Kevin Cheng Defends Charmaine Sheh: “She Did Not Scold Niki Chow!”

Since becoming TVB’s triple-award-winning TV King, Kevin Cheng’s (郑嘉颖) workload has become overwhelming. At the same time, the amount of gossips centering around Kevin has increased as well. Recent tabloids claim that Kevin and ex-flame, Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼) , reconciled their relationship. Rumors claimed that Charmaine even scolded Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, Niki Chow (周丽淇), in the TVB makeup studio. At a promotional event over the Christmas holiday, Kevin laughed at the recent rumors.

Two years ago, Charmaine Sheh allegedly intervened in Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow’s 5-year relationship. At Toby Leung’s (梁靖琪) wedding in early December, Kevin refused to interact with Charmaine, while taking the initiative to chat with Niki instead. This allegedly angered Charmaine. It was understood that Charmaine and Kevin have been secretly back together for two months.  Allegedly, Charmaine and Kevin only retained their distance from each other at Toby Leung’s wedding to avoid the media’s suspicion of their reconciliation. Since becoming TV King, Kevin was often praised by Charmaine publicly on Weibo. 

Allegedly, Charmaine was jealous of Niki, thus glared at her in the TVB makeup room one day. Another tabloid reported that to prevent any chance of Kevin and Niki getting back together, Charmaine released rumors that Niki had crew members searched when her purse went missing one day.

At a Christmas event in mainland China, Kevin sang Leslie Cheng’s (张国荣) song Blame You For Being Too Beautiful <怪你过分美丽>.  The audience’s reaction was surprisingly good and everyone cheered. Kevin even said happily that there was a chance that he will release a music album next year. Regarding rumors that his ex-flames, Charmaine Sheh and Niki Chow, were at war, Kevin laughed, “The reporters writing such reports can become scriptwriters! TVB is lacking talent right now. The credibility of such reports is really very low. Charmaine is well-known for possessing a high emotional quotient (EQ). The rumors are impossible! They are very funny!”

Kevin Cheng: The Biggest Gold Magnet

Three “TV King” level artists, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan (陈豪), and Michael Tse (谢天华) battled each other earlier at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards. During the Christmas holiday period, the trio rushed towards money-making opportunities. Kevin’s “gold absorption capacity” was the highest, earning $250,000 HKD at a one and half hour event, singing one song and playing games with the fans! “Laughing Gor” Michael Tse sang one song and easily pocketed $18,000 HKD. Appearing by himself and without girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陈茵媺), Moses Chan did not sing and only played games with the fans, earning $150,000 HKD, which was slightly higher than his normal fee.


Jayne: Is there a chance that both Niki Chow and Charmaine Sheh want Kevin Cheng back?!


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  1. It’s not impossible Mr Cheng. When it comes to love women can be very scary, LOL.

  2. I don’t believe in those rumors. They are all so fake. The reporters just don’t have anything to write so they set up a story to get more reader. I feel so sorry for Charmaine. Hope she won’t bother about those rumors.

  3. Another silly rumour. There’s no way Charmaine would do something like that because she’s too smart to start an open war.

    1. LOL. Tabloids doesn’t want to leave her in peace, despite miles away in Hengdian, China. Toby wedding is on 6th—- 7th (include after party, hangover what not), and she returned to Hangzhou on 8th. Even if she got time (and energy) to return to TVB on 7th, she wouldn’t have time for the so-called make-up room drama.

    2. Charmaine appears like a person that isn’t very open and quite introverted. I don’t think she would start an open war like this either. It’s soooo not Charmaine-like.

      1. That’s true but when it comes to “love” it can really change a person…

      2. Maybe in TV.

        And anyway, even if you think Charmaine is a mean-spirited person who would pick a feud with Niki – why would she do it through such an overt way? Love might change a person (rarely in real life) but it doesn’t change someone’s intelligence.

  4. Considering how hot Kevin is this year, they may both want him back, as he is hot commodity now. 😛

      1. The above is a joke, because everyone wants a piece of kevin now. See the “:P” But some fans are too sensitive to get it.

      2. Sorry, I don’t find sexist jokes particularly funny. Hence me not laughing.

    1. Very True! Haha Kevin did win triple amounts
      And also became TVB King!

    1. No…. How could that be? I beilieve these two are very good woman’s. Niki has her own perspective and style and Charm has her own! It is just rumors. We just have to wait

  5. So coincidental that they have this rumor while both their series are airing. More promotion for both. 🙂

    But if the rumors are true, I wouldn’t be surprised. And Kevin seems to be defending her. Maybe he fell for her evil spell. 😛

    1. Or maybe he’s defending her because she’s innocent…? Yeah, never ever occurred to me either.


    2. Why do u condemn her for casting an evil spell when u call yourself devilx3?

    3. Kevin wouldn’t know for sure even if Charmaine was 100% completely innocent. It’s a possibility that he’s defending her because he fell for her evil spell. 😛

      But it’s only my guess. It’s not like I know the details. So why does it matter what comes from me?

