Fans Outraged That Bowie Lam’s Hit Song Was Not Honored at JSG Music Awards

The ending theme song of When Heaven Burns <天與地>, Young Ignorance <年少無知> performed by Bowie Lam ( 林保怡), Moses Chan (陳豪), and Kenny Wong (黃德斌), climbed onto the Jade Solid Gold music charts in January. The unprecedented popularity of the song exceeded expectations and caused Bowie’s exposure to soar through the roof! When Heaven Burns was considered to be a miraculous drama, exciting passionate discussions in Hong Kong. May the classic lines and Rock and Roll never die! TVB deferred to public pressure and even uploaded 29 episodes of the drama online to allow for free viewing!

Bowie, Moses, and Kenny’s hit single, Young Ignorance, captured the imagination of the public. One of the lyrics lines, “If we can choose our destiny” bespoke of everyone’s thoughts. Although the song was a huge winner in online awards, TVB unfortunately did not place the song in high regard. The song did not win any music awards at the 2011 Jade Solid Gold Music Awards. A netizen complained angrily that Bowie, Moses, and Kenny’s song should have received a “Golden Melody Award” instead of Raymond Lam’s (林峰)  Chok song!

Although the ending theme song of When Heaven Burns was neglected at the year-end JSG Music Awards, it entered the top 5 spots in the latest JSG Music charts in its first week! Normally, the JSG Music Charts only featured songs by TVB’s contracted artists. Since Bowie Lam was a free agent, it was thus shocking to see his song on the JSG Music Charts.

The producer of the JSG music program, Mak Chun Tung (麥鎮東), acknowledged that this violated normal guidelines and thus, will only allow the song to remain on the charts for 1 week. Mr. Mak said, “Everyone, please do not be so sensitive! The [music video] was prepared three weeks ago, to help promote the series.” (When Heaven Burns already finished airing!) “Yes, we realize that the efforts are late!”

In fact, Bowie, Moses and Kenny’s song entered the top 20 spots on the Chik Chak Music Charts last month, proving that TVB was indeed slow as pork oil, which was typical of their normal responses!

Regarding TVB’s unprecedented allowance in featuring Young Ignorance on the JSG music program, Bowie said sarcastically, “I should say thank thank you!” He noted, “I do not know from which village the law came from! That proves that a slight change has taken place, which is a good thing!”  (They said that they wanted to help promote When Heaven Burns!) “The drama has finished airing; they are still promoting?! Everyone has calculated when it will finish airing.”

Although signing a contract with Toyotomi Performing Arts Company, Bowie still possessed the ability to film TVB dramas. Asked whether he will participate in War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽II>, Bowie said that Virginia Lok (樂易玲) had invited him to film the drama upon which he had reserved space on his filming schedule. However, no one followed up afterward, thus Bowie will ignore the matter.

The Final Victory of Public Pressure

Considered to be a groundbreaking drama, When Heaven Burns was produced by Jonathan Chik (戚其義) and written by Zhou Xuming (周旭明).  Although the series  failed to attract the housewife audience and suffered bad ratings, When Heaven Burns generated hot discussions. Due to cannibalistic and arcane political themes, When Heaven Burns was banned in mainland China. who were suspected of political metaphors block. With the access closed, netizens bonded their strength together, thus boosting the ratings of the finale episode.  The online world also highly praised the drama. Although When Heaven Burns has finished airing, the dialogue and classic scenes were still savored by the audience. Due to public pressure, TVB made an exception and allowed viewers to watch the entire 29 episodes of When Heaven Burns on the myTV website.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Politics get in the way of having true talent acknowledged, whether it is at TVB acting or music awards.

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  1. TVB is “out of touch’ in recent events. Not surprised.

    Backlash continues on the “Chok” song winnings….:)

  2. The producer of the JSG music program, Mak Chun Tung (麥鎮東), acknowledged that this violated normal guidelines and thus, will only allow the song to remain on the charts for 1 week.

    Aren’t Moses and Kenny TVB contract artistes? Just because Bowie isn’t, this violates normal guidelines? Poor moses and kenny 😛

  3. The only song i liked from Raymond was “愛在記憶中找你” after that his music was bleh so i stopped following so when i heard all the complaints about “Chok” i was like it cant be that bad… right? So went to Youtube and…

    Look at the red bar! Even LF fans cant save him no more!
    And when i watched the MV…. OMG i couldnt stop laughing! I felt embarrassed! i was thinking “tri-hard, wannabe gangsta, he seriously doesnt think his good a hip hop dancing right?”
    It was embarrassing to watch and the song just sucked… bad!
    Like a youtube user said “It’s funny how he’s try to be gangsta but it just ends up being lame.”

    After watching his MV i think the complaints are valid and HK’ers arent over reacting.
    I mean i didnt even watch “When Heavens Burn” but my parents did and i always heard the ending song and even i admit its rather catchy and i agree the line “年少無知” is the “addicting” part?

