Bowie Lam Rumored to Film New TVB Crime Drama

Since leaving TVB in 2011, Bowie Lam (林保怡) has been enjoying critical success and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. Recently, there are reports claiming Bowie would return to TVB to film new drama Criminal Investigation 12 <刑偵12> after his absence of 13 years.

Marked as an important TVB project with Chinese backing, the drama’s executive producer is Chung Cheng’s (鍾澍佳), whose The Queen of News <新聞女王> became TVB’s most successful drama in 2023. Criminal Investigation 12 is written by Frankie Tam (譚廣源) who was behind the movie Gallants <打擂台>.

Although Criminal Investigation 12 is said to also star Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Alice Chan (陳煒), both artistes claimed they were unaware of the arrangements. Alice responded, “I haven’t received any news in regards to this drama, so I may not be part of it. I’m currently busy filming for The Sins of Wrongdoing <非份之罪> and will wait for the company to notify me about anything else.” Similarly, Kenneth expressed his uncertainty since he has not heard directly from Chung Cheng yet.

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