  6. I do believe Charmaine has high EQ. She’s so stiff in most of her series.

    1. I just realized the above comment was kinda uncalled for & fans will lash me out lol. the thought just occurred to me when i read Kevin’s response. sorry if i offended anyone.

  7. I dont believe the rumors, Charmaine well known for her high EQ, I am sure she is smart enough not to do such things that’s why Kevin responded. Chairmaine even avoid interact with Kevin during Toby’s wedding to avoid rumors. Reporters just want to create news since Kevin is so popular at the moment.

  8. Yeah this story sounds fake news. However Niki and Kevin looks like good together. Somehow Charmaine doesn’t

    1. Agreed! Sorry to Charmaine fans but I think since she lost so much weight since her early days, the first thing I see when I see her face is her disproportionately big mouth..and also she is also a lollipop girl just like Ally McBeal was 😀

  9. Maybe Charmaine scolded Niki because Niki threw the blusher at her? I mean how are we to know right? Or maybe she scolded her for spending too much time before that particular mirror she wanted? Maybe Niki told Charmaine to F-off? I mean who are we to know…

    1. Charmaine: stay away from Kevin he is mine. I stole him from you once and i can do it again…

      Niki: F-off the tide have turned. You are not TVB no.1 sister anymore sister Fa, hahaha…

      1. And if this were a musical, they’d be singing “the boy is mine”.

        Although I still think using the f-word is crass. Keep it clean ladies!

    2. That make-up room was also the supposed scene of Maggie cheung’s tantrum. Maybe the make-up ladies also like to make up stories… to sell to the tabloids.

      1. The make up room looks spooky. maybe there are ghosts pooping out at night.. They said tvb old studio is haunted..

  10. Reading a few pieces of this news over the past few days makes me believe that this story was made up or at least overly exaggerated. With Kevin’s fame as right now, it made sense for reporters to write any news related to him.
    Anyway, it was fun to read all the comments about the story though. From AF to Jayne, every comment was more precious than the story itself, hahaha.

  11. Hmm… how old is this picture of nikki? Her eyes look smaller here, maybe she had double eyelid surgery? What a shame, I thought she was so lucky to have such big and pretty eyes…

  12. hahahah…..maybe is NIKI who make up the story….the whole news Kevin already famous,charmanie famous in more famous,jz who havent famous yet n her movie is recevied low rating….is so obousive she the one who make the story!!!this is not her 1st time acting in front of many ppl n act as innocent!!!!GO BACK TO MARS NIKI\

  13. I don’t believe that Charmaine will actually make such a big fuss over this, she has always been known of having high EQ, and this will not change even though she might be in love. I don’t like Niki, she is like crap. She thinks she’s the winning because Bottled Passion has higher ratings than When Heaven Burns. But well, who’s watching the show because of her.

  14. This report certainly makes the 2 women concerned sound and look cheap, who, to me, are not at all. They are doing well and I am sure they have their pride too. Nicky would be extra careful not get hurt again and Charmaine does not seem to be too interested in him. Life is certainly getting to be interesting for Kevin and lots and lots of rumours will be plaguing him from now. Good move by im, he’s just laughing the whole off.

  15. Kevin looks so much better with Niki. I hate Charmaine for stealing him away from Niki. Niki is cuter, seems nicer, simpler. Charmaine always tries too hard.

  16. **do not read if u are a niki fan -_-*
    ok, im sorry but niki is getting on my nerves.. i duno why- she just is… it might be jus cus of my bias few since i think charm and kev looks best togther but even niki’s acting is bothering me… she looks so fake all the time -_- sorrry if this offended any niki fan (i toold u not to read this!!) but… yea just my opinion 🙂

  17. Actually, the question put to us is, “Is there a chance both Nicky and Charmaine want to get Kevin back?” I have a feeling that if Kevin is willing, there is a chance Nicky would have him back unless she’s been hurt too badly by him and she is avoiding him like the plague now. You could see she was really either infatuated or in love with him in those days. She’s grown a lot more older now and maybe wiser. Charmaine is rather the sly one and one just cannot fathom what she is thinking, to have him back or not, that is the question!

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