    So yeah i think… Moses, Bowie and Kenny should band together and milk this i mean why not? And if TVB were smart they wouldnt restrict this collab

    1. I have to say thank you for the link…I haven’t seen the video or heard of the song till now…and I was laughing my ass off of him being gangsta haha…don’t know where to start but that was funny was that supposed to be a parody video…look I can definitely see Edison Chen doing a video like that and I wouldn’t be laughing and shaking my head in disbelief…but that **** was funny as hell…good job ray u totally made a fool out of yourself with that vid…two thumbs up

      1. Sincerely, I am not fan of LF but I believe he is still in a experimental process on adapting which type of songs and images that really suits him. I don’t believe hip hop or gangster type really suits him though. But no harm trying if LF only release six album so far and his latest two albums did really well in the market .It is always good to try new type of music and image that can cater his fans excitements(e.g anita mui,grasshopper).I remember once leehom wang once experimented on gangster type of image but were also heavily critized by media for acting like genuine african and were rejected by his fans.His album turn out to be flop.

        ‘Chok’ video is not really an ideal video which based tvb and eeg JV- low cost production but the live dance version in his concert is pretty impressive for a tall guy like him. Have you seen leon lai,eason chan and leo ku dance live on stage? you will laugh the socks out of you when you see them dance. He is more into andy lau and jacky cheung’s dancing ability

        But it is all about entertainment as we are not only looking for only good singers but all -rounder entertainer in HK music industry, you would not take any initiative to critise LF if he isn’t famous .

      2. Thanks for the link, after so long, I had finally watch the MV of “Chok” (well, I can only bear the first 30 seconds. I can only say the “hip hop” stuff was popular 10 years ago which Edison Chen MV pop into my head. LOL ). Anyway I used to like Raymond for his acting and his voice. I was really happy when he became a singer and his early songs suit him but then suddenly he became the “king of chok”. I was kind of confused and I lost interest in LF. I personally thought he went from a mature style to acting like when BOY’Z came out. (Just my opinion, have these thoughts for a long time).

      3. I agree with goddess that Raymond is still in an experimental process. Earlier, people complained that Raymond’s songs are boring and all the same. So, now, he’s trying different genre of song.

        But, I do agree Raymond’s voice is not suitable for hip-hop. He should sing more songs like ‘Broken’. A genre different from his old songs but still suitable for him.

      4. Anyway, in this rush industry, I don’t think an artist can survive with just only one style. They have the courage to try, it’s great already. I’m not deny I’m his fan and as his fans, I get bored of his slow broken heart love songs, although I like his emotional voice. I’ve never into “愛在記憶中找你” really, so I appreciate his new try.

    2. That video is horrible. I don’t know what they were thinking with this concept because Raymond looks silly, not gangsta!
      However, the reason there’s so many dislikes is because someone posted a link in a forum to the youtube video for people to dislike it after he won the JSG award and it kept spreading.

  4. What to do? Blame yourself for not renewing contract with TVB OF WHICH eventually affected the result of JSG awards.

  5. I know it is popular but is it well sung? Does it deserve a singing recognition? … Wait! JSG is popularity award right?

    1. I really don’t think this song Young Ignorance will become a hit. Bowie has a good live vocal but I have doubt on moses vocal ability.In my opinion this song will only be a one hit wonders and I believe solar band releasing an EP album will make record company lose tonnes of money

    2. I don’t remember who said it liao (listened to many interviews and talkshows on WHB lately). But, the guy said, although Moses, Bowie and Kenny’s singing were raw, they were very suitable for the song. If the song were given to other established singers like Jacky Cheung and , they won’t be able to sing out the necessary feel of the song.

      1. Eh eh eh!! Jacky Cheung has melody and he can sing anything. ANYTHING.

  6. Agree that Bowie Lam is the only person who, among the three, has a good voice, but not Moses Chan or Benny Wong. However, the melody and lyrics of the song “Young Ignorance” are very good, and easy to sing. With the groundbreaking of WHB, I am not surprised that this ending theme song “Young Ignorance” has become so popular.

  7. not tvb contracted, can’t be featured on the jsg list? some music show it is…

  8. “Since Bowie Lam was a free agent, it was thus shocking to see his song on the JSG Music Charts.”

    Bowie is not the sole singer of the song. TVB actors Moses and Kenny also sing.

  9. Does Bowie seem to be complaining more and more once he left TVB? Everytime I read an interview, he keeps trying to diss them. lol

    Also, this song is not that great, mainly because the 3 guys don’t sound good on it.

    1. Haha… bowie might not like Wong hei, but they sure sing the same tune.

      The song and lyrics are great. But too bad Moses and kenny’s voice are kinda weak. They only sound good during the chorus. I know it needs the 3 of them to sing for the series to be meaningful but I wish there was a professional version sung by only bowie and Paul Wong. And in an alternate universe, that song would win jsg’s gold song… proving rock and roll never dies!

      1. The “grapevine” said the song’s owner is T-BeeBee and not Paul Wong and it’s up to T-BeeBee to do whatever they want to do with the song…hahaha..

  10. Am I the only one that thinks the song is overrated? Or Has the music in Hk gone down so much that a mediocre song can become an instant hit?

    1. The song is hit because the lyrics touch people’s heart. Maybe people can relate to it because they have once experience it.

      Disagree that this is a mediocre song.

    2. Typo error. I mean to say many people can relate to the song because they have once experienced it.

  11. Bowie might not be able to sing GRACEFULLY, but at least he’s not a rapper wannabe. lol

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