Three’s a Crowd: Charmaine Sheh, Niki Chow and Jenny Tsui at Same Event

Kevin Cheng‘s (鄭嘉穎) three rumored ex-girlfriends,  Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Niki Chow (周麗淇) and model Jenny Tsui (徐靖雯) attended the same fashion event this week, creating an awkward scenario in which the ladies tried their best to avoid each other.

Charmaine Does Not Rule Out Reconciliation with Kevin

When asked whether she was affected by the presence of her love rivals,  Charmaine laughed and said, ‘We’re doing our jobs and are happy to be here. I wouldn’t mind [being in the same photograph together].’

Rumored to have reconciled her former romance with Kevin, Charmaine did not explicitly deny the possibility. “Well, I’m now single!” She added, “Love is not something that can be explained. If two people are right for each other, and the timing is right, they would be able to have a happy relationship.” When asked if she had found the person who was right for her, Charmaine replied, “When he appears, I’ll share the news with everyone.”

Niki Avoids Charmaine

In contrast to Charmaine’s nonchalance, Niki appeared uncomfortable to be at the same venue as Charmaine. After being informed by her assistant that Charmaine was speaking with the press, Niki immediately made herself scarce and only re-appeared after Charmaine’s interview had ended.

However, when it was Niki’s turn to be interviewed, Charmaine was coincidentally walking behind her. Perhaps Niki had intuitively sensed Charmaine’s presence, as at that exact moment, Niki’s smile froze. When asked about her actions, Niki protested, “I wasn’t trying to avoid Charmaine! My assistant told me earlier that one of my buttons burst, so I went backstage to fix it. I’m sorry I gave off the wrong impression.”

On the rumored reconciliation between Charmaine and Kevin, Niki said, “I don’t know anything. It has nothing to do with me. Please stop asking me…I don’t want to say anything wrong!”

Jenny Gives Her blessings to a Kevin-Charmaine Reunion

Unlike Niki’s flustered reaction, Jenny remained calm. “It is not awkward to be at the same venue as Charmaine and Niki. Everything happened three to four years ago, so it doesn’t bother me now.”

On the reconciliation rumors, Jenny smiled and said, “Isn’t that old news? There are always rumors that Kevin and Charmaine are getting back together. If they do, I would give them my blessings.”


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  1. i miss the Kevin niki couple!
    I rather have them not (rumoured) dated in the past! Because now it’s just awkward between them and I doubt I’ll get another Kevin niki reunion drama!

  2. Amongst all the ladies, i liked him with Annie Man the most (onscreen anyways.) They were a super cute couple in that old drama they starred in together.

  3. I agree. I find that Kevin/Niki have much better chemistry than Kevin/Charmaine.

  4. Prefer Kevin/Niki to Kevin/Charmaine. Charmaine is too plastic. Would be nice if there is a Kevin/Niki reconciliation.

  5. so agreed.. i love kevin/niki connection. I wish they will be back to together but I doubt it since they broke up in a bad term. According to news back then, Charmaine was the 3rd wheel!! I know Charmaine is a good actress but never like her.

  6. I prefer Kevin with Charmaine. Charmaine is more feminine and Niki abit tomboyish. Niki shouldn’t feel awkward towards Charmaine since she already has a loving boyfriend. Charmaine didnt steal her Kevin and as the saying goes…one hand cannot clap and it has to be two hands. So Niki..cheer up

  7. one hand cannot clap and it has to be two hands ………………… it is very true!

  8. Wow, Kevin had excellent taste and choice of women …….. in terms of their prettiness. All three women are beautiful!

  9. Kelvin is snobbish according to recent comments by a few producers, hope Charmaine will not reconcile with him as earlier he rejected a movie with Charmaine as the leading actress !!!

    1. Maybe because Kevin Cheng regrets his involvement with Charmaine Sheh and break-up with Niki Chow?

  10. All 3 of them are pretty women, maybe Kevin has the most chemistry being with Charmaine as compare to Niki and the model gf. Sometimes chemistry and conversation can really win someone’s heart.

  11. I know about him with Charmaine and Nikki, but, have never heard of Jenny Tsui. When did they date?

    1. Kidd,
      Jenny Tsui was photographed at Kevin Cheng’s home a few years ago (either 2010 or 2011). She poked her head out of the sliding doors of his home in the published photo.

      Kevin denied that they were dating and said there were other friends present at his home at the time.

  12. Still think that Charmaine is the most suitable with Kevin in their maturity levels. They look awesome together!

  13. “Everything happened three to four years ago, so it doesn’t bother me now.”

    Girl just confirmed the rumour…rumour I was totally unaware of until now.

  14. “one hand cannot clap”

    Wonder why more women don’t say that when their SO cheats on them? Hmmm… 🙂

    Charmaine Sheh was a 3rd wheel nonetheless. But, perhaps, it was a blessing in disguise for Niki Chow (cuz, she has a younger, hotter, wealthy model now). 🙂

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