Christine Ng and Bowie Lam Film ViuTV Drama

Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Bowie Lam (林保怡) attended an FILMART expo event earlier to promote their new drama Bridge of Sighs <歎息橋> with ViuTV. The cast chatted with the press about their roles in the drama.

Reporters were curious if Christine’s acceptance of ViuTV’s drama would affect her chance of returning back to TVB for filming. Though she is filming for ViuTV, she has not doubted her chance of working with TVB again. She said, “Others might have been worried before, but in present time, who knows which direction everyone will go. Though I am filming here now, I may be going somewhere else later to try new things. I don’t think people are that sensitive. As long as the actor does the part, directors and producers will use them.”

Christine was invited by the director to film Bridge of Sighs, and she was attracted by the role’s complexity. She said, “This drama is very realistic and expresses each character’s life well. The filming and cinematography are done very well and in a unique manner.”

In the industry for nearly 30 years, Christine is happy that there are more opportunities due to the increase in broadcasting platforms now. She believes it is very important to keep the passion going as an artiste and remain inspired.

Source: HK01

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  1. viutv makes cheesy dramas. there was one w/ chilam and other veteran actors, it was such a waste of talent. the quality was even worst than tvb.

    1. @m0m0 I couldn’t even pass the first episode. lol…hahah
      On a side note, who’s the girl next to CN? Looks good….

    2. @m0m0 Um, that series wasn’t produced by ViuTV..they bought the broadcast rights to it so they were able to air it, but the production had nothing to do with them.

      So far, the series that ViuTV has produced have spawned the spectrum from very good to not good at all…but the thing I admire is that they are willing to push the envelope and try all different kinds of series with a variety of casts. And the great thing of course is that they don’t have any artists signed to them, which means they can work with virtually anyone as long as those artists are willing to collaborate with them…as a result, we get more varied series and refreshing casts.

  2. The quality of ViuTV might not be good or even up to standard, but at least they are trying to shake things up collaborating with actors that can actually act with supporting actors that at least give a decent performance…

    I can’t speak the same for the other “big” station… that place main actors that can’t act, and having supporting actors that aren’t even worthy of supporting and need to resort to cheap tactics to sell and promote their dramas.

    For these reasons, I commend ViuTV for at least trying.

    1. @anon Well-said! The other good thing about ViuTV is that they are willing to branch out and try different things, not just with their own series but also the series they buy production rights to, which are far more wide-ranging…for instance, Viu TV bought airing rights to Fox Asia’s series as well as series from other countries such as Korea and Japan and of course web series such as that one Chilam…unlike TVB which pretty much only buys Mainland series or ones that have their own artists in them.

  3. To be honest, this wasn’t the best article to publish about the series because it is very Christine-focused and doesn’t give much info on the series (so far, from what I’ve read, Christine’s role is mostly supporting).

    Here’s more info on the series: it is basically a reunion of the Margaret and David: Green Bean cast and crew, with that series’ directors 25 and Fatball taking up the director helms once again. This time around though, Bowie Lam will actually be producing the series (in addition to starring in it of course). Since Bowie is producing, he recruited his Green Bean co-star Catherine Chau to star opposite him as the female lead…rounding out the leading cast are Hanjin Tan and Michelle Wai. The story is focused on relationships, particularly between the 4 main leads, and yes, one thing the article got right is that it will deal with realistic struggles.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to this series and am ecstatic to see the Green Bean team together again. Definitely adding this to my list of anticipated Viu TV series (along with the series starring Sunny Chan and Sheren Tang as well as the one starring Liu Kai Chi and Amy Chan).

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