type… Not sure why- maybe because of Ghetto Justice haha 🙂 Just my opinion 😀

    1. “Kevin and Charmaine dated before”

      I am also very sure and I am also very sure they’re back together or will be. Ever heard of long distance relationship? Both of them look like boring people so they don’t need to go to pubs or meet often.

  12. I just noticed; the picture above is like 2 wax figure at Madam Tussaud’s museum, those high quality ones.

  13. Oh dear, Kevin keeps on denying there’s anything between him and Charmaine and insist that they are just “good friends” so, maybe it is so, unless he’s keeping something up his sleeve and wants it to be a surprise. As HeTieshou says only”time will tell” and I agree with her.

  14. I’m glad Jenny and kevin relationship is over, I never like the pair, since I think Kevin can do better. Charmaine is more of his type: independent and mature.

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